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    Thread Note 9 Combination file - What to do with it?

    So i´ve been locked in the KG State Prenormal for about 2 months now, two weeks of it i kept the phone connected without rebooting or removing the SIM... I´m on my limit right now, just a few sights of the word "Prenormal" away of smashing this pieceof sh*t (1000 euros piece of...) against a...
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    Thread Note 10+ features ported to Note 9

    Hi I wonder if some features of the Note 10+ could be ported to the Note 9 I believe that the features that dont depend on different or addicional hardware could be ported E.G. - Double tap to wake on system options (that wont mess up AoD) - S Pen features such as Handwriting recognition or...
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    Thread Samsung Camera Night Mode on Note 9

    Samsung Camera Night Mode on Note 9 Since i realized how awesome was and is Google´s Night Mode that i´ve been waiting for some other company to step up... Now it seems that is Samsungs turn... Please people, comment this implementation of the Night Mode Make your own test and post here :)...
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    Thread Honor 7x DEAD || Full Bricked || No response

    I wonder if someone else feels cursed as me... After the brick, screen broken... By now with just a couple of months i already spent more than 100 euros in this piece of crap... A very expensive piece of crap... (...) Well here is a evolution for you... Tried to flash all img files on both...
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    Thread [FRP Lock] Need help to unbrick honor 7X (SOLVED)

    Hi After updating to EMUI 8.0 from this tutorial everything went well. Got Oreo working fine, so started to root with magisk = Ok; Xposed=Nok... Bootloop. First - clean Data and Cache+Dalvik, still Bootloop Entered to fastboot and tried to flash this file to rollback to 8.0, but... I nottest...
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    Thread Backing up Fingerprints

    So this is something that really annoys me, everytine i restore my phone from the TWRP backup i have to delete my fingerprints recorded and scan for a new ones... I use twrp, latest version (just checked @ It is just me or... :confused::confused: Is there any way to backup the...
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    Thread OTG - Not working

    I've tested several dongles and adapters on stock ROMs x520 and x526 and nothing... Ir really seems that the OTG function is disabled. I've made some tests and althou the OTG function is detected there's no OTG signal detected. Did this happend to anybody else? Is there any way to enable the...
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    Thread [TOOLS] The Unbrick Thread for LeEco Le 2 (x52x) QDloader 9008 Mode Links FIXED

    Antecipating issues in this matter, and mostly because of my experience on a Gionee phone, being about a month with the phone turned to a brick... Looking for answers and help some times takes to long, and most of us desesperate... So i thought to gather all in this matter in just one thread...
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    Thread REQUEST - Le 2 X527 Launcher apk

    Hi Can someone with the x527 version please share the laucher apk? I would like to try it on x520 version. Thanks :)
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    Thread Network Frequency - x520 vs x527

    Hi people I was trying to be sure that i could flash a x527 rom into a x520 device when i found this: It seems that this is the only diference between both devices... So i ask, with the same SoC, could it be possible to import x527 frequencys to x520? Maybe using QSPT, exporting a qcn file...
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    Thread Goodbye Gionee - Mixed fellings

    This is it. The sold my Elife E7 and ordered a LeEco Le 2 X520. it was more than 2 years with this device and now i feel that this is reason enough for this goodbye review. Hardware A very good device, very resilient and powerfull CPU, RAM response fast enough. The camera was the plus factor...
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    Thread ThL W200S - Flashlight Dimmed/Weaked Issue

    Hi all A couple a weeks ago i've downloaded a rom ported from Note3 to W200s @ []. It seemed to be a nice one, until i tested the Torch app. As i opened the app and on the flashlight, turned the back of the phone to me, i watched clearly the flashlight dimmed before my...