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  1. banjara

    Thread WiFi Auto Connect not working properly

    I have my home WiFi saved on my OP3. When I go out of the range of it, it gets disconnected (obviously) but when I come back to the range, it does not connect automatically even if the WiFi is ON. I have not changed any WiFi settings except disabling the WiFi/Bluetooth scan for Location. Any...
  2. banjara

    Thread [Q] No custom roms for g900h even after the code is released for KK

    Hi All, I keep reading that g900h (exynos variant) does not get a custom/AOSP ROM (not considering the deodexed ones here) because samsung has not released the code for it yet. But I found out at the below link that the code for KK was released a few months ago -...
  3. banjara

    Thread [Q] Private mode issue - Data inaccessible

    In order to root my phone, I had to wipe data and factory reset it (because of reactivation lock issue). Before doing factory reset I forgot to move my data from private mode to normal mode. After the factory reset and rooting the phone, when I am selecting private mode its asking me to set it...
  4. banjara

    Thread No 4.4.4 for g900h

    I read at multiple forums that s5 has received update for 4.4.4 but mine is still on 4.4.2 and have not received any update in past month. Is it that only snapdragon version has received this update? Because of this, I have another doubt. Will the lollipop update for g900h also be delayed...
  5. banjara

    Thread [Q] [Help] Need owners to review the Grand 2

    Hi All, I want to buy a grand 2 for my wife. Gone through the phone specs, reviews and prices online. And I found that this is a good phone which can be considered a safe buy phone with decent specs (oppo find 5 mini was good too but its a new phone and cant trust it like I can trust samsung) I...
  6. banjara

    Thread which phone to pick?

    Hi all, I am looking for a new Android phone and my budget is 15000 INR. I have done a lot of research which has left me ever more confused. So thought of utilizing the fraternity's experience. So far I have finalized the list as below - Samsung Galaxy grand quattro i8552 Samsung Galaxy core...
  7. banjara

    Thread [Help] Phone review regarding [CLOSED]

    Hey guys, I am interested in buying this phone but I can see mixed reviews on gsmarena and a lot of other sites. Can some of you please provide the pros & cons associated with this phone? Thanks in Advance.
  8. banjara

    Thread [REVIEW] 3500 mAh Chinese battery - India

    Hi Guys, After searching for Samsung made 2000 mAh extended battery in Bangalore for few days, I gave up and settled with something else. I thought I will buy Anker batteries but couldnt find any good deal. Eventually I ended up buying 3500 mAh extended battery + backpanel from this link -...
  9. banjara

    Thread [Q] Frequent loss of signal - CLOSED!!

    I am seeing random/frequent/constant loss of signal on my S2 even while sitting on my office desk for hours. Either I have to reboot or have to switch on and off the airplane mode to bring the signals back. I dropped this phone in water on last friday and once it was dried up it was working...
  10. banjara

    Thread [Q] BBS shows WiFi running even when it's off? - [SOLVED]

    Better battery stats shows WiFi running for the entire duration of phone up time even though the WiFi is off and not connected. It happens irrespective of the ROM I use. Is it usual? Do I need to kill some wake lock which keeps WiFi on?
  11. banjara

    Thread [Q] Where can I find Samsung 2000 mAh battery in India?

    Hi All, I am unable to find "Samsung 2000 mAh original battery with back cover"i.e.EB-K1A2EBEGSTD in India. Any attempts to search the product online leads me to links which are dead or have the product as out of stock. There was just one link which was selling it but it was from UK and the...
  12. banjara

    Thread [Q]Sudden huge battery drop after a reboot

    I find there is a huge battery drop (ex from 50% to 10-12%) when I reboot my phone. It even gives a low battery notification and all. With time the % status increases and stabilizes around 40%. It happens irrespective of the Roms. A search on xda resulted in multiple threads with 2 outcomes -...
  13. banjara

    Thread Can ROM updates be provided as patches instead of entire ROM zip?

    I see that all the ROMs keep getting updates as part of nightlies/weeklies/major-updates etc. With the changed version, everytime we have to download the whole file again for flashing the update(Even with the OTA). Will it not be a good idea to provide the updates as flashable zips(obv the...