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    Thread Way to get expanded gmail notifications on lockscreen?

    Hi All, Pretty happy so far overall with my L29 (currently running patch01. My one big gripe is that gmail notifications, when they appear, don't have any contents and just say '1 message'. I have no idea what the message is until I open my gmail. This different than my other android...
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    Thread feature request: sort by date ascending

    Is there a way to add sort by date ascending? Right now it's only descending. If I download videos (news) over a series of days, I want them played chronogically Im having to resort to using a different app.
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    Thread Is anyone using location based option for FingerSecurity app?

    Hi All, Does anyone use Fingersecurity by Rick Clephas? Specifically the location based option? I generally keep my phone unlocked and keep the important/personal apps locked with Fingersecurity. I use the (paid) location based option to disable security when I'm connected to my home wifi. It...
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    Thread Any t-mobile users here?

    I'm trying to sign up for t-mobile tuesdays. I'm supposed to reply back with an sms short code (a 4 digit number). It's failing with 'service access denied'. I'm on the $30/month walmart plan if that makes any difference. Anyone know what's up with that? - Frank
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    Thread How do you install your first ROM?

    I'm having the damnest time trying to get TWRP installed. I've installed ROMS before on my galaxy notes, so I'm not a total noob. I'm well aware that the TWRP version needs to match the ROM version. I'd LIKE to get the EU rom installed. Here's what I've tried: Custom Roms: Need installation...
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    Thread proximity sensor not working?

    Hi All, My proximity sensor isn't triggering during calls (Possilbly at all?) causing me to accidentally put people on hold. (very annoying! at least make a tone so I know I hit the button) Is there a switch for that? What's weird is that I don't see a HW test for the proximity sensor in the...
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    Thread App to dictate voice messages/voice reply when driving?

    Hi All, One of my more useful apps in the past was "Agent". When driving, I could have it read messages out out loud and do voice reply to them. The voice reply doesn't seem to work on MIUI 8. Does anyone have any alternate suggestions? - Frank
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    Thread Using raccoon to install incompatible app

    Hi All, I just attempted to install M&M clash of heroes and google play said it was incompatible with the MIX. I found and used racoon: to download the APK from google play and successfully installed it. So far it seems to play fine. Note raccoon (sort of) acts...
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    Thread widgets and MIUI

    Has anyone else had problems with widgets? I have two widgets that act flaky: wifiwidget - supposed to show current wifi connection, it's flaky. Also use to turn on/off/switch wifi connection. (which works) screen on widget - widget to force the screen on. doesn't seem...
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    Thread [Official] New Miui developer ROM (6.12.8)

    Stable is at version V8.0.11.0.MAHCNDI (MIUI8) Developer is at 6.12.8. See post for more details. Links: Chinese: EU:
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    Thread Has anyone noticed any screen strangeness?

    I've noticed with certain apps the screen is a little jumpy/odd. At times it's just buttery smooth, but with others...... I'm wondering if it's a setting thing. Teamviewer is a bit jumpy when scrolling around. Run catlog and try scrolling the log up and down. It gets very 'smeary' and the...
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    Thread Phone contacts not syncing

    Hi All, I just got my MIX. Stock Chinese ROM. Bootloader locked. I'm having the hardest time getting google contacts to sync. I opened up the mi app store and I did a search for 'google'. I then installed the app that looksl ike a play buttoun surrounded by 4 partial circles (one in each...
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    Thread Mi Mix Manual

    Inside the manual is a little paper foldout thing, and that's it. (seems to be a chinese 'getting ready') thing. On the foldout is a QR code which points to what is the closest thing we have to a manual: Note that it's in Chinese.
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    Thread MIUI notes/tips

    I don't know about anyone else, but this is my first MIUI phone. I thought it would be useful to start a thread regarding MIUI notes/tips/etc that are specific to MIUI. The first big one of course - how to fix push notifications...
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    Thread MIX FAQ

    Hello Everyone, In preparation for getting a MIX, I've gone through every single thread and compiled a quick reference page. I'll update it as I find out anything new. I've posted it here: If there are any corrections/additions/suggestions, please let me...
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    Thread Unlocking questions

    Hi everyone, I'm having problems with the unlock page. After a bunch of searches, I just have more questiions. 1) It keeps saying 'Please input correct name'. I can log into the forums - my username is wanfr01. I'm fairly sure that's the name I'm supposed to use on the unlock...
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    Thread MIUI EU vs MIUI stock

