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    Thread i need a refresher can anyone help

    so i been at my computer for HOURS and having major issues with TWRP not wonting to boot right, yes i am trying to install a later version of TWRP but everywhere i look a no go i even tried TWRP 3.4.0-1 so since everything has changed what is new out there, what are the new ways to get TWRP to...
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    Thread why can't i get into TWRP

    so i installed another ROM but for some messed up reason i cant access TWRP, cant do it via fastboot/ADB, cant do it via APP and cant do it with the vol down + power (yes i did let go of power when logo shows and hold down again. i can get into the bootloader of my phone but no way to get...
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    Thread no stock recovery/bootloop stock OS

    for one thing i know most of some of you might be happy to see me here so whats up i am fine but stressed so i was helping someone to get lineage OS running on their phone and i managed to get that part successful but lineage sucks for me unless theres alot i missed on how bad everything went...
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    Thread LG G4 VS986 system.img help

    So i got someone wanting to root the G4 but the links i posted are down, i managed to get the rootedsystem.img, 13B.KDZ but i am having a hard time getting the system.img, anyone know where i can find it, thanks
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    Thread need help with FRP google account verification

    locked out of my LG V20 vs995, is there a tool out there that can lear out this info like the one i found here on XDA phone is on VS99513A please and thanks
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    Thread AT&T LG K10 K425 root help

    so i got a friend who needs help rooting his K10 he is running Android 7.0, what is the most up to date root method. i been looking but not really getting much info, can anyone help me go to the right path to root this phone, thank you
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    Thread V20 vs995 oreo question

    I seen oreo has been released on the v20 and alearted my youtube fans about the update and not take it or lose root. Since oreo is a new version of Android OS will the uppercut downgrade method still work for oreo to 13a or will it brick the phone If it will brick the phone is there a way to...
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    Thread Lg v20 vs995 update and keep root?

    I had soneone ask me is it possible to update to the latest firmware and keep root. I know we cant do it via OTA or use lgup to flash it in. Since we have twrp is there a way we can install a newer firmware to the v20 insted of being stuck between 10B to 13A as those are the firmware that can be...
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    Thread Lg v20 OTG help

    So i went to 3 stores looming for the usb c to usb a connecter OTG but what sucks is my phone wont see my hard drive and the OS is set to power supply. I tried changing it to file or picture transfer and no go still stays at power supply. How can i get my phone to see my hard drive. Thanks
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    Thread 16B is it down gradable for the VS995

    Thanks to a fan known as Lets Get Smarted has confirmed me that 16B is down gradable to 13A so for those who are looking for the answer, you are welcome here is the post that holds the root and down grade methods...
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    Thread Lg v20 vs995 more issues

    Soi know the phone sucks with signal but today i faced another issue. I had my brother call me and it all went to voicemail. Crazy thing is i was able to surf the internet as i was waiting for his call. So again the software is failing. I am not the only one as his wife owns a v20 and told me...
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    Thread V20 vs995 15a

    Just wondering if 15a is downgradable i know 14b is
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    Thread Is there a way to dual boot the v20

    If there is a stable stock ROM I go with that. Other then that is there a way to dual boot so I have 2 os on my phone I hope there is if not is there a way I can have the stock camera app in lineageos Thanks Lg v20 vs995
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    Thread LG V20 issue, crashes. please help VS995

    So i got this phone like a month or so ago the phone worked good out of the box till a week later it lags, crashes, reboots so ya its software root can fix it so i got root and had a few failed attemps and then tried again thistime with a kernal to fix some of the issues well that lasted for a...
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    Thread Iphone 5C help

    ok so i been looking for a prem. jailbreak for this phone and would like help, even if redirecting me to a trusted iphone forums will be ok, i just want to jail break this phone for a friend to get away from itunes as she is blind and her screen reader dose not like itunes or itunes dont like...
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    Thread 4g issues

    all things work fine but when i use Facebook messenger my 4g likes to drop out alot. it dose not drop oit for other apps and dont know why it only dose it for messenger any ideas why this is happening. thanks
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    Thread LGV20 VS995 (Verizon only) (AIO Post 3-25-2019)

