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    Thread Can any SM-N986U1 owner provide me with their UE Capability Information?

    To get it, you need to follow a process here. It's very easy, all you need to do is save a log file and then send it. I just need to use it to confirm the carrier aggregation band combos for this particular Note 20 Ultra 5G device (US unlocked) and this is the only way to know 100% for sure. I...
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    Thread Now you can view LTE/UMTS band on Z3+ with Nougat with LTE Discovery/CellMapper

    One cool thing about the new Nougat update is that you can now view the current LTE/UMTS band you're connected to using LTE discovery and Cellmapper, since the UARFCN/EARFCN information is now exposed as an application API, meaning apps can directly calculate what LTE or 3G band your phone is...
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    Thread Xperia z3+ for $350 shipped? Check it out. It seems to be a US based online retailer but that's the lowest ever I've seen the Xperia z3+ be sold.
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    Thread International LG G4 does not connect to LTE after drop to 3G

    I have an international LG G4 H815 on T-Mobile and the LTE works perfectly, but after it drops to 3G to connect to an incoming phone call, it won't want to connect back to 4G LTE even if I manually select LTE in the select networks menu. Only a restart or selecting "LTE only" in the...
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    Thread Is anyone else having trouble installing the latest Swiftkey paid on GNEX?

    I have a GNEX Maguro with Jelly bean 4.2.2 and for some reason when I try to update to the latest swiftkey paid version, my phone hangs and freezes and only a battery pull solves it. I've tried the following things to no avail: 1. Uninstall and reinstall 2. Clear google app framework 3...
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    Thread Dmesg and logcat do not work with Jelly Bean

    Just installed this ROM (Non-deodexed version) and after restoring my apps everything is hunky dory except for one thing. For some reason I cannot view Dmesg logs with either OS monitor, Lumberjack or any Dmesg log viewing app for that matter Same thing for logcat Does anyone know what could...
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    Thread Using your phone on break at work

    Seeing as I am a major Android phone addict (like many of you here at XDA) I sometimes just like to sit down and okay around with my Galaxy Nexus, either surf the web, play a game or whatnot. I prefer it to actually talking to coworkers even haha I mean I know that sounds a bit anti-social but...