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    Thread [HELP][DiSCUSSION] Recommendations for Xperia Z3 D6603 ROM

    Hello! I just ordered a Sony Xperia Z3 and while I'm waiting for it to arrive I want to hear your recommendations on the best ROM I could use as a daily driver
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    Thread [RO] Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Marshmallow Update in Romania

    <RO> Buna ziua! Acest Thread a fost facut pentru utilizatorii Romani care folosesc acest device. Aici se v-or discuta toate probleme si datile de lansare a Android Marshmallow. Metode de a cerceta: --XperiFirm...
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    Thread [RECOVERY][UB]T.W.R.P Xperia E4 E2105 Alpha 1

    *PROJECT ABANDONED* *I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO YOUR DEVICE.* Unofficial TWRP for Xperia E4 E2105 Installation MAKE SURE YOUR BOOTLOADER IS UNLOCKED Make sure you have the following: A Windows PC/Laptop ADB Drivers Installed Unlocked Bootloader Now do the following: Turn off...
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    Thread What and how to update your device if your bootloader is unlocked

    Why can't I have OTA or Xperia Companion Updates? Because your bootloader is unlocked you lose the feature of recieving OTA updates or Xperia Companion updates. What do I do if I want them back? Now here it gets a bit tricky, how? well when you unlock your bootloader you lose a thing called DRM...
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    Thread [THEME][KK/LP][NO ROOT] Kvlar Theme 0.2

    Kvlar Simplicity and Abstract Were the words that defined this theme. When you think about simplicity, you think about dull but calming colours, when you think about something Abstract, you think about something "out of the box" may I say or something unconventional... And that is what we...
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    Thread [BETA 1][Noob friendly][Xposed][ALL VARIANTS][LB/UB][5.0][M4] Xrmor System UI mod

    *DISCLAIMER*I am not responsible for any damage that has been done to the device after this procedure/mod has been installed/achieved. Xrmor System UI This is just a compilation of multiple Xposed modules combined to result in what you're about to see below. Please scroll down to the credits...
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    Thread [ALL VARIANTS][LB/UB][GUIDE][ROOT]Change Installing Location Sony Xperia M4 Aqua

    Disclaimer Although there is a small chance, me or not anyone is responisble if you proceed with this. We do not take any responsability for any bricked phones, dead sd cards or anything else. *In case of low memory, you will still get an error on the Google Play Store. Because the Play Store...
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    Thread [ROOT] Root/Install TWRP Sony Xperia M4 Aqua E2303 LB on 26.1.A.2.167/26.1.A.3.92

    Root the M4 Aqua E2303 Locked Bootloader/Install TWRP on 2.167/3.92 Before we begin: Make sure you have the following: •A Windows PC •Flashtool (
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    Thread Does anyone have a method for rooting the M4 Aqua on .167 firmware?

    Does anyone know how to root the .167 firmware of the M4 Aqua? I don`t want to downgrade due to the improvements made on this firmware, I have the E2303 model of the phone
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    Thread Sony Xperia E4 Root Access for all firmwares

    ROOT FOR SONY XPERIA E4 ALL FIRMWARES (DUAL AND SINGLE) In this tutorial I am going to show you how to get ROOT access for your XperiaE4 device. ******Me or the developers of the Rooting applications/programs are not responsible for the damage that your phone might have after the process...
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    Thread [TUTORIAL] Root, install recovery for Xperia E1 locked bootloader

    THIS IS ONLY FOR ANDROID 4.4.2 Hi, today im going to show you how to root your E1 and install a custom recovery with locked bootloader. First, ROOT -If you are on 20.1.A.0.47 you can root it just by simply installing towelroot from here -But...