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    Thread Fingerprint sensor, pin every 3 days

    I am using fingerprint sensor for unlocking P10 phone, but every three days I have to unlock the phone with pin. Can I somehow extend this period of three days or do not use pin security at all?
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    Thread Google Calendar set time with analogue clock

    Hi, on my previous phone, when creating a new event I was able to set time by using an analogue clock. I found a thread in which a guy wants the opposite: Does anyone know how to...
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    Thread Engineering mode

    Hi, I used to enter engineering mode with following sequence: *#*#2846579159#*#* but it doesn't work on B852 anymore. Has this code changed? Regards.
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    Thread The phone suddenly resets itself

    Hi, I am on rooted P7-L10 C900 B852, for a long time, but recently my phone suddenly resets itself. When it happens, I have a hard time to turn it on. I have to do it several times, and sometimes I end up with "Optimizing app x of y" message (that is message that is shown after upgrading rom)...
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    Thread How to check battery consumption?

    Hi, what is the most precise way for checking battery consumption on the rooted phone (L10, B852)? Furthermore, how to check weather physical battery is still good? Regards Sent from my HUAWEI P7-L10 using Tapatalk
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    Thread P7-L10_Europe_B852, 69.98 MB consequences

    Currently I am on PZ-L10C900B839 version, rooted. The updater application has found an "update" P7-L10_Europe_B852, 69.98 MB. If I apply this update, will I have to root the phone again and what will be the status of bootloader?
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    Thread WiFi connected, cannot ping the home router

    Sometimes I am connected to the home network but with no internet access. In terminal I tried to ping my router, but with no success. I can use wireless home network/have internet access from other devices at the same time. If I turn off WiFi and I can reach the internet by mobile network...
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    Thread Blocking adds

    What application is the best? Sent from my HUAWEI P7-L10 using Tapatalk
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    Thread How to get rid of one of the calendars?

    I would like to get rid of the left calendar application, and to use instead of it the right one as default calendar (attached picture) . I am not able to uninstall the left one (dimmed). What are my options considering that I don't have titanium backup?
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    Thread Migration to the bigger SD card

    What would be the best way for migrating contents of the current SD card to the new bigger one?
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    Thread Missing lollipop features

    Maybe I am missing something, but according to the we should be able to: 1. edit quick settings 2. use guest user mode 3. use screen pinning... to name few I can't find these options. Are they implemented in our (B830) version of the lollipop?
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    Thread What is the purpose of the Root Genius application?

    I know that one step in the rooting process is to use application like Root Genius. Curious as I am, I would like to know what exactly this application is doing? I would like to know whether whatever this application does, I can do by hand.
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    Thread How to backup a partition

    How to backup - let's say boot - partition to a fastboot flashable file (*.img) format?
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    Thread Yatse apk lower than v5.8.5

    Can someone send to me yatse.apk but version lower than 5.8.5? TIA
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    Thread Wakelocks

    I have noticed that "wlan_rx_wake" is waking my phone to often (better battery stats). At the same time Wakelock detector reports different wakelocks. Why I am experiencing these wakelocks? None of the applications are referencing the problem.
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    Thread Which busybox you are using?

    After upgrading to B609, I am unable to install Stericson's busybox (v1.23.1) from Do you use the same busybox or some other product/version?
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    Thread How to save current partitions to flashable fastboot image?

    In order to avoid future problems, I would like to save partitions to images that could be flashed by fastboot. Does someone know how to do it?
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    Thread HuaweiUpdateExtractor which profile?

    Which profile should I use in order to extract partitions from There is no profile for P7, but there is one for P6.
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    Thread OTA has come. What now?

    The OTA has just come. I have rooted phone with twrp recovery installed. What to do now? As I have read the forum, I should from install back “Huawei Ascend P7-L10 thanks to XQC”, and that is it? The phone will be...
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    Thread Non default 1080p boot animation

    Do you use a boot animation other than default huawei one?
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    Thread P7 Lollipop

    Can this be true?
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    Thread Dolphin browser, download dir on external storage

    I have P7-L10 with 32GB sdcard. I tried to set Dolphin's download dir to be on the external sdcard, but Dolphin reports: "Can't write to specified directory: The directory or partition is read_only". I would like my download dir to be on /mnt/media_rw/sdcard1, but I cannot read media_rw...
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    Thread Multi screen

    I have lan (wired 100 Mb) enabled TV. When I use multi screen over wireless network in order to play video recorded by P7 on my TV, the video plays, but every second it stops for a half of second, so it is impossible to watch the video on the big screen. Does anyone have the same problem...
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    Thread Desk stand

    Do you use a desk stand for your phone? I found one on ebay. It doesn't have an integrated charger, but has kind of nano suction... What do you...
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    Thread Adding widgets to the lock screen

    I have enabled widgets on the lock screen (Settings > Security...). From time to time I can see a big + (plus) sign on the lock screen, and by tapping it I am able to pick up a widget. After unlocking and locking again, the widget is gone and there is no plus sign anymore. Does someone know what...
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    Thread Blocking ads

    How do you block ads? I used to use addfree from, but it doesn't block all ads anymore. The idea is to use hosts file to block ads servers. Is there something better?
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    Thread Exposed framework

    Does anybody use an exposed framework on P7-L10?
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    Thread Unlock bootloader

    Hi, can someone explain to me a reliable unlock bootloader procedure for P7-L10? Regards.
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    Thread Case recommendation

    Hi, can someone recommend to me a good case for ascend p7 on ebay?
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    Thread Custom ROM

    Hi, I am considering Ascend P7 as a new mobile phone. As I saw here, there is an option to root the phone which is a must for me. I don't see any custom ROMs here. Looks like you are using only the official ROM. Can someone explain the situation? Regards.
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    Thread ES File Explorer v3

    Where I could find a ES File Expert but version 3 or lower. At the moment I have version 3.0.3 which has a nasty bug. Regards.
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    Thread [Q] Smartflash

    Hi, Where I can get smartflash needed for flashing new Zeus IZS ROM? Regards.
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    Thread Original charger

    Hi, Can someone take a picture of the original charger that comes with the mobile phone and post them here? I have lost charger so I need all numbers and letters that are written on the original one. TIA
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    Thread Navigation app

    What navigation app do you use? Regards.
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    Thread [Q] GPS and energy consumption

    Hi, I am using Zeus 7.03 ROM which is great. I don't think that this issue is connected to the ROM itself because I had the same problem with the original stock ROM. When GPS is turned on together with Don't Panic navigation application, the phone is experiencing a big battery drain. Even if I...
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    Thread How to preserve Go Dialer ex speed dial config during ROM updates

    Hi, After ROM updates (Zeus), I always lose Go Dialer ex speed dial config. Does someone have an idea how to preserve these settings? Regards.
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    Thread Earphones with more than one button

    Hi, I am looking for earphones that will have more than one button that work with android? Can someone suggest a model that works? Regards
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    Thread How to flush DNS?

    Hi, I am looking for a solution to flush DNS (any method except rebooting). If someone knows... :) Regards.