    Updates are pushed down under the method there is a new update as of 8-17-2018 so if you like please read, thanks if anyone needs hep with their V20 and ran into an issue with my video/Post feel free to message me here or my facebook page at
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    Thread VS995 rooted but 2 issues

    ok so i have 2 issues and i dont know how to fix them i know how to fix the second one but the first one is when i reboot or start up the phone after doign all the root and all it still boots into ur phone is currupted on eatch boot, is there a fix that the phone goes to the LG screen and just...
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    Thread dirty santa root but no root please help

    so i been dealing with this root methoed for awhile and i finaily got twrp on my phone and all including SU but i install ccleaner and it shows my phone s not rooted so what can i do to fix this i have SU 2.82 i did the advanced wipe on cache and dlvik i did a format data still no root is showen
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    Thread V20 root question vs995

    so i am happy to see they got root for the V20 VS995. but i got my V20 today, well i am looking around for root and found a BL method so i want to know will this method work with VS99513A or is there a better method for this phone, i be so happy to root this phone hehehe thank you all
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    Thread LGG3 unable to KDZ after installing a custom MM rom

    I love to make videos and i ran into an issue that i do not know what to do the rom i have installed is this i tried to KDZ my phone and i kelpt having an issue getting to 10b, i have a 10b...
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    Thread Root method for 5.1.3

    I got my kindle and got it up and running. Its on 5.1.3. Where be a good post to start. Thanks
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    Thread Kindle fire HD 7 root

    I am planning to buy one this month a 8gb model 7in tablet Once I buy it, can I root it. If so where do I need to look to root this tablet. Thank you
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    Thread LGG4 VS986 Debloat (video please read)

    i took the time to debloat alot of apps off this phone, the video shows if an app is missing that is it safe to uninstall, anything marked freeaze is safe to freaze PLEASE NOTE AND THIS IS IN THE VIDEO ITS SELF. DO NOT UNINSTALL/FREAZE ANY APP THAT YOU USE UNLESS YOU ARE SURE YOU DO NOT USE IT...
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    Thread pure LG help

    So i was messing with pure LG and no matter what i can not get it on my phone, it stays at the boot screen doing nothing at all. how can i get this to work on he LGG4 VS986
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    Thread xposed framework on V10 (video) easy way

    9ixbNs0BrmM imucarmen xposed helped post (please thank them)
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    Thread LGG4 vs98625A downgrade proof (videos)

    so back then like a month ot 2 that i had a few complaints that some of you can't downgrade from 25A, well, melody's G4 had an issue with its motherboard and got a replacement, i have faced that damn 9% error but i managed to get past it, 1 video will show proof that it is possable, and the 2nd...
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    Thread can't get my phone to debug mode please help

    so i had an issue with my windows 8 and i figured i try windows 7 on my laptop cause i been on 8 or 10, later i worked on my lg g3 and trying to get debug mode to work, every time i connect my lg to my laptop i do not get that allow access message when debug is turned on, i can't remember what...
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    Thread want to debloat your VS990, here is a video, enjoy

    YWR4jCNqHY8 for more videos, random things etc. you can watch these videos at
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    Thread Lg v10 camera mod or tweaks (what ever you wanna call it)

    I just want to know if it is possible to increase the image quality from 95 to 100. I am useing the vs990 running on 5.1.1 rooted
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    Thread Verizon insurance qusetion (lg g4)

    as some of you may have seen, my LG G4 broke, i know the cost to replacing it but i found new life for the busted G4 once i get 150 saved up i want to know is the deductible the same price if the phone was damaged if i report it lost or stolen cause i want to report it lost or stolen but keep...
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    Thread LG G3 blank screen? please help

    well everything worked just fine untill i took CM 13 off and tried to install jasmine rom on my phone, i cleared everything off except my inturnal storage. once i got the rom installed with its boot stacks and kernal, i restarted the phone, now its nothing but a blank screen. i know the phone...
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    Thread 25A downgrade issue, can anyone help

    ok so i made a video that it is possable to downgrade. now i am being told by a few people that they get stuck at 9%, they got the files needed but still fails, here is my video with the comments, so please help, why did it succeed with me and a few people but others, it fails...
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    Thread ellipsis 8 bricked verizon, please help

    ok i was on KK and i keep getting bothered about the damn update, i found a post that was so pose to help disable the update for good and the last part is atemped to update and it will fail, well turns out, that did not work. any way i can get this unbricked, KDZ or something or do i need to...
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    Thread 25A downgrade. :) (video) (update 5-7-2016)

    so i made a video so i hope you all like and get your butts off 25A and start rooting. enjoy for more videos, or you like to subscribe, you can visit my youtube channel here I1AWPwPE0-c hello everyone and i got good news, i made a video, is 25A...
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    Thread Nokia lumia 928 Verizon phone questions

    So i been looking around and i dont see anything about hacking this phone. My brother gave me this phone and i wanted to see how i can hack it. I dont see much info unless i am looking at the wrong places. Can soneone point me to the right place. This is the first windows phone i messed...
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    Thread LG G3 downgrade to 10B, root and how to use TWRP with custom roms (update 8-30-2016)

    this is going to be updated for now with all the things i learned, if i provide a post, please thank them also i want to give big thanks to roirraW "edor" ehT for helping me out ever since i owned my G3 please thank the OP in each post you...
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    Thread Lg g3 vs98547A. Is there a downgrade

    I got a friend who has a lg g3 and is on vs98547A. No root. Is it possible to downgrade from 47A to at least 10B or to an os that can be rooted. Thanks
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    Thread LG V10 VS99011B root

    I got this phone a few days and i figured i make it easy for those who has 11B or lower to have root and find this post. here is the video, please thank the person who made the post, i couldn't find the LG V10 drivers on XDA, but i manage to find them else where. but i be hosting the drivers...
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    Thread found root, but one question for 11B i found the root but it looks like the OS is on 11B, can i still do this even though i am on 11B but set the program to refurbish
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    Thread I GOTS A V10 TODAY AND SO EXCITED ITS ON VS99011B (need root)

    Today i got the LGV10 and so happy that it is on 5.1.1 yes brand new out of verizon :) so there is hope for root so where can i find a post to root things phone, again its VS99011B please and thank you
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    Thread Video (LG G4 VS98624c downgrade)

    (update 4-1-2016) i manage to finish the edit so here you go if you dont care to see Proof that i put 24C on my G4, skip to 13:53 watch?v=Z0_8bYJqjrc (update 3-31-2016) i am having some issues with my editing software or it can be somthing else, my videos are going out of sync, the new ETA is...
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    Thread External wireless mic for lg g4

    I want to make my videos better and i want to know if this can be done I have a lg g4 and lg g3. Is it possible i can turn my lg g3 into a bluetooth mic for my lg g4 I want my voice heard clear even if my g4 is far away from me. Hope it can be done or please recommend me some compatible mics...
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    Thread Lg v10 camera for lg g4?

    So i want another camera mod or app and want to know if this will work with the lg g4. I got my hands on a green screen and manual video options play a big part in this after doing research. So can this camera work on the lg g4 or should i try it and kdz my phone if it fails...
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    Thread Lg g3 vs985 camera mod questions

    Ok i been looking around and i cant find a mod that works i tried a few and no go. I want good photo quality and if possible 1080 60fps. I am already rooted. I have twrp 3.0
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    Thread LG G4 Enable all apps for dual window (new build prop)

    i dont remember what post i learned this from but if anyone see a post showing you how it is done, please thank them as i take no credit, i made the video to help anyone 7RRZNbi5nP0
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    Thread LGG4 FRP Bypass

    ok so i did not know this will happen and its kind of BS that i am stuck with this crap. i resetted my google password on March 8th and did not know of a 72 hour lock out, i was making a video tut. and next thing you know it BAM i cant access my phone. the phone is running vs98613b and its been...
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    Thread LGG4 how to use flashfire (video)

    hello everyone, i just figured out how to deal with a system.img, thanks to a friend of mine Sandspeed, i never knew you got to use 7zip lol also thanks to eugene373 for making a post of how to use flashfire for the Verizon LGG4 and for helping me out as well...
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    Thread LG G4 system.img back up help

    well i am trying to get my system.img into a zip folder but i get an error that the file is to large. can anyone help me with this. please and thanks my image is 4.18 GB in size i am trying to make a walk through video for this post that someone request...
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    Thread Lg g4 bootloader talk

    Well i took some time to send a long email to lg and i might got somewhere. Some of you may say its not worth the time and so on but who knows lets try. Lg send me a link to there forum for devs. And i looked up the lg g4 vs986. I got 3 post. Thats it. 3. Is it worth a shot if we all post...