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    Post Good for Enterprise (GFE) [03-7-2014] root workaround

    Success!!! This worked! I used the 2.4 apk instead of the 2.5 from the play store and it worked! Using the gfe security patch and that 2.4 apk it finally got it working on my HTC one m8 running 4.4.2. When I tried with the play store apk and it hung up on retrieving settings and force closed...
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    Post ☆★☆ [ROM][5.0.2][OFFICIAL] LiquidSmooth v4.0 | Lollipop | [01-07-15]

    Yea I got exactly the same result. System ui went into a force close loop so I did a hard reset with volume up and power and now my data is encrypted :|. Wiped system and tried side loading the rom again no dice. Tried nandroid to another rom (gpe) and also no dice. It seems apparent that the...
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    Post [ROM] [5.1] [10/22/15] LolliGPE - Sense Apps, Xposed, F2FS, Themes[MULTICARRIER]

    Pretty solid rom for the m8. Of course the camera will come with time. Probably my biggest issue with the rom coming from an iPhone (go ahead and boo) is that lte doesn't work while on a call. Of course the phone is capable of it just the rom doesn't have the capability. Damn disappointing. I...
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    Post Splash Screens by Fader01

    Second that. If were doing hockey teams you have to do the Wings!
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    Post [s-off] rumrunner s-off for Verizon HTC One

    Awesome! Sweet thank you so much for this! I've been waiting for this phone to get s-offed so I can finally take advantage of android like its supposed to be!
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    Post Chassis Gaps

    I work at a vzw store and was checking out our demo unit which had a gap. Then I checked our stock of about 10 phones which also had gaps. Interestingly there really only seemed to be a gap at the top of the phones and not the bottom as much. Top center seemed to be the trend.
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    Post ✯{ROM}✯{JB}✯{4.1.2}✯{Shadow God}✯Jellyverse v4.0✯{GB27}✯{9/3/13}✯

    The hell... Alright boys I need some help. Haven't been able to flash v2 or v3 I keep getting the same error. Might I add I've been around the block with this stuff once or twice which is why I'm confused. The steps I took are as follows: download and check md5 mobile odin el26 cwm wipe cache...
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    Post [JB] - [ROM][ODIN][TAR]SPH-D710 FJ10 (FJ10 Kernel/ROM)

    Damn he's really part of the reason I moved over to this phone from the evo 3d. This damn thing had a billion leaks when the 3d only had ics from a slightly different virgin mobile branded evo 3d, that had permanent lasting effects on your device.
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    Post Is Samsung EVER going to fix Wi-Fi disconnect issue???

    Ok thank god someone else has this issue I just always thought I was losing it. This only happened to me coming back from jb so I thought it may have done some permanent damage somehow even though that's not really even possible. I have a linksys router too its the ea4500. Sweet router and its...
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    Post BRICK

    What happens when you press the power button? Does it say galaxy s2? If so you should be able to get the phone into download mode and do an odin restore of ff18 that I'm linking below. Its a one click and is pretty easy if you just follow the instructions...
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    Post BRICK

    Ok first off if you have a I9100 you are in the wrong forum because judging by your profile it says you have tmobile. This is the forum for the sprint variant with the model number d710. The forum I think you are looking for is here Edit: I saw that you actually did post there... and it looks...
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    Post Can't flash anything! ro.product.device / build.product errors in recovery

    If you are bone stock, that would mean you don't have a custom recovery which would allow you to flash unsigned files? I'm just trying to understand where you are at in order to help. Are you stock and if so gb or ics? It sounds like a recovery issue or maybe a problem with the zip you are...
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    Post Bad Battery Life in Jellybean

    Jb battery life has been fine for me. I get about 2-2:30 hrs screen on time which typically includes playing music for about an hour each day, wifi or 3g on 24/7, along with 10-60 texts and a few quick phone calls. It's not as good as gingerbread but I would say it is better than early ics...
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    Post Is the official ice cream sandwich update any good ?

    Every time I try ics its still buggy for me. Sometimes the capacitive buttons don't work for a couple seconds, or the weird visual glitch in the task manager. None of it seems worth the hassel. JB is the way to go imo with project butter this thing is bulletproof. Yea they are a bit unstable...
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    Post Samsung 4.1 Update List

    I don't expect to see a jelly bean update for this phone. I would genuinely be surprised if it sees official jb. Although they said the sgsII that doesn't mean the epic 4g touch variant. More stuff to support and more stuff to go wrong that becomes sprints problem. Also, people would see how...
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    Post Stable JB ROM

    Ive never had any problems with JB battery life. I can get 2+hrs screen on with sbrissen and cm10
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    Post [TOOL] Ultimate Recovery Tool 3.1 (Unbrick, Downgrade, VM Radio Fix/Reset)

    Wow! Well, I sold my evo 3d and got an sgs2 back when the VM Firmware issue first came out, and I can't believe you guys fixed this! I should have known! Amazing work Unknown you not only s-offed my evo, you could have purified it back to Sprint too!
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    Post [Review] *Update 28DEC12* Extremely Thin Smart Cover like Apple "aka Ebay case"

    Hey quick question, I was looking at what I think is the same case in a different color on Amazon, and a couple people said that when you fold the magnet around back, it turns off the screen? I assume this isn't true with yours? I'm thinking about the white color seen here and here. Any help...
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    Post Have a question or problem about the ICS OTA? Post them here!

    Thanks man thats what i figured I just wanted to check!
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    Post Have a question or problem about the ICS OTA? Post them here!

