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    Thread JUNSUN Android system?

    Hey anyone have one of the Android systems of JUNSUN? I buying Android car system and aside of Joyning someone recommended me about JUNSUN. Joying processor is INTEL JUNSUN is MTK(families on China...) Both 2GB ram+32GB. Junsun is cheaper from Joying in 62$ Joying price includes 4G module...
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    Thread What's the best Chinese Android head unit now within frame of 120$ +-?

    Hi, What's the best Chinese Android head unit now within frame of 120$ +-? I think 2GB ram is must. My criteria: - no hissing noise - Nice sound for A "basic" listener - 2 GB of memory - Updated Android version (9 ver?) - good gps - good FM/AM reception. I own Suzuki Splash (although these...
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    Thread Not rellevant

    Not rellevant
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    Thread Case: clean look, higher edges above screen

    Hi, Most of you knows that searching on Aliexpress for case(especially) is like searching for A small pin in the ocean. Please help me finding An "UN-sophisticated" case. Mean, "blank" - not cartoon...flowes...not from these Rugged "Army" look And also not too slime. It should be with some...
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    Thread I need A good case with good protection

    How are you? I'm not from thos ppl who keep their phone like a new born baby :D So I really need atlease A case that the "frame" will be HIGHER from the screen and not at the same screen line. Problem is that there is hardly and the ones with it - are not the design I want. I looking to A...
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    Thread How to use whatsapp plus backup in the regular app?

    Hi, Due to a problem with the app on Xiaomi redmi note 3 (been told me here) I was adviced to install the whatsapp plus. I moving right now to Xiaomi Mi5S and made a backup. But the regular app does not accept it. Thanks for your help.
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    Thread Hi, Xiaomi MI5S {32 GB 3 GB RAM} V.S Honor 8 {32 GB 4 GB RAM}

    Hi, How are you? I finaly took these 2 models to be considered. What are do you thinking? - Camera: I understood that both are good BUT the Honor's is great. The defference will be noticable? - Battery: both are +- the same? sure they having a good battery life - especialy the MI. - The MI 5S...
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    Thread Looking for a spesific case for MI5S

    Hi, How are you? *****Sorry for the huge images I like cases such as Nilkin Frosted Hard PC Plastic Back B-U-T: I only like the finish of the surface. I want a clean look like the Thing is - it not protecting at all! I want to give you example to what I do not like: These design's:. Or...
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    Thread What is the BEST i can get for 60$+-?

    Hi, I'm looking 2buy a straemer for kodi. I made a big research upon that question read a lot. Found some reccommandtions such as: * NEXBOX A95X * BEELINK GT1 * ZIDOO X9S * Xiaomi Mi Box (maybe wont be relevant due to lack of RJ45 Ethernet? *important What is for your opintion is the best...
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    Thread WhatsApp discconting oncee in few days! MIUI Global 8

    Hi! I'm facing a problem with WhatsApp in my RN3 for the past 2 months. Once in a day to few days (no logical) the WhatsApp suddenly discconting and I cannot recieve or send messages! No logical at all! It fixxed only after a RESTART of the device and after than - BOOM! I recieve all of...
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    Thread What is the best hair clipper for bold results?

    Hi, I'm getting bald an I really looking for an hair clipper that will give me a results that as much as close to 0mm(shaving). I searched all over before and found these bellow 1. Anyone have an expirience with these models? Is it the right model/s for bold result? 2. If you have different...
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    Thread Should I do OEM Lock after flashed stock+unroot?

    Hi, Few hours ago I used Nexus toolkit to return to stock rom + unrooting. I think everything went smoothly bc's it booted succsesfuly into the fist stage of the set the language of the device. I heard that people bricked thier devices after OTA updating - That b'cs something with the...
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    Thread Can you plz tell me if I doing the right steps?

    Hi, How are you? I want to do "back to rom stock" + re-lock the bl. Before the procedure I want to be sure that I'm doing the right steps - so, can you please approve that? 1. Downloading the recent "shamu" image (6.0.1 (MOB30W) and Extract directly to Platform-tools folder these: -...
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    Thread I Want to be sure about the root method & roms for Redmi Note 3

    Hi, With too many Redmi 3 sub-models, it hard for me to getting "knowing the ropes". I bought the Redmi Note 3 Pro 3GB 32GB Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 Hexa Core. Read the "index-custom-roms" and there are a LOT of roms theres, hell knows what would suit me? (A clean /smouth/ android with few...
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    Thread Redmi 3 Pro: most purer-stable Rom out there?

    Hi Whats up? Bought the Redmi Note 3 Pro Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 Hexa Core 3GB/32GB version. After read a lot and especially the ROMs suitable for Redmi 3 Pro thread I read that the MIUI's rom is onerous the phone with so much bloatware apps(cleanmaster, antivrus, Micloud and so more). So...
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    Thread Play Store doesnt downloading

    Hi, After upgrade to 5.1 I cannot download anything. I can access and search but not downloading. In the browser i using as usual. Thanks for your help!
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    Thread Redmi 3 Pro: most purer-stable rom out there?

