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    Post How many of us are there?

    Its used a lot less now but still working! Battery has been replaced once.
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    Post Moto X4 F.A.Q.s Thread

    I've moved on to the Pixel 3 last fall 2019 but I do miss the fingerprint reader on front, one button nav, and the shake for flashlight.
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    Post How i restore the imei of moto x4

    Read this thread:
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    Post Moto X4 Variant. How to recognize (question)

    It should say the variant under Regulatory Labels under settings/about or in very small print just to the right of the charge port.
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    Post I deleted a folder oem

    You can try switching the active slots
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    Post moto x4 1900-6 won't boot and not flash

    You locked the bootloader? Screwed yourself there, that's why you're getting permission denied. You can try flashing stock but I think you are going to need a replacement or try flashing the blank file that's floating around these forums.
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    Post Moto X4: Not receiving latest securty updates

    In the setting under About.
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    Post Android One XT1900-1 WiFi/SIM Not Working After Stock Flash

    Ok, after more hours... I re-flashed the base 9.0 stock rom (PAYTON_FI_9.0_PPW29.69-26), then re-flash up to current (PAYTON_FI_PPWS29.69-39-2-1_May2019). SIM/WiFi services have returned. I might need to update the FAQs thread with this knowledge but honestly not sure what was the main solution...
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    Post Does Google Fi Work After Rooting?

    Everything glenb77 said.
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    Post Android One XT1900-1 WiFi/SIM Not Working After Stock Flash

    Can the same EFS and Persist partitions interchangeable, as in can I use yours? I've been using the re-flash stock, accept OTAs, re-root/twrp method for months now and this is the first time this has happened. Its only bluetooth capable right now. lol
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    Post Android One XT1900-1 WiFi/SIM Not Working After Stock Flash

    Is there any progress towards a solution on this? I experienced this for the first time while trying to re-flash stock April ROM.
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    Post Help capturing OTA or location of file on x4?

    As the OTA downloads, the token that gives access to the patch changes every few minutes. I did this the first four months of ownership of the phone. You have to have logcat running, constantly searching/fetching the latest url with new token. Only way to stop the download is to stop the service...
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    Post [How-to] Unlock bootloader on Verizon Pixel/XL

    I bought a Verizon Pixel on ebay. It was on June 2018, I accepted every OTA, and got it to July 2019. Performed the steps here, but to add to Step 7... I finish the setup wizard process while still following the criteria in Step 3, then proceeded to Step 8. Method still works. Thank you all!
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    Post Moto X4 F.A.Q.s Thread

    IronTechmonkey - I'm not opposed to it but I guess I must refer to your experience in what works best? I have no problem with this thread getting more traffic leading to more solutions to questions.
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    Post Cannot figure this out. “Sending ‘boot.img’ (33304 KB)

    ensure motorola drivers are installed and try different USB 2.0 ports.
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    Post Firmware help

    Where are you downloading ROMs from? Are you flashing via fastboot in the same directory as the unzipped ROM files?
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    Post need some help , new to root :)

    Between the FAQs thread and videos, should be able to figure it out especially with most of the info repeated throughout various threads.
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    Post Relocking bootloader after stock image says device loaded different OS

    What he said, it's stated in the FAQs thread as well.
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    Post No Google Pay on rooted X4? Here is a solution for XT1900-7

    Latest magisk resolved safety net issues for me.
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    Post fi version march update rom file

    Thanks for sharing this link!
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    Post Return to stock-Encrypted TWRP

    I just hit cancel and it lets you in but if you're trying to back stock, why do you want TWRP?
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    Post Moto x4 Magisk OTA updates

    There's already a method explained in the FAQs thread for installing official OTAs on rooted stock. TWRP has to be reinstalled after though. Are you just trying to search for a more efficient solution?
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    Post [discontinued][ROM][unlocked][ford,austin] Lineage-12.1 [05 MAY 2020]

    Supposed to use either the built-in root Privacy Guard or SuperSU. It's been said to not use Magisk since it's systemless and will bootloop the device.
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    Post How many of us are there?

