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    Thread does titanium backup have the whatsapp account?

    i don't have the SIM that i used to establish my whatsapp-account. as they want SMS-verification, no can do. it occurred to me that restoring whatsapp from a titanium-backup of the dead phone that had the right account might bring it back. am i too optimistic?
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    Thread [ROM][semiOFFICIAL][7.0] rooted stock [magisk]

    yes, stock is a ROM. based on a few past handsets, the customized / debloated stock ROM is the way to go. i'm by no means an expert, but not finding a thread for it, decided to make one. if you found your way here, you're welcome to discuss issues you're facing, whether it be magisk, xposed...
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    Thread [Q] how to back up / restore weixin / wechat

    message history lost - happened once or twice before - on this round perhaps due to unauthorized access - don't know why anyone would want to hack to my wechat, but... yes, i know that titanium backup can do this - only, i happen to have a backup of the app's files from the SD card that's much...
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    Thread [Q] xperia ray - wechat / weixin crashes - is it too many open files?

    most consistently after a while spent browsing messages and user pictures (weixin is the chinese whatsapp by tencent). i am starting to suspect that there's too many files open simultaneously in the system. weixin uses a separate file for each message / photo and therefore it will quite quickly...
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    Thread [Q] new gMaps with offline tiles - white screen / ray 18i / cwm / cm7.2

    xperia ray with gingerbread cyanogen mod 7.2. somewhere along my travels the maps app 6.2.x or so, has stopped working. when i start it, i get a white screen then nothing happens. sometimes it force-closes on its own, other times i have to kill it. map never shows up. if i install older...
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    Thread [Q] htc aria doesn't ring on incoming calls - cyanogen 7rc

    this thread i guess should be on the cyanogen developer thread, but i'm a noob & can't bost there. there's a few similar threads for different phones & different OS'es including windows mobile, but not for the aria. closest to what i'm seeing is this htc diamond thread...