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    Post Question Gmail syncing / notifications problem

    I gave up. Listed my OP9 Pro on Swappa and bought another S21 Ultra. I sold an S21 Ultra for the 9 Pro and now I'm back, blah. S21 Ultra had the same problem, except one simple adb command that disables doze completely fixes the problem with minimal affect on battery life, I'm at 5.5 hours of...
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    Post Question Gmail syncing / notifications problem

    I've had this issue with Android for quite some time now. With my S21 Ultra, all I had to do was disable doze with adb commands and never restart my phone. It was so nice getting email notifications at the same time as my iPhone. I thought I could do the same with the OP9 Pro, but this isn't...
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    Post Question Best launcher for Android 11 op9pro?

    One of the biggest reasons why I like the OP stock launcher is because when you swipe up to go home, if the app you're swiping home from is in a folder or on your dock on your homescreen, it does a nice animation where it zooms out into the original icon. Call me lame, but that's one of the...
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    Post General [OnePlus 9 Pro][ROM][OTA][Oxygen OS] Repo of Oxygen OS Builds

    Apologies if this has been asked but I haven't found a clear answer in this thread. I'm receiving a OP 9 Pro with the global ROM in a few days and am interested in getting the latest updates by flashing the EU ROM. I am not interested in rooting as I just don't need it. Can I just download the...
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    Post Question coming in hot!

    Bah, have to wait for any T-Mobile updates. You guys are lucky!
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    Post Question OP 9 Pro or S21 Ultra?

    As a person that has owned an S21 Ultra since it was launched in the USA, I would choose the OP 9 Pro. I have just ordered one through tmobile and can't wait! Personally, the S21 Ultra was primarily used for youtube vanced, browsing, and as a business cell. I highly value the software and...
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    Post Galaxy S21 Screen Protectors Megathread

    Looks pretty appealing, I’ll have to find a Zagg store and have them install it. Hoping the fingerprint scanner works the same afterwards
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    Post Accessories S21 Ultra Case Recommendations

    Looks like no one has ordered the case I’ve decided to go with, so I’ll post a small review after I use it. I ordered the Case-Mate case in Iridescent Swirl. My personal phone is an iPhone 12 Pro Max and I’m using the official Apple leather case; it’s leagues ahead of every/any case I’ve ever...
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    Post Samsung Galaxy s21 pre-orders USA

    Damnit, I received a tracking number for my S21 Ultra in black which I ordered through T-Mobile, it is set to be delivered tomorrow, the 27th. I'm not sure if the impatient bastard in me can wait another month instead for the phantom navy finish + goodies from Samsung (wireless controller, 2...
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    Post Samsung Galaxy s21 pre-orders USA

    I went to a local Verizon shop and saw the S21 Ultra - damn. I've been on an iPhone for a few months and forgot how nice it felt to use Android and see 120hz in my hands. However, I was fairly disappointed in both finishes available from carriers. I've ordered an S21 in Phantom Navy and will...
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    Post Samsung Galaxy s21 pre-orders USA

    Trading in an old Exynos Galaxy S8+ to T-Mobile for a 128GB S21 Ultra in black. $400 is great, but not when you consider that Samsung gives $250 for the same phone and another $200 ($250 with a promo code) in credit for accessories. So I left $100 on the table in exchange for financing that...
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    Post Worth the extra $$$ for 8GB of RAM?

    If you're asking about RAM - don't worry. 6 GB is plenty on the tablet. I was worried at first too but after having 6 tabs open on Chrome, YouTube vanced in picture-in-picture mode, and Microsoft Word open - there were no delays or lag. Ymmv, but I don't have any issues. That being said, if the...
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    Post 96Hz mode

    I did use the one linked at the bottom of the first page, and didn't see any options for a variable refresh rate? Two quick setting options appear which allows me to toggle 120hz, 96hz, and 60hz, and the other setting is to see the current fps. And I recall when I open the app, there wasn't...
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    Post Get third party icons from icon packs on OneUI Home!

    Not a bad idea at all! I think you can leave it as a comment on the Play Store and the developer may look into it. The app isn't crazy popular and being flooded with comments so the developer can actually read them and respond.
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    Thread Get third party icons from icon packs on OneUI Home!

