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    Thread Screen goes yellow after 11 PM and custom DPI gets reset after reboot

    I have night shield disabled and yet screen goes yellow after 11 PM. How do I fix this? Also custom DPI (minimum width) settings from developer options get reset after every reboot. Are these bugs being faced only by me? Does anyone has a solution to these? Please do reply because it's driving...
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    Thread Telegram group for RN4 gamers: @rn4gaming

    This group is for all Redmi Note 4 only gaming nubs and prus to come together to: ? Have discussions. ? Share media. ? Share tips on how to improve gaming performance. ? And more! Feel free to promote this group to add more nub RN4 gamers. What is better than bringing gamers using the...
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    Thread difference between redmi 4 india and 4x?

    Can anyone tell me the difference? And can 4x roms be flashed on 4 because they have the exact same specs. Also whats the codename for both devices? Like mido for redmi note 4? Answerer will be thanked lmao
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    Thread [TUTORIAL] Yellow flashlight fix for all custom ROMs

    Nothing in this world is impossible and this applies for the yellow flashlight fix too.
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    Thread [Tutorial] [Stock Android boot animation for custom ROMs]

    OK guys so I discovered this cool thing by mistake and I thought I should share it! When the ROM boots without any file present you won't just get a blank screen, rather you will get a cool 'android' logo (animated text on black background) that glows and fades and glows and...
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    Thread Disabling notification ring and vibration while using phone

    Is there any way to disable notification ring and vibration while using phone? It is absolutely ridiculous. I mean I am not sleeping or anything while using phone. A heads-up notification should be enough. Why should every damn notification be screaming for attention that way?
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    Thread Help regarding Vulcan Kernel

    can anyone tell me y v dont have an xda thread for the vulcan kernel? also can anyone give me a short review of it and its features and advantages? does it have the vulkan api or something?
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    Thread Where are tesla tipsy validus roms?

    Can anyone tell me as i cant find it in any forum
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    Thread REQUEST xosp nougat rom port

    Can any dev please port the xosp nougat rom? Its way too cool, will b a different rom amongst the crowd of similar nougat roms and will b much downloaded. Anyone?