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  1. manne48

    Thread Htc One X for a Note 2?

    Some one will give for my very good funktionable One X his Note 2. Is it recomanded to change?I got the infos about these devices but i wonna get a few advices from the cracks here. cheers Manne:laugh:
  2. manne48

    Thread Google -Edition!?

    I wont to ask weather someone knows that someone is working at the Google-Edition rom from the one for our one x??Hope its right to ask here:) manne
  3. manne48

    Thread So lovers of the htc-one X,

    What do you mean,what is the best Rom for our device and the meantime there are so many beautyful,good Roms at the market,what is the best? For me it is at the moment that abster go Rom,it gives a really other sensefeeling,fast,smoother,good tweaks,its sense but its other..... So what do...