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  1. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Broke screen + digitizer, any way to project screen onto computer or TV?

    I need to project the screen on another device to do a reset Any possible way without actually accessing the phone? It doesnt even have a screen and the digitizer is smashed lol
  2. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Doubletwist pauses music when I lock my phone

    This is so annoying I don't have doubletwist on any type of task killing app, I left it alone on greenify too. Any ideas?
  3. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Deleted gallery. How to get it back?

    Basically, after I deleted some bloatware with TB, my gallery wouldnt open for some reason. I can't remember what I deleted that could have caused this. I installed the 4.3 gallery and camera but I didnt like it, so I removed it. Now I have no gallery app "App isnt isntalled" Is there any way...
  4. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Root method failing every time

    Im using this method I have all the drivers installed and run the bat file. The script finishes and installs superuser, but I'm not rooted. I've updated superuser and checked on root checker. Not sure what to do. The bat script also says...
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    Thread disregard

  6. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Notifications make no noise anymore

    Im made sure all my volumes are all the way up. Im using the stock messaging app and my phone only vibrates. It doesnt make any noise even when I want to sample the notification noises
  7. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Kies failing to update to Jelly Bean

    Once the process starts and my phone enters download mode, it stays at 0% for hours. Ive done this update before on another phone and it took like 15 minutes. Any ideas? Or any way to to it other than with Kies?
  8. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Flashed CM10, went to restore to a previous backup. No files found

    Clockwork version, I'm on Jelly Bean Flashed CM and didnt like it, went to restore to the backup I did minutes before flashing and now I'm getting no files found.
  9. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Mobile data cutting off and cannot connect to LTE

    So the past couple days my mobile connection is being cut off, for around 30-45 seconds every 10ish minutes. It comes back on its own but it's getting kind of annoying. Also, my mom and brother have gotten lte on their phones which made its appearance yesterday for the first time in my...
  10. CollegeProfesor

    Thread "Device management" stuck in notification bar

    Anybody know what this is? Can't get it to go away and nothing happens when I press on it Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using xda app-developers app
  11. CollegeProfesor

    Thread 6th replacement device. Got AT&T to send me a GS3

    I cant believe I went through 6 devices. The first 4 had the same problem. Old text messages would send themselves to the last 2 people I texted, at random. 4 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning. I was annoying my friends all the time. 5th device came with damage (stuck power button would turn...
  12. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Always stuck in dock mode

    I dont even know how I turned it on. My phone is constantly landscape, anybody know how to fix it?
  13. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Confused about flashing rooms and boot.img

    Whats this problem with the boot.img? So to flash a rom, I need to flash the boot.img using the boot installer tool, then I put the rom on my SD card and flash it? Do I also have to flash the boot.img to restore my phone from a previous recovery? I heard this somewhere and was a bit confused,
  14. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Cant seem to unlock a relocked bootloader

    I'm using the all in one toolkit, follow the instructions properly I relocked it last night and ran the 2.20 RUU, now it wont unlock, stays "relocked" Tried multiple times, thanks
  15. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Stuck in HTC Dev screen, bootloader and recovery. Cant do anything else

    I flashed miui, didnt like it and went to restore to a previous backup. Ended up in a never ending loop for some reason. Went into recovery, did a wipe and tried to restart my phone, not I'm just stuck at the htc dev screen.. What happened here? I can go between bootloader and recovery thanks...
  16. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Incoming MMS are extrememly small

    Whats going on here? Each time I get an MMS it comes out like 20x20px Not only from iphones either, very very annoying. Is there a fix?
  17. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Receiving MMS's that are extremely small

    Whenever someone sends me a photo messages, it comes out extremely small, like 20x20 pixels... What's going on? Sent from my HTC One X using xda premium
  18. CollegeProfesor

    Thread HT25 vs HT24?

    Just got a replacement phone, sent in an HT25 and got an HT24. Is there any difference at all?
  19. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Phone automatically restarting and sending old text messages to people

    Seriously wtf guys. This is a brand new replacement phone I got a week ago. The phone just restarts and when it reboots it sends old text messages to my friends. It's beyond annoying and now I'm actually mad Check my thread history to see that this isn't the first time this has happened to me...
  20. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Is there a root for 2.20 yet?

    I cant find one in the dev. forum. This is an annoying and redundant question yeah yeah, just a yes or no will suffice
  21. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Have a replacement phone coming in, will AT&T charge me for my current damage? Pics

    Have a replacement phone coming in, will AT&T charge me for my current damage? Pics I have a replacement due here tomorrow and I dropped my phone today. Will AT&T charge me ($504 i think) because of this body damage? Hope not
  22. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Relocked bootloader, stuck in bootloader now

    Any way to get out? Im waiting for the RUU to download but its taking 3 hours -___- It reboots into bootloader each time Edit: Sorry, RUU is the only way to get back into my phone. Disregard thread....
  23. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Phone automatically sending texts after every restart

    So each time I restart my phone, whether it's after a titanium backup, a cwm backup or anything, it will automatically send the last two people I texted messages from a few days ago. I have the backups set at 2 am so I end up annoying my friends. What's going on here? Edit: On a completely...
  24. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Getting a replacement at one of AT&T's "repair shops"

    I was just on the phone with a rep because of a spot on the screen that came from the factory. I was going to get a replacement over the phone but she advised me to go into one of these AT&T repair shops to get it checked out so I dont get charged if the warranty dept. decides the damage was my...
  25. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Have you been caught tethering?

