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  1. Phurkus

    Thread Installing Xposed [got bootlooped twice]

    Is the method for installing xposed in the general section still valid? Il installed xposed about 6 times in my life in my g4. The first 4 went smooth. The last 2 were done in the past few days, and each resulted in a bootloop. I just got my phone working with a non rooted kdz, I'm gonna...
  2. Phurkus

    Post VS986 13B >>ROOTED<< >>DEBLOATED<< System Image & KDZ DOWNLOAD

    did you download the one in red next to auto prime? thats the wrong one. the rooted image is alittle more below that is smaller text where he mentions the rar and 7zip
  3. Phurkus

    Post Downgrade from MM to LL with LGUP is possible!

    there is root method with 13b through the injection method. however, there is another thread where somebody uploaded an already rooted kdz to make it easier
  4. Phurkus

    Post Downgrade from MM to LL with LGUP is possible!

    is this the stock verison of the LL? or will it say modified? im looking to downgrade, root, and install xposed. if this is an official, i will probobly have to load the rooted 13b kdz from anther thread on here. or can this version be rooted and xopsed installed?
  5. Phurkus

    Post Downgrade from MM to LL with LGUP is possible!

    annybody know if this works for the 25c version? the poster above me mentioned it worked for his 25A, but i have a 25C and havent seen anybody else mention it working. maybe the C recently came out? just got my replacnemt phone delivered today EDIT: whoops, sorry i guess i missread the number...
  6. Phurkus

    Post [GUIDE][HOWTO] Install Xposed on Verizon G4

    is it possible to install on 6.0 MM running 24c? i lost my old phone running a rooted kdz verision of 5.+ (dont remember the exact model number) Kinda dont want to go through the hassel of downgrading, installing a rooted kdz, and installing xposed due to finals coming up and i wont have much...
  7. Phurkus

    Post SD Card with exFAT

    how can you reformat the sd card to exfat?
  8. Phurkus

    Post [No Root required] Get USB OTG support for PS3 controller with Sixaxis Enabler

    Are you in the right thread mate? can you give better description of what you are trying to advertise here?
  9. Phurkus

    Post Android Marshmallow G4 Root

    you can still root the g4 however using a rooted rom that is posted on this section,.==. Im running it, its the 13b rooted kdz that a user posted here. All it is is a rom with root and flashfire preinstalled
  10. Phurkus

    Post Android Studio vs Eclipse for begginner

    what do you mean eclipse is no longer supported? did they rename the project or move, quit or something?
  11. Phurkus

    Post VS986 13B >>ROOTED<< >>DEBLOATED<< System Image & KDZ DOWNLOAD

    That's spookymyo I managed to get xposed installed. How's the battery on your rooted 13b? When I went back to stock kdz, my battery lasted a looong time for the days that I had it on stock. Like 4x longer in idle, and 2x - 3x longer during use time. After booting the rooted image it's been a...
  12. Phurkus

    Post VS986 13B >>ROOTED<< >>DEBLOATED<< System Image & KDZ DOWNLOAD

    just finished installing, thanks mate! would you happen to know what version or how to install xposed on this 13b rooted? ---------- Post added at 08:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:27 PM ---------- how do you change the DPI back to normal? i cant find the command for this. sorry if...
  13. Phurkus

    Post VS986 13B >>ROOTED<< >>DEBLOATED<< System Image & KDZ DOWNLOAD

    did it work? and no sorry i ve never used that feature mate.
  14. Phurkus

    Post VS986 13B >>ROOTED<< >>DEBLOATED<< System Image & KDZ DOWNLOAD

    Snapchat also detects xposed. Had same problem, ran rootcloak and still no go. i read in another thread that is searches for xposed, and then it wont let you in. your supose to remove xposed, login in to snapchat. then install xposed agian. Can confirm working on my phone Edit: disabling...
  15. Phurkus

    Post VS986 13B >>ROOTED<< >>DEBLOATED<< System Image & KDZ DOWNLOAD

    were flashing with custom recovery right? ---------- Post added at 06:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:28 PM ---------- wait there is no custom recovery for vzw, how does one flash this ROM? sorry if stupid question, im not seeing it in the OP's post Edit: i found it, nevermind
  16. Phurkus

    Post [=ROM=][ T810 & T710 ][5.1.1-OH7] OptimalROM R1-1 *SILKY SMOOTH*FAST*STABLE* 09/21

    i have root and custom recovery already, what i dont understand is what do you mean the firmware from samsung? im running 5.1.1 on it.
  17. Phurkus

    Post [Guide] LG G4 Stock Firmware (Go Back to Stock) KDZ &amp; TOT Method

    yeah i am ahah sorry bout the misunderstanding. and okay, thats reassuring i just deleted them. thanks for the quick reply mate !
  18. Phurkus

    Post [=ROM=][ T810 & T710 ][5.1.1-OH7] OptimalROM R1-1 *SILKY SMOOTH*FAST*STABLE* 09/21

    in your quote, do you mean the ROM cant be flashed on 5.1.1? im alittle confused in the process or installing the rom on my 810. how many files need to be flashed in order to get the rom running? in my understanding it takes 2, but im not dure if i am reading the thread and instructions right
  19. Phurkus

    Post [Guide] LG G4 Stock Firmware (Go Back to Stock) KDZ &amp; TOT Method

    nothing else just booted the kdz and went back to stock, everything got erased which is why i assumed it didnt come from before, but after the install. i believe its not from you, but thats interesting
  20. Phurkus

    Post [Guide] LG G4 Stock Firmware (Go Back to Stock) KDZ &amp; TOT Method

    Anybody else get adware? i took the steps for the KDZ and now i have the games "Empire" "Cookie Jam" "Sugar Smash" and some other ones/\. there like those stupid apps that try to piggyback when downloading programs. I never knew it was possible during a method like this.
  21. Phurkus

    Post [GUIDE][XPOSED][ALL VARIANTS] Installing Xposed without recovery

    thanks for the reply mate, i decided to try it out anyways without confirmation of it actually being compatible. and it work (:
  22. Phurkus

    Post Removing xposed from 5.1

    How did i know which one is the right version?
  23. Phurkus

    Post [GUIDE][XPOSED][ALL VARIANTS] Installing Xposed without recovery

    how do i know which one is the correct for me? i was on another thread and some one reccomended the x64 for another g4 user. dont know if he has same carrier or same xposed version as me though
  24. Phurkus

    Post [GUIDE][XPOSED][ALL VARIANTS] Installing Xposed without recovery

    How to uninstall xposed? I still have the old version where the uninstall option is greyed out in the framework section. Any help or link to thread?
  25. Phurkus

    Thread Removing xposed from 5.1

    I got xposed installed and I'm looking to remove it from my phone to update to latest version of go and root. However in the "uninstall" button of framework is greyed out. I read an article that said I must download and Uninstaller and boot it from my custom recovery. However I have not...
  26. Phurkus

    Post Galaxy Tab S2 screen replacement

    a diffrent approach to take and i would reccomend is to buy the screen yourself online, then take it to a shop (maybe the one you mentioned) and asked them to install the glass on your device, this way you only pay them for the manual labor
  27. Phurkus

    Post Kernel is not seandroid enforcing set warranty bit: kernel

    I understand what a custom recovery does, ive had it on my two previous phones and have tried TWRP and CW. however i only installed them because i wanted to flash a custom rom on those two phones. With my s2 tablet im looking to just stay with root for now, that is why i am asking if the...
  28. Phurkus

    Post Kernel is not seandroid enforcing set warranty bit: kernel

    Okay so something interesting did come up. It seems i am rooted, however i keep getting a notification that an unauthorized action haas been taken and i must click on a restart to undo the changes that have been done. its kind of annoying because it keeps popping up. I assumw this is the knox...
  29. Phurkus

    Thread Kernel is not seandroid enforcing set warranty bit: kernel

    So i just finished the process of rooting my s2 tablet 810 5.1.1 and every time i reboot or turn the phone on and off i notice a message that says "Kernel is not seandroid enforcing set warranty bit: kernel" Ive done some google searches and i would like to think its normal becuase i read in...
  30. Phurkus

    Post [GUIDE][HOW-TO] Root Tab S2 and more

    What customers recovery is used in OP's thread? Is it like TWRP? sorry if it's been answered, can't seem to find it
  31. Phurkus

