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    Thread Someone want port ResurreccioneMix to S7

    I have an Elephone S7 and a Vernee Apollo Lite. I prefer the S7, but now on Apollo Lite I have ResurreccioneMix, and it's a great Rom. And if Someone can port ResurreccioneMix to Elephone S7, I would be very grateful.. And I suppose all the users of S7.. Thanks and Sorry for my bad english...
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    Thread Better film protector and protector case..

    I only can say that the better protector films that we can have is the official of Elephone.... The protector case.. The official too.. In this moment the better than we can have.. And we have It free in the box of the Elephone.. Sorry for my bad english Enviado desde mi MI PAD mediante Tapatalk
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    Thread Mods , Xposed and more

    Hello, I write this post to tell what mods, mods of xposed and interesting apps we have in ours S7. App: Greenify ... Battery Mods: Dolby Atmos... better sound información spiker antes earphones. Xposed: Power Nap, Greenify, Amplify and MobileRadioActiveFix... Battery Android N-fy...