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  1. tsoump

    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Moto Z2 Force

    Hello! Some more observations : 1. The music players & the buzzer alarm sometimes corrupt a song if it comes from my SD card, but it works well if it's located in the phone's memory as if the SD card sleeps. 2. Also if the music has been stopped, the music shortcuts are still in the status bar...
  2. tsoump

    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Moto Z2 Force

    I red on Spanish Telegram for the moto z2 force that this gcam is the most functional. I also verify.
  3. tsoump

    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Moto Z2 Force

    1. I have tried both build in one and vlc. When locking the screen, sometimes they corrupt and the music stops. 5sec after, it starts normally again. I don't know, maybe due to the SD card? (it's Samsung Evo plus sdxc 64gb) 2. I mean sometimes, when I close down the keyboard, its position turns...
  4. tsoump

    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Moto Z2 Force

    Hello, About last updates I must refer : 1. Music players don't work stable enough when locking and unlocking the device. The music files are from a new SD Card. 2. Sometimes the screen splits when removing the keyboard after writing a message. 3. The auto balance of the brightness of the...
  5. tsoump

    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Moto Z2 Force

    I've already upgraded. Everything seems smooth and fast. Also, some small bugs of the stock pie are disappeared, such as disconnection of the wifi and the casting to the TV box. I got many messages of corruption from Google gallery since I upgraded but there has been progress by now. I need to...
  6. tsoump

    Post Bootloader unlock - Drivers Problem (SOLVED)

    Finally, I used a Macbook and I fixed it. The problem probably happened by the drivers of ADB.
  7. tsoump

    Post Bootloader unlock - Drivers Problem (SOLVED)

    Any relation with this? '' For devices that support dm-verity, use ro.boot.verifiedbootstate to set the value of ro.boot.flash.locked to 0; this unlocks the bootloader if the verified boot state is orange '' I checked through adb and my phone is set to '' 1'' and ''green''. All the others...
  8. tsoump

    Post Bootloader unlock - Drivers Problem (SOLVED)

    I run fastboot getvar ro.carrier and it's ro.carrier: reteu. Any help or advice?
  9. tsoump

    Thread Bootloader unlock - Drivers Problem (SOLVED)

    When I run fastboot oem get_unlock_data, nothing appears on the screen. Typing fastboot getvar all prints this: (bootloader) kernel: uefi (bootloader) version-bootloader: MBM-3.0-nash_retail-43c7c77-190920 (bootloader) product: nash (bootloader) board: nash (bootloader) secure: yes (bootloader)...
  10. tsoump

    Post Can't get unlock data XT1789-5 Retail

    Same problem here and same results. The problem might occured due to the cid: 0x0032. Probably, it would be cid: 0x0000 to be unlockable.
  11. tsoump

    Post Best Working GCam for Android Pie for Moto Z2 Force

    Check GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.1_Wichaya_V2.8.1_200920.apk :
  12. tsoump

    Post [ROM][11][Nash] The Styx Project 1.3 Athena [Official][2021/05/08]

    Please refer some of the bugs. It's interesting also to share your experience!
  13. tsoump

    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Moto Z2 Force

    Is that related to a previous flash of pie? :O
  14. tsoump

    Thread [ROM] [10.0] Mokee nightly 100.0 nash

    Hello, Does anyone know the new nightly rom of mokee? As far as I saw on YouTube, mokee rom seems to be the fastest and most stable of any other release. But until now, I cannot find the bugs before try it. Here is the link for downloading...
  15. tsoump

    Post [ROM][10.0][UNOFFICIAL] Evolution-X 4.7 for Moto Z2 Force (nash) [28/09/2020]

    Do you may have anything to notice as a bug? Is it a stable?
  16. tsoump

    Post [APP] Gcam 7.2 for Moto Z2 Force

    Yes I could by pressing down the photo for some seconds. But now, I have updated to v2.9.1, more steady but I still cannot take pictures from B&W sensor : Any suggestions from the aux settings?
  17. tsoump

    Post [nash] crDroid 5, 6 and 7(unofficial) (Android 9.x, 10.x and 11.x)

    Does the ultrasonic sensor work? Is it an almost stable rom?
  18. tsoump

    Post [OFFICIAL] [NIGHTLIES] LineageOS 17.1

    Hello, If the Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor doesn't work, how you get notifications? Is there any "always-on" display? Thank you
  19. tsoump

    Post [ROM][10][Nash] Resurrection Remix v8.6.8 [Official][2021/05/01]

    Hello, I'm sick and tired of the Stock ROM 9 because of the wifi issue. I'm wondering now if the problem is gonna get solved with this ROM. Can anybody share his experience about the stability of the wifi? Any other noticable bug? Do the Cast, Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor, Moto JBL Mod, Camera...
  20. tsoump

    Post [APP] Gcam 7.2 for Moto Z2 Force

    Hello again, I've already found a version of Gcam that can enable the secondary monochromatic lens. But, as long as I tried to find the correct settings I couldn't make a shot happen. One more pros is the ability to capture a video through the app. Here you can download the latest version of...
  21. tsoump

    Post Which is the best screen protector?

    Here, is my research: Firstly, I have to remove the scratchable Motorola's protector: Afterwards, the screen needs cleaning with acetone. Fo the protecting, some products are: 1. Supershieldz - almost fully covered ...
  22. tsoump

    Thread Which is the best screen protector?

    After of many months with scratches on my screen, I decided to find the best solution for that which now is really important. I'm looking for the best screen protector that I can use instead of the current plastic one. I'm thinking of removing the plastic which is terribly scratchable and...
  23. tsoump

    Post [MOD][Moto Camera 2]for any ROM[7.1/10][20200815][Moto Z² Force/Z 2018]

    The last update you mention, has released on Oct' 2019, if I'm not wrong...
  24. tsoump

    Thread [APP] Gcam 7.2 for Moto Z2 Force

    This version of gcam works good in android 9. There are some bugs such as video recording. The exact version is this PMGC_7.2.014_Relesed_V1.apk [ ]. I also expecting the new released version of 7.3 to port. I would like...
  25. tsoump

    Thread Does the dual-lens camera work simultaneously?

    Hello, I was wondering if the two cameras on Moto Z2 Force work simultaneously, because I did some tests in all Moto camera modes by blocking each lens every single time with a paper. The result was the same: The Black & White camera worked only in the B&W mode and not in the other modes due...
  26. tsoump

    Post Moto Z2 Force (XT1789-06) stuck in boot loop

    I've just informed by the Greek Motorola's Service (named TS Solutions) that the device was defective and they are gonna replace battery & motherboard. When I get it back I will give you feedback.
  27. tsoump

    Post [ROM][7.1][AOSP][{Un,}Official] LineageOS 14.1 (Nougat)

    Hello, I've just installed the last update lineage-14.1-20190215-nightly-umts_spyder-signe..> 15-Feb-2019 15:25 292133256. I'm very satisfied as a second device. Thank you all!
  28. tsoump

    Post Moto Z2 Force (XT1789-06) stuck in boot loop

    I did not flash anything. I did a factory reset and it has resurrected. But I'm not sure when a random restart drives me to the same situation. I will call the service. It might be a problem between motherboard and battery. Any thought?
  29. tsoump

    Post Moto Z2 Force (XT1789-06) stuck in boot loop

    I'm wondering if this is a hardware problem due to the battery. I also found this.
  30. tsoump

    Thread Moto Z2 Force (XT1789-06) stuck in boot loop

    Hello, Yesterday night my phone (XT1789-06) turned off suddenly in 4% of battery life. After of full charging, the phone reboots again and again and it cannot boot in the operation system anymore. I found that this is a common problem in our devices. :confused: "I have a Moto Z2 Force...
  31. tsoump

    Post Camera Doesn't Work issue

    Try another apps to open it. If the other apps don't work, try them again in Safe Mode. If anything of them won't work, it might be a hardware problem. But, fisrtly, ensure yourself that it's not a software issue.
  32. tsoump

    Post Fully Working GCAM for Z2 FORCE (5.1)

    I'm using this on Pie : PMGC_7.2.014_Relesed_V1.apk No problems except of crashing in Video mode but you can capture videos from the photo mode while pressing down for 2sec the shooting button. If there is another working version of Gcam as well, let us know. I have also to notice that the...
  33. tsoump

    Thread Fixing cracked LCD display

    Hello, I would like to know if I'm capable of fixing my LCD tiny broken part as the picture describes. I have to say there is no crack on my digitizer, just only on the inert LCD screen. After that break the screen goes black. If there is a way of fixing it up (such as epoxy and carefull) I'm...
  34. tsoump

    Post [APK] Google Camera v6.1.013 + Portrait Mode + Night Sight

    Really?? Are you sure? Could you please verify it and tell us about what's working and whtat's not? Link of Urnyx's versions :
  35. tsoump

    Post moto z battery issue

    There are many apps for testing it, try some from the google play. But it would be better to find the Motorola's service of your area, because it might has problem the motherboard as well. I'm saying this from my experience.
  36. tsoump

    Post Call Recordings

    I use smart recording, it has never crashed.
  37. tsoump

    Post moto z battery issue

    Sounds a hardware problem so. You should change your defective battery. It is a typical problem of these devices.
  38. tsoump

    Post [APK] Google Camera v6.1.013 + Portrait Mode + Night Sight

    What do you think about these versions? They all work in Moto X4.
  39. tsoump

    Post Defective battery lots in Moto Z[high/extreme/erratic battery drain]

    You should try more if you have got the part. Here is a guideline for the battery replacement.
  40. tsoump

    Post [APK] Google Camera v6.1.013 + Portrait Mode + Night Sight

    Indeed. The whole proccess is slow but the result for a good, clear and well-finished picture is undoubtedly satisfying. Have you may tried any other more stable version to suggest? :)
  41. tsoump

    Post Replace a GV30 with a GV40

    Any results guys?
  42. tsoump

    Thread Recover Data from a broken phone

    Hello, I'm trying to take off my files from my old Moto X. The screen is black due to the screen's ink which covers the display, but the digitizer is functional and I can unclock my phone! The problem is that when I connect the device to the pc, I can see the XT1097 on the hard drive display...
  43. tsoump

    Post Which glue did you use when attach LCD screen?

    You may browse to your area for those adhesives.
  44. tsoump

    Post Which glue did you use when attach LCD screen?

    It's better to check ifixit kit :
  45. tsoump

    Post Making a battery replacement due to Oreo update. Is it a good idea?

    It's appropriate to give us a link about these batteries. I did change the motherboard and the battery to a new one gv30 and I get 3-4 SOT. What's your opinion about gv40 inside moto z?
  46. tsoump

    Post [APK] Google Camera v6.1.013 + Portrait Mode + Night Sight

    It crashes to me while installing. I'm on stock oreo, latest build.
  47. tsoump

    Post [APK] Google Camera v6.1.013 + Portrait Mode + Night Sight

    Any bugs, any difference between the previous ones? Everythink works fine?
  48. tsoump

    Post Moto z xt1650 constantly crashing already changed battery

    I have the feeling that there is nothing to do with the oreo update. It's just coincidence. The crashing may occurred by an overworking function (as an example, while you are talking on the phone and searching sth on the internet or Facebook plus many background apps). This makes sense why you...