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    Thread no touch after flashing custom roms!

    i'm running stock january frimware with no root or any thing and wanna flash aosip 9.0,when i flash twrp 3230 i have working touch . and when i flash jan_twrp_root.img based on daze one toturial i lose my touch in twrp so i decided to start instructions for installing custom roms with twrp...
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    Thread MIUI Rom for essential

    Hi, Is there any MIUI rom or flyme custom roms for ph-1?before switched to this device i had oneplus one and there was many kind of custom roms available not only AOSP but i can't find any for PH-1,tnx
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    Thread requste imaged battery for 4.4.x roms!

    hi every one, As we already know, the battery signal of statusbar on Sammy KitKat Firmware is not images but coded one. That is one of Google's operations in Android 4.4, but make difficulties with theming or customising... please some developer consider to change systemui of our device for...
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    Thread CWM Backup Location!

    i'm not able to find my cwm backup file to transfer it to my pc.please some one tell me where is the location for cwm backup.tnx:)
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    Thread convert moto g dual to single sim!!

    hi , i'm gonna buy moto g dual because the single edition is not available in my country like brazil... here is the thing can i flash all new single rom editions on my dual moto g and only works one sim perfectly? i dont care a bout dual sim working just because i usally taste all roms and as...
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    Thread Moto G in saudi arabia

    moto g is not available in my country so I gonna travel to suadi arabia. please some one led me to where can i found this phone in suadi arabia only for single sim x1032 version?tnx:D
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    Thread DX dual sim

    hi everyone, i'm new with DX. my DX have dual sim and i realized that it would be problem if i flashing roms in the i right?any solution?do we have a kernel that is only for dual sim?does that mean Dual sim users can not use any of this developments and roms?:rolleyes: