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    Thread Need help going back to stock

    I was able to root and install Lineage OS 18.1 but find it is a hot mess. Battery is hot, won't detect wifi if my network is hidden, and runs slow. I would like to go back to stock OS. Currently have TWRP in recovery partition. Anywhere I can download an Oreo build of stock?
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    Thread Everyone should send a message to LG

    I sent messages to Share Your Voice with the President (Share Your Voice with the LG President) and [email protected] in hopes that someone will read my messages asking to fix bugs and unlock bootloader for all V60s. I suggest others send messages and hopefully with enough emails we can get...
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    Thread Warm battery while charging?

    I have a V60 that just started to get warm while charging at night. It is not hot to touch but warmer than before. I have tried both LG PD charger and the LG Quick Charge 3 charger. Both will leave battery warm while charging. Anyone else experience this?
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    Thread Reboot while charging

    I have two V60s on A11 and noticed for the past two nights one of them will reboot while charging. Only way I notice is because I have to use my PIN in morning to login in instead of fingerprint and one app indicates a restart. This is a replacement V60 that I have had for two days. Any thoughts?
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    Thread Always on Display (AOD) brightness

    I have two V60s and I noticed that the AOD brightness of one is always bright and the other is always dim no matter what I do. I am running A11 on both phones. I have gone into the AOD display settings and tried to toggle the brighter AOD on and off and it does nothing on both phones. Any one...
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    Thread New to V60 from a G8

    Hello all (and thanks in advance). I just upgraded from a G8 to a V60 and got some questions that I am hoping you all can help me with. I have the TMo variant with the latest update (A11) - I have heard about fingerprint sensor can lead to battery drain. How would I notice if I have a...
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    Thread Can't get 820qm (us unlocked) working on T-Mobile

    I cannot get a good signal on the T Mobile network with a US unlocked (820QM) version of the G8. I keep fluctuating between 2 bars and 4 bars on the G8 while an older V20 stays on full strength in the same area. Not sure if it is having issues with bands or a T Mobile issue. T Mobile told me...