    Mine is still alive, Wifey uses it to watch movies in bed but needs to stay plugged in to last more then an hour of something. I have replaced the batter already once last year. I flashed to 100% stock recently to be able to use it on the airplane. United Airline's personal entertainment detects...
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    Post [discontinued][ROM][unlocked][ford,austin] Lineage-12.1 [05 MAY 2020]

    You pick one root or the other. Use the built in one or you disable the built in one for supersu.
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    Post Moto X4 F.A.Q.s Thread

    Probably OTAs then. I think you're overthinking everything. You only need the copy partition zip and lineage zip. The other links in that post don't matter.
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    Post Guide[Linux][Windows]: Migrate to SSD/HDD of any size, only for SATV Pro

    Someone already mentioned the WD Blues will not work just a couple posts back.
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    Post [discontinued][ROM][unlocked][ford,austin] Lineage-12.1 [05 MAY 2020]

    amti366 Someone can correct me but my understanding is your only need one root. You either use the built in root that comes in this ROM (Privacy Guard) or SuperSU. If you flashed SuperSU, supposed to leave Privacy Guard disable in Dev options. Having both roots might have caused the issue. I...
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    Post moto x4 slow on boot

    What is "at a glance"?
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    Post screen cast

    I'm sure he would have mentioned it if there was a method for Pie. Would definitely be nice though!
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    Post Moto X4 F.A.Q.s Thread

    There's only one main download link in addition to the copy partition zip. Everything below is just links to posts of confirmed successful flashes of different variants. If you click the Androidfilehost links, it's just stock firmwares. There's only one Lineage firmware on there. Does this...
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    Post Moto X4 F.A.Q.s Thread

    There's only one main download link for Lineage firmware on that second post. What are you trying to find out exactly?
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    Post Re-lock bootloader moto x4 possible?

    If you're trying to get back to how you bought it, you need to find a copy of the XT1900-07 stock firmware.
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    Post Re-lock bootloader moto x4 possible?

    Ah... Thank you Comby_sk for the clarification. I flashed Pie at the time. Will update FAQs with that info.
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    Post Re-lock bootloader moto x4 possible?

    That's what I assumed also. I have returned to stock once already and the msg was still there. You won't find properly signed firmwares unless it's by Lenovo. Plenty of copies of the stock firmware(s) available from different sources throughout these forums. Signed/unsigned or different...
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    Post Restoring a TWRP backup

    I've yet to make a twrp due to lack of storage space on 32gb model. The copy partitions zip is only needed when going from stock rom to custom rom.
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    Post Moto X4 F.A.Q.s Thread

    Updated various verbage. Still need to add/update links.
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    Post Re-lock bootloader moto x4 possible?

    I'm not aware of any signed official firmwares or direct from Lenovo themselves. Once you unlock it the first time, there's no going back. The msg at boot will always be there. If not rooted, official OTAs still work. How often are people rebooting their phones for this to be cared about honestly?
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    Post [Guide][Video/Text] How to Flash Official/Factory Firmware (Moto X4)

    Correct. It's more of a personal preference since typically people do not enjoy seeing that bootloader message at boot. Safety Net workaround is addressed with Magisk root. Rooting will break OTAs but there's a workaround for that too.
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    I'm sure someone will correct me but my understanding is, Slot A will always be used primarily. Slot B is used only during the update till it's fully complete. A/B Slots Explained
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    I'll add these to the FAQs thread soon.
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    The firmwares are ROMs themselves. Each caught up to specific build of Android OS such as Oreo/Pie and monthly security updates. There are no smaller individual flashes for this phone such as radio, modem, etc. yet. I'm either not understanding what exactly you're confused on or you two are...
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    There are walkthrough videos available as well made by a user, if you need past what information has been posted already, and including the FAQs thread. Generally you flash based on your variant (country) but they are all compatible.
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    Post [Guide][Video/Text] How to Flash Official/Factory Firmware (Moto X4)

    As it has been noted in these forums, you don't have to unlock bootloader if sticking with stock firmwares. Though, unlocked bootloader is best if something goes wrong and is required initially for all custom ROMs only.
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    Post [discontinued][ROM][unlocked][ford,austin] Lineage-12.1 [05 MAY 2020]

    Is this sarcasm? This thread started for Amazon Fire (7") 5th Gen - 2015 KFFOWI | Ford. I won't bug anymore.
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    Post [discontinued][ROM][unlocked][ford,austin] Lineage-12.1 [05 MAY 2020]

    No offense guys, this thread is for this ROM (ggow Lineage) and this device ($35 Fire). I'm subscribed to this thread for related updates.
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    Post [STABLE][2017.05.27] SuperSU v2.82

    For lollipop and under. Thank goodness for Magisk.