    Hello, What differences are there between MIUI EU and MIUI stock? Less bloatware (is it really that bad? ) It's nice to have google stuff built in, but it's fairly easy to install anyway. What else? I'm wondering if it's really worth the trouble to switch to MIUI EU, if I can root the stock...
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    Thread shipping status thread

    Hello, Given the popularity of the mix, some sellers are using dodgy sales tactics. The latest is geekbuying and their new "stock sale" price that lets you jump the preorder list. Ibuygou claims stock ships in order of preordering, as I assume most sites do. If you have a preorder with a...
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    Thread Mi Mix Review thread

    Believe it or not, there are chinese reviews of this phone already. The camera looks..... not great. (6:10 mark) The speaker (at the 2:45 mark) sounds really bad! What's going on there? Isn't there an external speaker? I thought only the...
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    Thread Discussion regarding speaker/earpiece

    The Sharp Aquos Crytal uses what I belive will be a similar 'earpiece' technology, so reading reviews of that phone my help get an idea of what it'll be like. For example: So that's pretty positive. Is that a speaker grille on the bottom?
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    Thread Would it work in the USA?

    Is there any reason this phone wouldn't work in the USA? It seems to support enough t-mobile bands..... But is it locked down or anything?
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    Thread full card by default?

    I find I almost always expand the notification anyway! Why not just show full card by default, like pebble does? this wouldn't work for ongoing notifications, but certainly email/sms/chats could use it. Is this even an option available to apps? - Frank
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    Thread Anyone got Muzei to work

    I really like Muzei live wallpaper, but it doesn't seem to work? It has problems loading pictures into storage or something? - Frank
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    Thread Link to Stock ANJ7 ROM?

    Never mind - e-mailed sammobile and they fixed the links now.
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    Thread Force Vibrate notification on watch

    Is there an app similar to "notification center" on pebble, where I can force the watch to vibrate when I get a notification from certain applications? For some reason I just can't get certain apps to vibrate (and I just see the notification, which is no good because I just miss it). I don't...
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    Thread Wechat doesn't vibrate the watch

    Hi All, Anyone know what triggers vibrate on the watch? I want all notifications to vibrate the watch. gmail is currently vibrating on the watch. Wechat vibrates on the phone, and I get the notification on the watch, but it doesn't vibrate! Shouldn't it be an all or nothing? - Frank
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    Thread Hardware notes/thoughts

    Some thoughts with regards to: and the gallery: 1) IP67 waterproof rating. Water resistance is a requirement for a smartwatch. Can't go swimming with it, unlike the Pebble...
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    Thread How to get N1 proprietary blobs?

    Hello Everyone, I'm trying to get the N1 proprietary blobs to build omni. Everything else in my build seems (?) to be working right. I've tried a bunch of stuff: using blobs extracted from CM 10 I can't find any sort of extract-bin/extract-files script I checked two blob repositories - I...
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    Thread Screen DPI is 480

    For anyone using xposed App settings to tweak the DPI of their apps, The default screen values are: Screen width: 1080 screen height: 1920 Screen Density: 3.0 Screen Density DPI: 480 I'm running facebook and gmail at 360, and that's pretty nice. A little small, but not bad.
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    Thread N1 international release date: dec 10.

    As per oppo's facebook page, and various other reports, The N1 will be released on December 10th for $599, or 449 euros. Now the interesting part - it doesn't say which one. You have to assume, therefore, that it's the 16 gig version. That means no date/price for the 32 gig version. It's...
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    Thread n1 can update o-click

    Interesting bit I found on the chinese n1 forum: You can use the N1 to update the O-click's firmware. I'm not sure what the new features it's talking about do.
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    Thread Oppo N1 Reviews

    Thought I'd start a thread for Oppo n1 reviews. Preferably no "here are my thoughts after holding the phone for 5 minutes" type of things. Chinese review with good screen comparisons vs note 3: Phonearena...
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    Thread N1 article Pretty good read, brings up a few new points: 1) CM version is using 4.3. (4.3.1, maybe) 2) Quote: CM on the Oppo N1 includes support for all of the unique hardware that is included with...
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    Thread Tripod/tripod mount

    I've been on a bit of a quest for a portable tripod/tripod mount, after seeing this thread on the chinese oppo forum: The problem with many mounts is they can't handle a phone as wide as ours ( ~ 83mm / 3.27 inches). The photos in that thread imply...
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    Thread How to debug unreponsive N7100?