    Hi Whats up? Bought the Redmi 3 Pro 3GB/32GB version. After read a lot and especially the ROMs suitable for Redmi 3 Pro thread I read that the MIUI's rom is onerous the phone with so much bloatware apps(cleanmaster, antivrus, Micloud and so more). So, what is the most stable rooted rom w/o...
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    Thread Recommended Case Bumpers to the Note 3 pro?

    Hi, It looks like this sub-forum in his winter nap ;) Would love to get the best recommanded tpu cases for this model. Aperantly there isn't a case from the known brands for this model. Thanks very much!
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    Thread A nice quality Car dash camera in up to 50 bucks?

    Hi! Looking to buy a car camera for the dashboard in up to 50$. Searched and in some local forums here and found few recommendations about the: VIOFO A118C If anyone herard of it - is it the best for 50$? Do you have a good expirience with your own (up to 50+-) car-cam? Must say: during...
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    Thread My Nexus6 became laggy (rooted)

    Hi, I running this rom and recently it becam quait laggy. The rom: MRA58K [Lite] ROM. Do you have any recommendation for other rooted rom? Or maybe it just a matter of a version (update to the recent one)? Basicly I like it CLEAN and that's is why I using that rom(exactly the same as stock)...
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    Thread Buying an iPhone(Simfree) in JFK duty free?

    Hi! My father's age is 72 and all along the years he always with iPhone. So sorry mentioning this in XDA :D Anyone knows what is the price for iPhone 6s (or 6s Plus) 16GB in the JFK? Or in Atlanta International Airport. Is there a Simfree(global) version there? Thanks a lot!
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    Thread What is the recommended Win' PC-TVbox up to 80$?

    Hi! I using a media-center that runs Kodi bases on Linux. I got tired understating how to do all of this things such as install extensions... I believe that as windows is a well know environment for me - Why not use a device that runs on windows? So - what is the 2 most recommended devices out...
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    Thread CD car mount: which is the best that fits our Nexus 6?

    Hi, Getting tired from the Chinese mount and looking to buy a good solid one. If you can please give me some recommended ones ׂׂ(prefer the regular - not magnetic) i will be thankful for that. iOttie Koomus Ppyple ??? Mountek are also good...but too big, dont u think? But maybe they still...
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    Thread Best chinese phone out right now up to 75$?

    Hi! Looking 2buy a secondary mobile phone (you know, In case something happan to my main phone). Up to 75$ at most. Would love to hear your recommandations & opinions! Thank you!
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    Thread Tronsmart Qualcomm 2.0 Quick Charger: Really fast but heating the phone!

    Hi, I just wanted to know if this is o.k. Bought the Tronsmart Qualcomm Rapid charger - it does charges very fast. But the phone become hot! Is it normal? Thank you.
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    Thread Recently the screen in my N6 always turning on w/o doing nothing

    Hi! As i wrote, the screen just turning on without doing nothing. I'm not touching...Only move it within my palms and the screen turnes on. Anyone heard about that? Your help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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    Thread Is there a Case that the power button is a bit thicker than volume?

    Hi, I own a Spigen Case [Air Cushion] Ultra Hybrid and i love it...But sometimes I hit the volume in stead of the power , the power in stead of the vol up. Is there a cases that the power button is more noticeable/"feeler" than the volume buttons? It could be by that the power is a bit "lifted...
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    Thread TOOL Bypass Google Account Verification - Anyone, take a look?

    Hi, Tried to resolve the Google Verification by this tool. Looks like everything went smouthly. I did that bc's after trying to use the phone with a new SIM and it gave me the Google Verification thing. Maybe it is a stupid quesion...but: If i successfuly inserted the new sim (and it working)...
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    Thread Wolfgart's factory images: need the KDZ ver...How can i know?

    Hi! I found Wolfgart's storgae site that contains a factory images (reliable, right?) I dont know which one (at all) is the KDZ version. Is anyone knows? P.S: I using right to left language. As you may know, Sprint usually doesnt...
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    Thread Double Tap to Wake on the Nexus 6

    Hi, I installed the app on my roited n6,rebooted, but it still not worked. Any help? Thanks!
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    Thread I want back to STOCK:

    Hi, What is the most recent Sprint LG G3 LS990 stock firmware? Googled and found this: There is the Stock Firmware LS990 + LS990 DLL Why is the LS990 DLL for? I want to use LG FLASH TOOL and flash a non-rooted rom know, completly...
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    Thread Turnin On problem that happend few times...

