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    Thread Solution dead p9 (bootloader locked - FPR lock) test point !

    Hi :) Not responsible for anything that happens to your phone:good: sometimes bricked phone this You will have a short explanation of how to fix your phone if dead p9 This is tried by me and worked!;) so You need two things to Flash With Testpoint -Board Firmware /Huawei Flash tools IDT...
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    Thread Huawei Wtf!

    My friend have Problem his device after trying to install custom ROM just a reboot but not go into system so he go to Huawei shop and I wait 3 days after that told him should go to another shop We can't fix it!, but before that his phone his phone open bootloader and can use ADB ،When the...
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    Thread [rom havoc 2.6- test]

    test this ROM on p9 It works, i like Customization and Some details also For those who are looking for another custom ROM may work . so What works or does not work? -In general the different stuff works -Bluetooth does not work -for the camera I think you can download the application and...
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    Thread Asphalt 9 Not working in p9 - Oreo !!?

    The game stops the logo of the gameloft !! Do not know why do not work, before the game update running on Android 7 the game loaded more than once If anyone encounters the problem or knows the solution.
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    Thread Oreo - P9 -Worth or not !?

    briefly ... After days of experience ... I have to say this is the best performance I got with P9. Also best performance for phone battery notes difference. If the feature is reached CPU TURBO It would be great and anyone with an idea or information would tell us. Thanks you.
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    Thread goodbye to firmware finder for Huawei

    The application will stop working and We lost something important Because of Huawei's policy!
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    Thread Camera ? not working

    After update b390,, ever thing is OK ?, and work perfectly.. But camera ? not working, please help.
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    Thread android oreo 8.0 ? ❤️

    android oreo 8.0 ?? Any custom rom ? Stock rom ? ،،،،،،، ،،،،،،،،، ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
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    Thread Update method without problems to any version [explain]

    Hello .. In this topic I will explain a simplified, how to be the latest version and the latest system update. •••••••• Here many found updates his phone but you get or find problems such as loss of some basic applications or not working Bluetooth and other problems. ^^^^^ Through this...
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    Thread how?????

    how open bootloder ANDROIED 7:confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    Thread oem disble and i cant Activation >>>

    oem disble and i cant Activation >>> my phone the bootloder open > Not enabled :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::cowboy::cowboy::cowboy:
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    Thread oem >

    oem disble and i cant Activation >>> my phone the bootloder open > and i cant flalish from sd >> ... SORRY FOR THIS WRITING ....
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    Thread I can't

    I can't flash any frimwaer using method botons ,
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    Thread Help me ?

    Hi, I can not update my device using the buttons method, I do not accept any package I tried a lot of packets without interest knowing previously was accepted without problems, please I want a solution:confused:
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    Thread Problem / Android N

    After update to noghot official , i have some problem No Huawei service , themes not working bluetooth not working,
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    Thread Problem , please help me

    Failed to Mont '/cust' (invalid argument) Failed to mount '/version' (invalid argument)
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    Thread Twrb

    When update android 7 I can't into twrb Booting ......!
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    Thread INSTAL nougat official last update

    Hi? This method is easy, if you want to update android nougat official for your phone ⁦↪️⁩P9(L-19) ⁦↩️⁩ °_^ need your phone open boatloder and Twrb ⁦➡️⁩-Instal android nougat beta ? (using twrb)? ⁦⭕️⁩- After...
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    Thread android nougat beta^^To official

    Hi Now on beta the issue .. L-19, I want to update the official version ?, how can I update to the official, knowing the phone open boatloder and recovery twrb my English is bad
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    Thread Rom CM

    Ussd in dilear does not work in Cm, like when I want to know the balance does not show anything
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    Thread ROM Cm

    Hi . I installed CM and this awesome ROM .. Now I want stock camera , and I want Google services , Google play ,,,, Any ideas how instal ..
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    Thread Twrb

    Can install Android 7 Use twrb ? ?????
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    Thread Android 7

    Hello, I try to install the official Android version 7, via buttons dload but installation is up 38% and then fails! *** Does anyone the same problem?
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    Thread Bootloader , open bootloader

    I want open bootloader , because I need twrb , Now , if anyone know link from website Huawei I took about code bootloader , because this Link not open Sorry about my language not good , and thinks ..
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    Thread Help me ???

    I need solution !!! Failed !!!!!!
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    Thread Important!????

    Hi How I can install twrb without root ? Thx
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    Thread help me!!!!!

    Hello, I am having some problems with my 7 Huawei when you open the phone looks like this ... then goes to ... I want a solution ..? ???????????? Maybe my En:crying:glish is not good
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    Thread help me with p7!!!

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    Thread important

    HI:D While i want enter to recovery mood <>>>appears on program hisuite not supported :confused::crying::crying: XDA:DevDB Information *****, ROM for the Huawei Ascend P7 Contributors albelushi7 ROM OS Version: 2.3.x Gingerbread Version Information Status: Testing Created 2016-05-14 Last...