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  1. applyscience

    Thread Question Did OnePlus offically put global releases 1 release behind everyone else?

    I see came out (for everyone but global, as always) but then I Check OnePlus's support site on a whim and noticed it says was just released for global yesterday? If they want to keep pushing global back, they could at least pretend its to assure global only receives stable...
  2. applyscience

    Thread Question Anyone get ViperFX functional on their OP9?

    received Buds Z for my OP9 purchase and have very slowly converting to the new phone (rooting, stability and assure privacy issues were addressed) and was very happy with their performance with my rooted OP6 on A11-Pixen OS with ViperFX. Without VIper, the sound is lackluster. even a...
  3. applyscience

    Thread Fastboot loop/No TWRP on default slot but can change slot and access TWRP.

    New to the A/B slot root scene, apologies. I also searched but couldn't find an answer for something matching this exact specificity . I know its fixable but I cant figure out what would be best to do. I am (or was) running TWRP/Magisk on 10.3.4 Stock OOS. broke the OS boot and it will only...