    Hi, This post contain 2 questions: It happened to me 2-3 times before: I remeber if it happened after the battery took out and back in or just turnning the device off, but it happened today too. I just couldnt turned it on. It solved (till next time) only after i pulled of the battery+sim and...
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    Thread Unlocking all bands 2use globally LTE is possible (see tut)

    Hi. Found this guide of "Unlock all bands of your Qualcomm device! Use your phone globally" From LG G3 Sprint forum in XDA. Do you know if it also work for sure on...
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    Thread What am I doing wrong (fixing flash bootloader to fix "device is corrupted")

    What am I doing wrong (fixing flash bootloader to fix "device is corrupted") Hi, I extract these files from shamu-mra58x: (with that version i can smoothly root without thse force "device is corrupted"?) 1. android-info 2. boot 3. cache 4. recovery.img 5. system 6. userdata *** Is any file...
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    Thread Oh no! Used CF and having problem (Your device is corrupted)...urgent

    Hi, I used CF Auto root and it didnt complet the process! I just had some alert...which was quicly disappeared: When i boot into Bootloader I can see that: "Device is UNLOCED Status code: 3" I read that in order to resolve that, I should be in bootloader mode(which I can do) and Flash...
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    Thread Aukey Quick Charge for the 6th: Is it ok&good quality?

    Hi, Looking to buy a quick charger and found this: (In Aliexpress 10.20$) How is this company? If possible, i would like to ask you for a recommanded USB cable for for quick charging. (Maybe the Monoprice USB 2.0 Micro 5pin...
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    Thread How to Root my N6 w/o PC?

    Hello XDA forums, I really don't like the issue of trying to set the drivers of fastboot/google and so on....also all of these adb commands. Is there a way to unlock bootloader & root by: 1) one of these "1 click" tools that do everything for the use? (such as "wugfresh Nexus Root Toolkit")...
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    Thread (also net): Is it reliable?

    Hi, I made an order (260$) at the 25.9. Only a week after I contacted them they told me that they expect to receive it in 15-25 days! They never mentioned that in the product page (up to this moment) and if I wouldnt contact them they would never tell me this and i would probably wait to the...
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    Thread Sorry, post at the wrong forum

    Sorry, post at the wrong forum.
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    Thread Is there a Stock rom with right 2 left languages?

    Hello! How are you? Own the LS990 and i use it in Israel on a GSM network after Sprint unlocked it. Phone is rooted and on primegsm rom v5 (Also tried CloudyG3 2.5). Any time that i need 2turn off n' on the device, language changed from Hebrew to English. But even if it could be fixed, i prefer...
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    Thread Anyone alrady tried few cases for the Mi4C?

    How are you? Would love to hear for your most recommanded cases for the Mi4C. Thank you very much!
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    Thread Anyone had doubts between: Xiaomi Mi4C & Asus Zenphone 2 (and can share)?

    Hi, Curretnly i'm on the G3 and i dont like it much. Thinking on 1 of these: Xiaomi Mi4C Asus Zenphone 2 Now, I asking that in Mi 4C Thread bc's i thinking that there is some people that might had this. What do you think? Thanks!
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    Thread if I'll back to Stock - my language will stays?

    Hi, This post combined a Q&A and Dev question: 1) I using the LS990 in a country OUT OF the u.s , on a GSM network. The phone was unlcocked by Sprint and R00ted I using CloudyG3 rom and wana to return to Stock. Is anyone know if Hebrew *right2left* would be there? (when I got the phone on...
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    Thread Question: Adb shell commands 4the Z3

    Hi! I have the Z3 and without my lang on settings so i willing 2add it with an App. I opened USB Debug abd i need manually grant the premission by this command: adb shell pm grant android.premission.CHANGE_CONFIGURANT ION But i dont know what 2do that. I just know i...
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    Thread New Sony xperia z3 D6603: language I can find!

    Hi! How are you? I ordered from eBay the xperia z3 D6603 4my Dad. We live in Isrel and I check'ed 2 things about the model before payment fulfillment: 1) Model: I saw that the D6603 available 2buy in Israel. 2) That's a Factory unlocked. 3) The D6603 = International model. This is the...
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    Thread Any1 can help with a download 4 zv8 modem zip file?

    Hi! I need to flash a modem after i flashed PRIMEGSM rom. The modem is zv8 Found that: But how can i be sure that this one is for the G3 LS990 and not for G3 LS995(4 example)? Please - need ur help...if you are able to help me with it - I...
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    Thread How can i return to stock w/o losing the sim unlocked

    Hi! Own the LS990 from Sprint which unlockedby a code provided by Sprint. I live outside from U.S and use it on a lock GSM/LTE(deferent frequency than u.s). A while a go i rooted the device and installed "Cloudy" due to GSM supported. Now, I want to come back 2 a stock-rooted device...But...
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    Thread [Completed] Recommended Chinese phones up to 75 USD max'?

    Hi, Lookig 4 a spare phone at least 4.5". Up2 75$ including shipping. Any recommendations? What is the best V4M? Thank you!
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    Thread Why is it so hard findig |Rom| Cloudy G3 1.2 for LS990?

    Hi, Trying to find this Rom...Couldnt! Anywhere i can get that (LG G3 LS990 Cloudy 1.2 ver)? Thanks!
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    Thread unlocked G3 (Sprint) will work on Israel's LTE?

    Hi, I own a G3 from Sprint which is Unlocked. It do works on a GSM network. Is it supposed to work on Israel's LTE too? Thanks!