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  1. drag0micr0

    Thread Battery Optimization reoptimizing apps that were set to not be optimized

    I am using the Moto Z Force on Android 7.0 with Janurary's security update. I go into battery optimization to select apps that I do not want optimized such as netguard or tasker and it works fine for the day. However, the next day I see that they are now being optimized and I go into the...
  2. drag0micr0

    Thread How would you get the Moto X 2014 stock Motorola apps for custom ROM?

    I can download some of the Motorola apps from play store but I can't really use them for anything. My phone is running on cyanogen mod nightlies. Is there any way I can use the Moto voice again? Or do I need to live without it. It was always just such a useful thing because it worked almost...