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    Thread Android Recovery: Issues flashing via ADB or external SD card

    Hey, following happend: I dirty flashed LOS 17.1 february update over december version following the instructions ivan gave. After flashing gapps and magisk I flashed the newest TWRP image. Everything went well (at least it seamt so) I booted to LOS and set up new fingerprints (had to deleate...
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    Thread [Q] Does anyone have the newest (haha) MODEM (EU)?

    Hey there, i just realized that I've not the newest Modem (which sould be ***UDOB4 in my case and I am on **UBMK3). But unfortunatly I can't download the newest firmware on sammobile ( without premium acc. So does anyone have it?
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    Thread Configure PrivacyGuard

    Hey Guys, I'm running LineageOS on multiple devices and was wondering if its possible to configure the privacy guard. For instance, that it don't allowed newly installed applications to start at boot, or runing in background. Do you understand? Devices: Samsung S7 LOS 14.1 official link...
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    Thread [solved] Disable "multiple user" with LOS14.1

    Hey, is there any option to disable, or at least hide this "multi user" feature? With my LOS build from september last year there was an option :confused: Device: Samsung S7 (no edge) before: after: menu: Because the devs for my build had no idea, it might be a general issue. I hope...