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  1. lucky_sidhu

    Thread [ROM] [900H] [16 Feb] [BOL2] SCORPION ROM v2.0 [MODS] [THEMES]

    As you know our device G900H lacks development support. So it encouraged me to build the best ROM for 900H for all of us . This project will continue as the new mods come out will be added in it. The mods added in this ROM are not my creation I just made it possible to port them to our device so...
  2. lucky_sidhu

    Thread XtrestoLite ROM users have a good news

    Guys I have developed new version of ROM as edgarf28 has moved to S6. I will be continuing this project as new ROMS keep coming & I have S5 :) See this ROM link
  3. lucky_sidhu

    Thread [ROM] [G900H] [BOL2] [11 Jan] XtreStoLite ROM 2.4 [New Mods] [Debloated + Addons]

    Presenting Extremely De-bloated TouchWiz ROM for G900H Variant only The lightest TouchWiz ROM you ever will see A Big Thanks to edgarf28 (Original ROM Creator) About The ROM The aim of this ROM is to keep it as close to the stock firmware as possible because this way the ROM will be most...
  4. lucky_sidhu

    Thread Development request to Samsung for 900H

    Hey all 900H users, Today I wrote an email to Samsung development team regarding latest sources and version release. Whenever they reply I will let you all know. The mail is below.
  5. lucky_sidhu

    Thread SeLinux permissive kernel for 900H

    Hey users and developers. As you know at present we have very less support for 900H. Moreover we do not have any custom tweaked kernel. There's only Aqua kernel for 900H at present which is a little buggy and his op has bought note 3 so again no hope for updates. I do not ask for so much...
  6. lucky_sidhu

    Thread [Rom][JB 4.1.2][XWMS3][NeatROM SuperLite v2.7 [Mar 05, 2014]

    v2.7 features to be posted later. Download link on page 56 Welcome to NeatROM SuperLite for Galaxy S2 I9100 Brief history of SuperLite ROM Be Patient :) Aim We all are familiar with NeatROM (Lite version) which is a stock sammy based debloated rom with many tweaks & the most...
  7. lucky_sidhu

    Thread Turkbey Rom v3.0 - Unable to use 5.1 surrounded in stock video player

    Guys has anyone noticed the above said problem. After putting in the earphone it still says "Unable to use 5.1 surrounded Channel." How to fix it ??
  8. lucky_sidhu

    Thread [Q] Lite'ning Rom 6.1 XXKH3 - Unable to use 5.1 Channel with headphone in Video

    I just bought GS2 10 days ago. I installed Lite'ning rom 6.1. Now when I use earphone & watch any video in video player I am unable to use "5.1 Ch" option. It says "5.1 channel sound effect only works in earphone mode only." But I have already plugged in earphones and I get good sound too. In...