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    Thread Controlling the buttons' backlights timeout

    Is there an app or a magisk module that allows me to change the timeout value of the buttons' backlights? I've seen tweaks to either outright disable them, or make them always on when screen is on; but I haven't seen any guide to customize timeout value.
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    Thread [QUESTION] Enable round icons system wide?

    Hi, I wanna enable rounded icons (Pixel style) on a system-wide level in 8.1 pure AOSP ROMs - Cardinal AOSP, Carbon ROM, AOSP-CAF. By default, these ROMs have square icons. I know there are guides on xda showing you how to mod the framework-res.apk. That used to work in Nougat, but not in...
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    Thread [REQUEST] AOSP Music Player

    Hi, Can someone extract the stock music apk found in pure AOSP-CAF 8.1 roms? I don't know how to unpack the payload.bin found in these ROMs' zip files. By "pure AOSP-CAF 8.1 roms", I mean any of these: - The AOSP Generic System Image (GSI) - The Mi A1's AOSP-CAF ROM by sooti - GZOSP Either...
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    Thread [DISCUSSION] Slightly annoying things about Mi A1's performance

    Hi, everyone Just bought the Mi A1 for about a week. Loving it so far. Performance is fairly good. In fact, I'd say this is one of the phones with the best performance in the price range. Unlocking the bootloader, flashing custom ROMs and kernels are all extremely easy - unlike many phones on...
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    Thread Square Icons?

    Hi, So I just started flashing custom roms on my Mi A1. To much of my surprise, square is the default icon shape. This is the case with 3 of the roms that I tried: AOSP-CAF, Carbon ROM and Cardinal AOSP. Are square icons the new "thing" now? Since when? Am I that out of touch with android...
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    Thread Problem flashing TWRP

    I unlocked the bootloader, and then proceed to flash TWRP using adb. All went well, until I decided to restart into recovery. That's when the phone just get stuck in a "entering recovery", shut down, boot up, and then "entering recovery" loop. I tried using the newest TWRP .img, as well as...
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    Thread Sony Boot To Recovery!

    Sony just released a new bootloader: this time with a recovery partition. This means theres no longer need to mess with ramdisk and all that stuff to get CWM. Unfortunately, the new bootloader is only available for Cortex A7 Sony devices at the moment. Still, do you guys think our devices...
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    Thread Google Play Services Performance Issue

    Google Play Services really slows down my phone. It makes simple games like Subway Surfers become really laggy. So I blocked google play services installation. But without google play services, I can only use old versions of google apps. My question is: Is there a way to trick the system into...
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    Thread PERFORMANCE BOOST!! Legacy Apps Collection

    I made this thread to introduce to all of you an alternative method of increasing performance: Using old versions of apps. Old versions of apps are usually lighter, and take up less RAM and CPU. Also, for a lot of apps, especially Google apps, new versions would mean that Google Play Services...
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    Thread The end of Tamsui devices

    My fellow Tamsui device user. This moment has arrived sooner than we thought. A lot of our top developers is giving up on developing for Tamsui devices - Xperia E, J, Miro, Tipo. They are either too busy or bought a new device. If you observe the Xperia J,E,Miro, Tipo forum these days, you can...
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    Thread [ROM] [E] [E Dual] (Nanhu) Nexboost Purity - Learned from radioactivity!

    Nexboost ROM - Unofficial Cyanogenmod alternative Kernel sources can be found in this thread: CAUTION: GLTOOLS WILL NOT WORK WITH THIS ROM, OR ANY ICS BASED ROM FOR THAT MATTER. IT'LL WORK AT FIRST, BUT...
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    Thread [Q] [Xperia E] New ROM incoming!!!

    So here's the story: I've created a stock ICS based rom with AOSP experience. At this point, the rom is finished. But I have a problem: The rom is based on Xboost rom: (I named my rom "Nexboost"...
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    Thread [Q] [Xperia E] AOSP Dialer porting?

    Can someone port the AOSP dialer and in-call screen for Xperia E Dual ICS firmware? Thank you very much.
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    Thread Missing devs.....

    Apparently, some of xperia e legendary devs have been really quiet lately. Examples: jjim34, hsr0, Xmoose, etc.... Are they missing? Anyone know what happened to them? None of them said anything about leaving the forum. I'm starting to get a little bit scared... P/s: anyone know what happened...
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    Thread [Q] [Xperia E] AOSP lockscreen for stock ICS FTF

    Hi. I'm currently on the xboost rom (based on stock ics ftf 11.0.a.6.8 for xperia e dual). Can anyone please show me how to get AOSP/Cyanogenmod lockscreen on this rom? I searched the forum and nothing worked. There was an aosp lockscreen mod for stock xperia e firmware, but that was for...
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    Thread [Q] [Xperia E] Init.d and ROM cooking

    Sorry for asking a noob question, but: I'm currently making a rom for the Xperia E Single Sim. I have added init.d support for the rom. Now, if i take init.d scripts from somewhere else (other roms and CWM flashable zips) and put it inside my /system/etc/init.d folder, will it work? Will these...
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    Thread [Q] [Xperia E] CM9 on xperia e?

    I was thinking: would cm9 be a good idea on this phone? Stock jb roms are slow and laggy, even when they're optimized. Cm10 is buttery smooth, but has the deadly GSM bug. CM11 is... well, we don't know yet. In the worst case scenario, cm11 may never be fully fixed, just like cm10. Finally we...
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    Thread Reupload Froyo Villain ROM

    Can anyone please reupload the FroydVillain rom? It's a froyo rom, by the villainrom team. I can't get it anywhere. Searched the forum, searched everywhere on the internet and i can't find a working link.
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    Thread [Q] Accelerometer issue on ancient phone

    Hi. I'm new to XDA. I have a HTC Hero. I know it's really old. That's why i'm posting a thread because i know the phone is so old i can't get support anywhere else. Obviously, the phone is no longer under warranty. So here's the problem. Im using the Floyo 1.3 rom(A aosp froyo rom). My...