    I havent yet, I've been using Tether For Root Users. I tether my friends, my laptop sometimes, and I even tethered my PS3 to play Battlefield, with surprisingly no lag. No messages/letters from AT&T and I've hit the 2.5 gig mark in 28 days and went over 5 gigs just once What about you guys?
  26. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Trying to save MMS - "Please insert an SD Card"

    Restarted phone, I have no clue what to do next
  27. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Best camera in the market?

    I flashed MIUI on my phone, but I love the One X camera, especially the burst mode. The MIUI camera sucks in my opinion, what are you favorite alternatives from the market?
  28. CollegeProfesor

    Thread CWM backups and restores causing my phone to re-send old texts

    Each time I restore/backup, the phone sends my friends old messages in our previous conversations. Any idea why? This happening to you too?
  29. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Can't factory reset. I'm stuck here, help?

    Heres the deal Flashed MIUI, and im getting an unmountable/unavailable SD card problem. Cant mount to my PC either. I tried using the RUU to go back to stock, getting errors. Tried factory resetting via CWM, but its giving my SD card mount problems as well. Tried factory resetting via phone...
  30. CollegeProfesor

    Thread SD Card unmounted/unavailable

    I just flashed MIUI and im getting this error. I cant get to my SD card via USB cable/PC either. Wtf is going on? Im out of my 30 day return period with radioshack and AT&T wont let me exchange the phone because I got it from radioshack ****ing bullshit
  31. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Are there any root methods that work for 1.85?

    I've tried the 3 or 4 that have been in the dev forums, all with errors and failures, and abd out of date or something. Ive tried the one clicks and methods from
  32. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Phone will not factory reset

    So im trying to do an exchange, heres what's happening. I removed CWM, and im trying to do a factory reset. I do it, the phone restarts, and I go back to the way my phone was previously. No wipe at all. Its still rooted, has Clean Rom on it, bootloader is unlocked. Are there steps I should do...
  33. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Noob question, how to get all apps back after flashing new rom?

    When I wipe my phone to flash a new rom, It takes a while to download all my apps again. How can I get them back quicker/easier?. Thanks
  34. CollegeProfesor

    Thread What the **** is wrong with the Play Store?

    I get the Processing purchase error and server error where I cant connect at all. Ive cleared google framework and the play store, ive also uninstalled the play store updates wtf is going on
  35. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Unlocked bootloader, how to restore apps + data?

    In TB, do I select restore all system data or missing apps + all system data? Will restoring all system data screw with anything?
  36. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Anybody want to buy an extra 1650mah battery?

    My galaxy s2 broke so I took it apart and sold some parts. I still have the battery, anybody want it for 15 bucks shipped?
  37. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Your favorite music control widget?

    I got Apex launcher and it removed the stock HTC widgets, whats your favorite music control widget?
  38. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Why dont some album artworks show up?

    I have all my music in iTunes and get all the album art from there, then I transfer the music to a folder and then onto my phone. All the artwork was downloaded and flawless on itunes, but 50% of them dont transfer over to the phone. The phones own album art grabber in the music app is average...
  39. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Returned to stock, apps removed with TiBu still missing

    Im about to exchange this phone because im getting a light leak. I unrooted the phone and did a factory reset but the bloatware I removed with Titanium are still missing, how do I get these back? Thanks
  40. CollegeProfesor

    Thread SetCPU settings

    Ok apparently I made two threads? Not sure how that happened, disregard. Sorry
  41. CollegeProfesor

    Thread SetCPU settings

    Hey guys, I wanted to make this thread now that we have root! Currently I have the following profiles, lets see how they work over the next few days Main: 1458 max, 384 min Battery < 50% - 1242 max, 810 min Screen off - 810 max, 486 min Both on demand. What about you guys?
  42. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Pinching on your text messages changes the fonts size

    Go to a sms conversation and pinch to zoom, you can change the font size. Good little trick if you didnt already know, if this has been discussed already, oops.
  43. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Battery wont charge past half

    Geez, I don't want to return this phone already, I just finished setting everything up! Any ideas? If you take a look at the right hand side, its been flat for a couple hours now.
  44. CollegeProfesor

    Thread The screen on this phone is extremely smooth

    Wow, I've never used a phone where my finger glided so easily across the screen, its also the brightest and most vibrant display I've ever used Point of this thread? I don't know, enjoy Sent from my Pay phone
  45. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Post your best photos here!

    Hey fellas, I cant wait to get my One X this Sunday. For those of you that already got your hands on one, post your best shots here, lets see what this camera can do!
  46. CollegeProfesor

    Thread How to factory reset with broken screen?

    My screen broke and nothing on screen is viewable. I also need to drag down and enable USB via my notification bar so anything via USB is pretty much out of the question. Is there any way to restore this phone? Somebody will buy it broken, but it still has all my info on it.
  47. CollegeProfesor

    Thread How to wipe phone completely from PC?

    Selling my phone but the screen is broken and unusable/blank/black and I can only wipe it from the PC. Anybody know how?
  48. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Dropped phone, screen cracked from the "inside" and display not working

    Yeah, the screen cracked from the inside of the phone, the display is black and there are white lines going across the screen. Do you guys have any idea how much it would cost to replace the screen? Im not sure if the digitizer is broken either. Should I just wait for an upgrade? Is the Nexus...
  49. CollegeProfesor

    Thread Installing icons that aren't in an mtz file?

    So far the only way I know how to install icons is when they are in an mtz file. I just put them in my miui>themes folder. There are icons that I really like but they are all .png's. I hate using desktop visualizer, theres gotta be another way? Thanks All phone info is in my sig.