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    Thread Explanation please

    What is SAKURA and Tulipan version ? And how to know which one is mine?
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    Thread Video procesing in some apps

    OK, this is my problem. I had one app, fx guru, for video effects on my old p7 phone and was working perfectly. But on mate gives me a error message. I tried the other similar app and it's the same problem. Would be nice if someone could install that app and just try to make one video. Just to...
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    Thread P7 839 beta

    Yestrday I got this mail: Best P7 user: A software update is available for your P7, from version to version B839 B830. This software update has not been officially released. To ensure the quality of the software we want to collect as much practical experience. We propose this software...
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    Thread Bootanimation

    Anyone tried to change boot animation with same method like in 4.4.4 ? I couldn't do it.
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    Thread Gallery bug

    Very strange bug. When I want to share any photo, it's going directly to multimedia message to first one on my call list!!! I clear a cash and delvik too. Any idea?