    Hello XDA world, My note 2 has been having the occasional fit. By fit, I mean the screen goes unresponsive, and the capacitive buttons might light up. I have to hold the power button and reboot. It is intermittent. One day it want totally crazy and after the reboot, it hung again before it...
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    Thread Google play 'incompatibility'

    STUPID Google play incompatibility. I have an unlocked international N7100. I was on AT&T and am now on t-mobile. It makes me incredibly annoyed when I see apps that work "fine" on my "AT&T N7100" and are marked incompatible with my "T-mobile n7100" even though it's the SAME FREAKING PHONE...
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    Thread Note 3 day one buy features

    I've been wondering what, if announced, would make the Note 3 (or any other phone) a day 1 buy for me. There's always the incremental MORE/LESS stuff - more screen, less weight, blah blah blah The note 2 is good enough that I don't consider any of that to be a strong selling point. Has...
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    Thread Galaxy mega - implications for Note 3

    Okay, I had assumed the 6.3 rumors were a massive joke, But now the 'galaxy mega' is official and it has a 6.3 inch screen! Good lord. Size comparison: Note 2: 151.1 mm x 80.5 mm x 9.44 mm. Mega 5.8: 162.6 x 82.4 mm x 9 mm Mega 6.3 : 167.6 mm x 88 mm x 8.0 mm My initial thoughts...
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    Thread Zero lemon 9300 mah battery

    Review Link : Wow, what a beast! Finally, after years of begging, someone finally makes a non rectangular battery! I may have to buy one for that reason alone. Sent from my GT-N7100 using xda premium
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    Thread Cheapest place to fix the glass of GN 2?

    Hey Everyone, Okay, I am NOT going to do it myself. I would like to hear from anyone in the US who got their N7100 glass fixed. Where you got it done, How much did it cost. I've seen lots of posts of places that I could send it to - I'd like to hear from anyone who actually got it done and...
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    Thread Per app density on all roms!

    This was on the xda home page aka: Make sure to get the correct versions: Get the installer here: in the installer app: app_process version should be...
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    Thread Using Seido active in a car mount

    Hey Everyone, I realized today that the kickstand lump is causing some problems when putting the seido active in my mountek car mount. The solution is simple - put the phone in upside down, and use a rotation app (I use ultimate rotation control), to allow 180 degree flip. FIts MUCH better...
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    Thread Can we ask for free app apks? (req: t3)

    Hello, I would like to buy a subscription to t3 magazine, but the free reader app is marked 'incompatible': Can someone upload the apk somewhere so I can try it? It should be okay to ask for apks of free apps right? - Frank
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    Thread where/how to fix screen?

    Well, it happened. I dropped my phone onto a pebbly road and that's all she wrote. Any recommendations on how/where to get your phone fixed? Is there a DIY method ala the original galaxy note? I'm a bit surprised there isn't a thread on this already, but I did search. - Frank
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    Thread Soft buttons for s-pen

    Yes, we have the gestures, but wouldn't it be nice if the soft-buttons for menu/home/back automatically appeared when the s-pen is in use? I wonder how much that would break things. - Frank
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    Thread s pen free capture tips?

    Hello, Is there any sort of tip/trick when doing free capture (button, then circling a chunk of the screen) near the edge of the screen? I keep going off the edge and it aborts the circle. I was trying to capture my navigation bar ( to get one of the notification icons) and it was a major...
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    Thread s-pen brand compatibility

    Hello, I tried a t-mobile s pen in my N7000 today. It's oh so close, but it didn't 'click' into the phone. It felt like it might slip out. Not sure how the other brands compare. - Frank
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    Thread What apps are not possible on iOS?

    Hello. This is not an 'android vs iOS' thread. I'm just trying to learn some differences between android and iOS. This could be very interesting/useful I think. Please don't ruin this thread with flames. My question is quite simple: What kind of apps are possible on Android that aren't on...
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    Thread Where is this battery icon coming from?

    Hello I suddenly acquired this new battery icon on the left. From the logcat I think it is STATUSBAR-BatteryController. But I can't tell much more than that. Having two battery percentages is just a waste of space. Can someone give me some guidance into telling me how to figure out what...
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    Thread s-pen rubber tip broke off

    Okay, this is very annoying. The rubber tip of my s-pen broke off! I now have to write much more 'vertical' because now the tip of the spen is quite flush with the rest of the pen. I think I'm going to have to superglue something to the end, it's too blunt now. - Frank