    Fair warning: I'm extremely anal about icons, so yeah. I can't stand ugly icons on my home screen and in general. One my biggest gripes about any non-OxygenOS UI's is the fact that you can't customise your icons. Third party launchers don't play well with Android's native gestures (though using...
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    Post [DUB6] OFFICIAL STOCK FW-update (Odin) thread (18 Feb 21) GALAXY Z Fold2 5G SM-F916B

    What AMD processor are you running? I'm not exactly sure as to why this would happen with an AMD cpu vs. an Intel, but that's very intriguing.
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    Post 96Hz mode

    Brief update: I've uninstalled the app. I noticed my battery life actually got significantly worse because I tend to run the phone at 120hz. Being on YouTube/twitch a lot, I typically don't need 120hz but the app forces 120hz rather than allowing it to drop to 30hz or 60hz when I'm watching...
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    Post 96Hz mode

    The app above works 100%. Thank you for providing the link. Will be sure to use when I'm below a certain battery %. Call me insane, but I can genuinely see the difference between 96hz and 120hz. Having used 144hz+ monitors to game for the better part of a decade, I guess I'm used to high...
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    Post Tab S7+ Bluetooth headphones lag

    I have used both Pixel Buds 2 and Samsung's Buds Live and neither have any issue with latency. I wouldn't be surprised if Huawei's and Honor's bluetooth headphones have no latency with their own phones.
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    Post Call & Text on other devices is missing on my Tab S7+ 5G T-Mobile

    I suspect if you have an S7/S7+ with mobile data, it has its own phone number and what not. As a result, you may not be able to call/text from another device since your device itself has its own number. I may be wrong, but that seems like the logical answer. Have you tried turning mobile data...
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    Post Galaxy Z Fold 2 Odin Launch Firmware (SM-F916N, SM-F9160, SM-F916U, SM-F916U1)

    Got the October patch but I wish l knew what exactly was updated. There weren't too many bugs to begin with but let's hope that Android 11 gets here ASAP. I am jonesing for the latest Android so bad that I'm considering a OnePlus 8T or a Pixel 5 just to play with sometimes until the Z Fold 2...
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    Post Anyone Removing Inner Screen Protector?

    I peeled the screen protector off yesterday and am upset I didn't do it earlier. The screen feels so much better and there's significantly less fingerprints and gunk on the screen now. I'm paying for Samsung Care every month. If something happens, I'll be covered - so I may as well enjoy it...
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    Post Android 11 for Fold 2

    The problem is that Nova forces the cover display to mimic the main display layout, which forced either poor use of the real estate on the main display, or extremely cramped cover display. On top of that, Nova + native gestures don't work too well and is a bit buggy. I've learned to appreciate...
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    Post US Pre-Order Waiting Room

    I'm sure not many are paying attention to this thread since you're all enjoying your tablets, but I'm just beyond irked at this point. FedEx was supposed to deliver the keyboard case today, and they did - to the wrong address. Someone signed for it and everything! Lovely. I have a case number...
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    Post US Pre-Order Waiting Room

    Holy ****. I've never had this happened to me but I'd be irate if it did. I'm sure you've contacted Samsung already but let us know what happens next.
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    Post This Is What The Next Fold Should Be!

    Interesting ideas to say the least. I haven't used an LG phone in a while (for extremely good reasons based on personal experience) but the FP scanner in the Z Fold 2 is absolutely amazing. As mentioned above, just set the scanner to only be active when you press the power button and you should...
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    Post heat issues

    I've noticed heat on the back of the phone but it isn't alarming. I've considered factory resetting it if it worsens but it hasn't really. You guys may want to get a replacement unit if anything. No excuse considering the price and no variance of Socks. What firmware are you guys running?
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    Post Hex themes work!

    Absolutely! When you click on Hex -> Personalise -> Apps -> Unselect apps you don't want Hex to theme. I have unselected WhatsApp, Google Maps, Snapchat, Google, and a few others. Theming looks awful on a few of them so I don't bother. Love Samsung's messages, phone, and a few others though.
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    Post US Pre-Order Waiting Room

    I've had the S7+ for a few days now and am enjoying it. I'm frustrated with this keyboard nonsense now more than anything as I'm looking to enjoy using Microsoft Word with a pen while typing up work. Ugh. Contacted Samsung a few times, and they keep saying I should get the keyboard by the 14th...
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    Post Apps That Don't Work

    App wasn't on the play store for me, so I manually downloaded and installed the apk and came across a terrible visual UI, couldn't even log in.
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    Post Galaxy Themes possible with root?

    It's not the stock launcher icons that bother me, oddly enough, it's the quick setting icons, quick settings colour, notification divider, etc. things that can't be changed with a launcher. I tried using the app named One Shade by TreyDev but there are bugs so its none too enjoyable.
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    Thread Galaxy Themes possible with root?