    Post Kingroot 4.6

    Is it working for SM-T810? Just bought it today
  32. Phurkus

    Post [XPOSED][4.0.3+] basicKeylogger - logs textfields

    looking at the source sode of the program, there seems to be 2 main files where this could go. could you help me out on the same of the file and the number line i would paste the code into? is the code already there, but broken? or is the if else statment you gave me something you wrote?
  33. Phurkus

    Thread Looking for WEP Encrypted hotspot

    So im looking for a wep ecrypted wifi hotspot for my lg g4 running 5.1 (forgot codename, lol) I am FULLY aware that wep is much weaker than compared tk WPA / WPA2, the reason why im looking for WEP is security education purpose. I know it sound like a simple question to solve with a simple...
  34. Phurkus

    Post [XPOSED][4.0.3+] basicKeylogger - logs textfields

    where would the If else statment go? could you give alittle help? or is it posted somewhere else?
  35. Phurkus

    Post Can videos be taken with circle case?

    Same here. Il let you know if i ever find anything. Dang i never noticed how bad my spelling and spacing was, lol
  36. Phurkus

    Thread Can videos be taken with circle case?

    Just bought a circle case i think its prettycool. Love thecamera and apps. Sadly you cant use yhe front facing camera, but im wondering,if there are apps or a way to take a video with the circle case on
  37. Phurkus

    Post Do we has unlocked bootloader?

    Thank you for your answer, straight to the point mate. :):):)
  38. Phurkus

    Post Do we has unlocked bootloader?

    This made me laugh pretty good man :p:p:D:D:rolleyes:
  39. Phurkus

    Post Okay, now I've totally had it with LG and this phone... here's why. [found solution]

    Dang OP, you had some really bad luck with your g4's. Mines only actes retarded sometime when i try charging, and it thinks my charger is a usb.
  40. Phurkus

    Thread Do we has unlocked bootloader?

    After root came out for G4 i never heard that unlocked bootloader came out. Im looking through the threads, but most are old or got off topic, so to keep it simple Is there unlocked bootloader for VZ G4 yet?
  41. Phurkus

    Thread Zanti questions, any answers would be appriciated

    I had Zanti on my last phone which was a droid razr m, and zanti worked flawlessly. I updated to an LG G4 afew months ago and now Zanti doesnt seem to work. Csploit doesnt work eaither. 1.) I was wondering if zant releases updates on the app because Ive had it for afew months already and...
  42. Phurkus

    Post New Update for Verizon LG G4

    ahh I understand you now mate. Just wait afew weeks for a stable root method.
  43. Phurkus

    Post Root on non Windows PC?

    d oyou go to school or have access to library? SAFEST method would be to eaither download programs required and just go to a public windows library and root from there. IF that cant be done, next best thing is to try windows on linux with Virtual maching or using Wine. same thing with Mac OS...
  44. Phurkus

    Post Any limits to multi-window feature?

    I believe there is something in xposed that helps add apps. and if not, just use the search, I ran across a thread on here to editing the build prop to allow more apps in muliwindow
  45. Phurkus

    Post New Update for Verizon LG G4

    root has been out.
  46. Phurkus

    Thread Any good resolution changeing apps?

    I love,that g4 can take videos at such high resolution. I dont want to record in a lower resolution, (i know just use another recorder app for that). I want to record in high resolution, make a copy of video, and then drop the copy resolution so i can have a high ando low resolution. Reason...
  47. Phurkus

    Thread Anybody notice you cant rotate screenshots?

    Not a huge bug or problem. But has anybody noticed you cant rotate screenshots ? I have a feeling its due to resolution but cant 100% prove it. All other images are rotatable, but when you try rotating a screenshot it just says "fiile not supported" Any quick fixes or ideas?
  48. Phurkus

    Post New Update for Verizon LG G4

    i dont believe i ever experienced a touching issue, but at the same time i never really looked into it. what are they symptoms that their are touch issues? Im wondering becuase i notice their is a small delay of when i click on things, but never really thought of it as an issue. how does...
  49. Phurkus

    Post New Update for Verizon LG G4

    Anybody who does install a quick review would be greatly appriciated (:
  50. Phurkus

    Thread New Update for Verizon LG G4

    Just to give a heads up,i woke up this morning and checked my phone as usualy then i see something downloading. Imthinking woahh i just woke up, i havent downloaded sh*t? I check it and its a update by verizon, it was already half way and i canceled. I know i had my update settings to not...