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  1. Zsenyka

    Thread How to edit XML files?

    Hi! I got a problem. I want to edit a theme, specifically the text color, but when I want to edit the XML it opens like this. If I open AndroidManifest.xml or other it opens normally, but I cant find a program/tool/anything to edit the text colors xml. Anyone got a solution? Thanks.
  2. Zsenyka

    Thread Material Xperia Keyboard (Xperia E1)

    Hey people! Finally managed to make the Xperia Keyboard material like, and want to share it with you. :D Material Xperia Keyboard (Xperia E1) What does it do? It replaces the stock Xperia Keyboard skin with the material like. It's based on the latest Xperia Keyboard (7.1.A.0.28), and I made it...
  3. Zsenyka

    Thread Guide to disable Google Play Services on Xperia E1

    As it's known, by Sony's fault the Xperia E1 eats more RAM than it should. So here's a method to gain more free RAM. Requirements: - root - Disable Service app: Launch the app, go to System and search for Google Play...