    I received my Galaxy Tab S7+ and much to my dismay - Galaxy Themes doesn't work. Hell, it doesn't even exist on our tablets. I did not know this prior to purchasing the tablet. I have grown very fond of using Hex themes to modify my OneUI to have AOSP icons and what not on my Samsung phones and...
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    Thread Who's responsible for terrible blurry icons on the stock launcher?

    Part of the appeal of the stock launcher is the animations and the seamless use of gestures that are natively found on Android 10. However, what grinds my gears is the inconsistent and blurry icons that are found sometimes on the icons. See my attached photo - I want to know if Chase is...
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    Post Huge app selection on outer screen

    Looks a lot like mine.
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    Post Bought two cases, neither was perfect so using in a mixed pair, have one left over

    There's a sticky thread on the very top that explicitly states - do not sell on xda - Buyer also has very little to no protection. So.. good luck.
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    Post Hex themes work!

    It would be even better if you went to, typed in "hex themes", and click on the first link. I'm not sure if your geography skewers the search results, but to have as many posts/thanked posts as you do on these forums and not use Google to answer a question that seems relatively easily...
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    Post US Pre-Order Waiting Room

    Shipped today - but with no keyboard? When I ordered it, I made sure to take advantage of the keyboard case bundle. Besides, it'll be very useful for productivity. However, I got shipping notification for the tablet while the keyboard still remains on "backorder" with the shipping date showing...
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    Post US Pre-Order Waiting Room

    My Samsung order finally went to "In Process", meaning it should ship relatively soon. Very excited! 128GB Mystic Bronze Tab S7+ WiFi
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    Post Center Clock?

    The first thing I wanted to do was center the clock on the main panel, and while that would look good - it would be a major issue on the cover screen. The QuickStar app found in GoodLock gives you an option for either left or right, and I suspect center isn't an option because of the cover screen.
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    Post Post (both of) your home screens

    I'm a bit of a basic ***** but I can't help the easy access to things. Wish I could live with a beautifully clean setup but I can't lol. Nova launcher on a billion different icon packs
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    Post SuperDisplay: Sharing screen with Windows

    This looks pretty interesting to say the least. I want to give it a try, but need to wait for Samsung to ship out my tablet first. That being said, I feel a bit weary having to install software on my computer to make this run. The website itself also appears to be fairly barren, and not very...
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    Post Official Z Fold 2 Cases on Sales already (At least in Canada)

    I felt the same and still do to an extent, but the leather case protects the back and allows me to prop it against household items since it provides excellent traction. I got mine for 55$ from Verizon (or something around there) but I'd say it's worth it. I'm expecting the clear cases that are...
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    Post US Pre-Order Waiting Room

    I couldn't justify the larger storage when there's micro SD expansion, but I'm glad you got it! Mine says week of October 9th so I'm eagerly waiting
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    Post Pictures taken with the Fold 2

    The camera may be a lacking in whatever technical way, but the viewfinder on the main display makes taking pictures SO much more enjoyable. I literally don't think I can go back to shooting shots on a normal candybar phone. My car is an odd bit of gray/blue but the accuracy is on point with the...
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    Post Display minimum width.

    I didn't like the smaller quick settings icons with 760. I did change the cover display to 340 so that I could actually see things on Instagram though.
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    Post US Pre-Order Waiting Room

    Has anyone ordered the Tab S7+ WiFi only in Mystic Bronze from Samsung's website? Curious if anyone's gotten any movement on their order as mine just shows backordered. I have no doubts it'll be here on time, but I'm curious if anyone's gotten any movement on theirs maybe a bit earlier than...
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    Thread Oxygen OS 11 Dialer apk/use on another phone?

    I recently made the switch from the 8 Pro to the Z Fold 2. While I love Samsung's hardware, I find their UI to be appalling in many regards and try to make it more stock Android using themes and what not than anything else. I also installed OP's Android 11 beta while on the 8 Pro and loved it...
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    Post Hex themes work!

    Same! I could live with the slight delay after swiping up to go home, but I can't deal with the cover display mimicking the main display. Maybe Nova can do something about it. I'll actually message the dev and see if there's anything in the works, or if they can even do anything about it.
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    Post The Z Fold 2 Case Thread

    Got my black leather case from Verizon today. At first, I didn't like it at all, but as I used it throughout the day - I could use it for my specific use of the Z Fold 2.. for now. The actual feeling of the leather is great! The fit is nice as well. Build quality is up there, but it's probably...
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    Post How to root Galaxy Tab S7(+). (GUIDE)

    I know this is a question that might be better suited for its own thread but I kinda think its a quick answer for you guys. What do you gain from root on this specific device? I haven't had to root a device in a few years since Android has gotten pretty dammed good for my use case, but what's...