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    Post What is the best case you will recommend for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

    The rugged Samsung case makes the back of the phone flat. I have it in black and it is a great case. The phone is flat when using the pen on a table
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    Post Note 20 Ultra has a secret 96hz display refresh rate - Here is how to enable it

    yeah, I figured I had to log in and click over on releases. :good: ---------- Post added at 01:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:07 PM ---------- Also, I'm assuming the Note 20 ultra does not have the quick setting icons on the pull down menu?
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    Post Note 20 Ultra has a secret 96hz display refresh rate - Here is how to enable it

    Maybe I'm missing something, but can someone give me simple instructions on how to load this? Thanks.
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    Post [**UPDATED][4.4.2] DN3 (Ditto Note 3) ROM from E-team (Electron Team) 11/07/2014

    I'm lucky and have had the note 2 before the bootloader was locked so I don't know. I think you can only flash roms that match your current version. IE you cannot load a 4.4 rom if you're *official* os is 4.2.
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    Post [**UPDATED][4.4.2] DN3 (Ditto Note 3) ROM from E-team (Electron Team) 11/07/2014

    UPSM logs you out of all accounts unless you have a 3rd party app that works with UPSM to keep those apps logged in. Remember, part of UPSM is to do everything it can to keep power usage down. Logging out of email clients is one of those ways. ---------- Post added at 11:00 PM ----------...
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    Thread What background is this?

    This is a youtube of tasker profiles but I'm interested in the phone's cycling images. Does anyone have any idea what it is called? My google skills are failing me. For the record, I'm running beanstown build 21 and nova launcher so if it is a stock touchwiz background I dont have it. thanks...
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    Post Question about original Samsung micro USB cable

    There is no position 4 pin on mine. Uploading a pic...
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    Post Looking for a "grippy" protective case with non slip back

    I have the body glove from sprint. I feel it offers the best for daily use and it has pocketablility which is nice. It doesn't get hung up as it has a glossy surface at the bottom of the phone.
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    Post Verizon Housing

    I would go with an att housing so you can take advantage of wireless charging. iirc that housing has the cut outs for that feature whereas the vzw housing does not. as for doing the swap, explore YT on how to vids.
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    Post Flip cases that do not cover notification LED, USB and volume rocker

    I've seen flip covers that allow for caller ID and swiping to answer without having to open the case. I'm surprised they do not have an LED cut out though.
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    Post [Q] can't flash AOSP ROMS

    in my experience, you need to do a factory wipe again AFTER you install or you will get a bootloop. I think CM10.1 mentions that in their install process.
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    Thread [Q] For those with added carrier APNs

    Am I correct in thinking that you are just using prepaid minutes if you travel oversees?
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    Post [Q] So disappointed with my Verizon Galaxy Note 2...

    You need to use the cable that came with the phone and you need to install the drivers for your phone. Once you get those in order you will be in business.
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    Post 6.3" screen on the Note 3!? Some thoughts and perspectives:

    I cannot see this phone getting bigger until it becomes fashionable for men in the united states to carry a man purse OR It has a flexible screen so we can wear it on our belt and have it conform to the curvature of our body so it doesnt look like we're packing heat.
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    Post Galaxy Note 2 Master Accessories

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    Post A case that will make your Note 2 look like and iPhone

    My 4G signal without this case was -100 dBm and 36asu With this case I drop from 4G to 3G. I guess it all depends on where the tower is compared to where you frequent during your travels. Some may notice a slight reduction but I wont be using the case when that margin means the difference...
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    Post ★☞ [Rom][4.3] AllianceRom - Build 26 THE Most Customisable TW ROM On ANY Device [04/27/14][Aroma][MJ9] ☜★

    So far I keep coming back to this ROM as a daily driver after flashing other ROMS. Very clean and simple yet ten times better than what ships with Verizon. Battery life is great, customization upon instal is great. It is like the best of both worlds when it comes to the dark sleek look of...
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    Post |KERNEL| SaberKernel_45.3 || 3.0.97 || UC-100mhz || OC-1960mhz || exFAT | 10|03

    Thanks. I have a 5 week old son so concentrating on threads filled with thousands of replies is kind of tough atm. :p
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    Post |KERNEL| SaberKernel_45.3 || 3.0.97 || UC-100mhz || OC-1960mhz || exFAT | 10|03

    Newb question. I use the kernal beans built for his build. I can flash back to that at any point?
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    Post [Q] Note 2 does not boot after Team Win factory reset

    Factory reset wiping from within the phone software is totally different from factory wiping from within recovery and not to be confused with one another. doing a format wipe from within twrp could be compared to format c: at a dos command prompt. Once you reboot there is no OS in the phone
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    Post [TOOL/UTILITY][TWRP][3.0][RECOVERY] TWRP 3.0.2-0 TeamWin Recovery Project 4/5

    I flashed the new version with the ZIP through the existing twrp. The only hiccup I see is if I select reboot from within TWRP and then select Power Off I will reboot into TWRP after powering back up instead of into my ROM. The only way I can boot back into my ROM is if I select "System" in the...
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    Post [Q] Beans Rom Audio & Notifications

    up. Same issue running Beans build 7. The notification volume slider does two things. Sliding it left puts it in silent but moving it one tick right and text message notifications are full volume.
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    Post Qmadix Groove Case

    I've used Qmadix for my older Droid line ups and liked them. I was looking forward to getting one for my Note 2 but the styling was a 180 degree turn. Having said that, the product did a good job protecting my Droid 3 so the build is most likely there for the product offered for the Note 2. I...
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    Post [POLL] Which color did you end up with?

    Went white. Every phone I had was black. In any event, unless you're pocketing a naked note, it really doesn't matter on your color choice imho. I however like the look of the Sprint Bodyglove case with the white phone.
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    Post A case that will make your Note 2 look like and iPhone

    I spent 660 on the phone off an auction site. 50 dollars just means I brown bag it for a week! :p
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    Post Mobicrab Bumper

    Case looks unique. It looks like something Judge Dredd had on his belt.
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    Post Anyone still having issues with update killing phones?

    This Use TiBu to freeze the app mentioned above. I would only update with packages pushed from trusted Devs from this site once you're rooted and unlocked.
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    Post A case that will make your Note 2 look like and iPhone

    I ordered mine a week ago more or less and I received a tracking number yesterday. Hang tight if you ordered one and are getting nervous. It just seems to take forever for them to actually ship the item out.
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    Post Post a picture of your case along with your Note 2

    Could you run signal tests with and without the bumper on and post them? The bumper looks great but I would like to see test results before jumping into a metal housing. thanks!
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    Post [Jailbreak][Root][Recovery] Back Atcha Verizon-- update 17MAR13:Windows/Linux

    If a new JB update hits, I'm sure we'll have access to it before Verizon actually pushes it.
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    Post [PICS] Cruzerlite XDA TPU Case

    I like the fact that it covers the bottom and top where most thin cases are lacking. I may have to look into this. It seems my search for a case may end up running me more than the phone itself until I start RMA'ing em all :p
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    Post [Jailbreak][Root][Recovery] Back Atcha Verizon-- update 17MAR13:Windows/Linux

    From what I gather, you need to be on the latest OTA to use this new method. I used this method after a verizon rep updated my phone "for me" when I went in for a 4g chip since my droid was a 3g phone. Using the steps in the OP, everything worked for me without issue. Win 7 64 bit
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    Post [Jailbreak][Root][Recovery] Back Atcha Verizon-- update 17MAR13:Windows/Linux

    Thank you for the workaround, Adam. I was coming from a Droid 3 where I was using Safestrap and one click roots to get things done. It seems the Note 2 was a little more complicated. I have a question to clear up some misconceptions on my part because I'm so used to working around the boot...