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    Post [ROM][11.0][UNOFFICIAL][13/04/2020] Fluid 1.4 for Pixel 2 XL

    Hi dev. Such a great rom. Is there anyway to turn on the HD Audio feature? Also, I cannot select codec for my bluetooth earphone. any thoughts? Thank you
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    Post [DISCONTINUED] - [ROM][10.0][Pixel] Evolution X 4.1.69 [MarchMadness][03/23/2020]

    Hi. Thanks for the rom! 2nd day using this rom, ive found some problems: 1) Screen Attention setting is not working properly 2) Enabling Allow Signature Spoofing makes my device broken. 3) High load after reboot sometimes freeze the device.
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    Post [KERNEL][Pixel] FrancoKernel - r26 ? 25th Aug

    Im not sure why ive got this error. Previous version is already installed without any error. Auto flash also didn't work. Im on Lineage OS btw :/
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    Post Latest Sony Camera App

    There's a camera mod named Xnext Camera, you can Google it. Only for Stock.
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    Post [Update] Xnext™ Camera V6.10 Avantgarde [ XZ3 - XZP ]

    Xperia X Existenz 7.0 with xposed. Xnext 5.81 Not working. Bugs: "Error. Camera cannot start. Restart camera or device" While on other camera app (Snapdragon Camera), back camera shows only up to only 8mp. And no 60fps video option. Edit: its seems its not working with xposed installed. Working...
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    Post [MOD] FCS Xperia X OREO

    Copy to internal sd (crucial). Install the zip. Enable init.d using kernel adiutor. Restart phone. Profit.
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    Post [8.0][Stock][F512x][Port] eXistenZ O v7.0.0 ROM (XZ2)

    hi. I've installed systemless xposed sdk26 but I get a bootloop. I realised that this is a deodexed rom which means it should work but it doesnt :(
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    Post [ROM][Z1C][LP][.236][LB/UB]DstrikerZ1 Kai ROM SP008[27 Apr] XZ PREMIUM LOOKS !!

    Mine is 10 days 10 hours (standby 12 days 12 hours) w/ underclocked + greenify + amplify. Lolol
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    Post [mod]sound mod z1compact 5.1.1[236][deodex]

    Greetings fellow SEA. ro.sqomc or somc?