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    Thread Gcam settings stuck even after wipe...!

    Dear all, Already posted about pinkish fotos. No reply. Then I found a version of gcam that was working fine. Yes! Loaded the xml file for my phone realme 6 pro. And boom, force close of the app when making foto. Checked settings, cleared cache and app data. Deleted app and reinstalled. Not...
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    Thread Gcam pinkish pics going nuts realme 6 pro

    Hi there, tried search, tried configs, tried many many versions, forums etc and just can't get it solved! When I look in my viewfinder the foto looks perfect. When I snap it I get a weard pinkish glow and I just want it to appear as in the viewfinder. Tried raw, jpeg force, settings in linb...
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    Thread Live focus file size

    Hi there, I use live focus to make foto's and I use Google foto seto backup my fotos. The live focus files are HUGE in filesize because it stores all the info to adjust them later on. You can edit the fotos, manually save 1 live focus image and then delete the core file. But this is a hassle...
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    Thread Bluetooth mic for whatsapp recording

    I can listen to whatsapp over my headset, but voice message recording with my bluetooth headset is not working! Any tips?
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    Thread Turn 5g off and get a 4g version?

    Hi there, I'm not so sure about this 5g thing. I don't want it or need it, so I rather want a 4g phone. It's also cheaper.... You would think! When I buy a phone with a contract it's 7 euro's a month cheaper to buy a s20 5g then an s20 4g. Say what? Yes! So, now I wanna buy the 5g, but have...