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  1. kylew1212

    Thread [13 Mar 2012] Stock MIUI (Very Stable) [cLK/MAG]

    Stock MIUI (Very Very Stable) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This rom is modified from MIUI android to work with clk bootloader. Please give MIUI Android all the credit. Converted from the latest MIUI available 2.3.9 The goal of...
  2. kylew1212

    Thread [Q] How to convert a magldr rom to clk?

    Ok, I'm wanting to cook my own roms, and also I want to use miui straight from miui without added tweaks. However I hate magldr. Can someone tell me how to convert a magldr rom to clk? I know that the difference is the connection type and the boot .img clk uses boot.img where magldr uses a...
  3. kylew1212

    Thread [25 Dec 11] Merry Christmas

    I just wanted to stop and take a minute to say merry Christmas. I hope everyone's had a great year and best of luck in 2012! Many thanks to all developers and all who participate on the HD2 forums. Sent from my HD2 using xda premium
  4. kylew1212

    Thread [Guide] Install cLK, cLK 1.5, CWM and a NAND rom

    Post 1 How-to install cLK and CWM using HD2 Toolkit. Post 2 How-to install a rom using CWM Post 3 How-to install cLK 1.5 Post 4 How-to uninstall HSPl (For warranty issues) Okay, you asked for it so here it is! Complete! Magldr & Clk! I have built a website centered around my current rom...
  5. kylew1212

    Thread Developing

    I have been reading these forums for awhile now, and I want to learn to do this stuff. What type programming classes would I need to take to build roms and kernals? My college offers C. Thanks for the help! Sent from my Transformer TF101 using xda premium