    Firmware question Hey first of all I'll say I searched this and really couldn't find anything although I feel like this has been asked before so I apologize in advance. I'm gonna unlock my friends Rezound using htcdev and flash him a custom rom. I'm familiar with the process except for one...
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    Post {HOW TO}{TEAM REJECTS}{Windows} Quick DECOMPILE/COMPILE - Jelly Bean 10/24 Updated

    Man Ics already feels old compared to some buttery smooth jb. Thanks for this bro
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    Post [How-to] Disable FF18 OTA update from downloading and bugging you (beta)

    Thank you! Thank god for this! Hit more info, pulled battery, flashed in recovery, now when I check for updates it says i'm up to date. Hopefully I'll remember to update if anything pops up in the coming week. Just out of curiosity, does this modify the build prop? I was brainstorming earlier...
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    Post Is it safe to buy a nexus 7 yet ?

    Ok 24 hours later with the replacement unit and everything appears to be better. I don't know why people accept a factory defect its obviously a design flaw if my first one had it, my dads has it and now my replacement doesn't. I do agree with the post about the silver plastic being partially to...
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    Post ROM | UNOFFICIAL | AOKP | Epic 4G Touch | July 20| Milestone 6 | 4.0.4 | FF18

    Feature wise bro. Has way more capability than cm. Really all ICS roms are buggy and bad on battery life for this phone and this one isn't unique.
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    Post Is it safe to buy a nexus 7 yet ?

    I just got my replacement today. I don't want to speak too soon but it's been out of the box for about 2 hrs and hey it looks fine right now. I'm gonna charge it and use it a little and see if anything pops up so to say and I'll update later tonight. Edit: I wish there was a way to tell the...
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    Post returning 6th Nexus 7... anyone wish Nexus 7 was manufactured by Samsung or Motorola?

    Well this is my first Asus tablet and I'm kinda in the middle right now. First day I got it and started playing around with it I had no issues. Then my dad ordered one for himself. Day 2 I got screen lift. Day 3 I Rma'd. Day 4 my dad got his. Day 5 I got my RMA. My dad also got screen lift. I...
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    Post POLL: do you have the screen separation problem?

    I have it on mine. I noticed it right away, got used to it after using for a night, then got fed up with it the next morning and found this thread. I've cracked it open twice to try and adjust it and I think I may have fixed it. I think. It seems to come back after a little while which is...
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    Post ROM | UNOFFICIAL | AOKP | Epic 4G Touch | July 20| Milestone 6 | 4.0.4 | FF18

    Wow I've been flashing roms to many android phones for years and this is one of those roms that have flat out impressed me with how much it can do. I think this rom is without a doubt better than CM9. I'm really impressed. Now to see if it's buggy or a battery killer
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    Post [ROM][ICS][Sense][4.0.3][5-12-12] icsense-deck [0.4]

    I can't remember the last time I was so happy to flash a new rom. Sense 3.6 is my favorite base and now with ics I couldn't be happier. Downgraded hboot just for this. First impression was that voice quality improved quite a bit. Got a phone call in the middle of setting up my wifi network and...
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    Post [TOOL] HBOOT Downgrade Toolkit Live CD (or USB) - Free Your Phone. S-OFF.

    Yo I got a 4 kb file when I downloaded off that mirror... That can't be right.
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    Post [2-23-12][ROM][ALPHA]ICS Sense[4.0.3][Sense3.6/4.0]

    We all miss him lol
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    Post [ROM] - [3/21/2012] - MikRunny v1.13 - [Sense 3.5 | 2.3.5 | Tweaks | Odex | CDMA]

    Glad to see you workin on this phone! Mik for president!
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    Post Tab 10.1 will not completely reboot or go into download mode

    Ok Im sorry I hate to bump this post, but this just saved my ass from having to return my tablet. I got one for me and one for my dad, and mine didn't want to go into download mode. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
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    Post (ROM)GALAXY TASK 14 Revamped! Slim & Fat (3.2) WIFI ONLY (2/10)

    Good Work! With my galaxy tab 10.1 in the mail, I couldn't help but look around at rooting and what roms are available. After searching for quite a while, I think it's safe to say this will be flashed as soon as I get root on my new baby XD
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    Post Android 4.0.1 Source Code Available now

    Not sure if legit, or too good to be true. Edit: This appears to be it. Not bad.
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    Post [10-11-11][ROM] gingerbread-evo-deck [1.3][2.3.7 Stable] #Stablistic

    Dl isn't working for me either. Mirror anyone?
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    Post Attention EVO Users:

    Oh you will.
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    Post [ Kinged HateSLINGER RLS-2.1 ][ Kinged Kingdom RLS-2.1 ODEX ] 3.0 Sense ROMS 7/23/11

    DL Link Hey with mik's site under construction, the link isn't working. Here's the link to 2.1 ODEX Stock Also, here is the link to the thread on Mik's site.
  39. TheSilverStig

    Post [ROM][9.9.11][CPU Conf.+VOC][1.2ghz] EVOlvedROM r3chargeD Final "Can't Stop Me Now"

    Hey nice rom but please don't cook in an undervolted kernel. Makes me think it's the rom with broken wifi, not the kernel.
  40. TheSilverStig

    Post [Kernel][Sense][HDMwIn]Evo 4g Freedom-v0.9.5 Kernel GB MR

    My 2 cents Hey I would first like to say, nice kernel for your first one! I would also like to say that for some reason this kernel doesn't like my phone. My hw 2 evo has been able to run any undervolt I could throw at it without a single hiccup. This kernel ( and goldenmonkey also) have been...
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    Post [Win32 Tool]GUI Root with Check and Recovery!

    God damnit. Of course my mom wants the one android phone that doesn't have a perm root. Crap.
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    Post Samsung Galaxy S2 finally on its way to Sprint!

    I read that the tegra chips will show up in less important markets and the us and north america market is likely to see the sammy chip. This makes sense because they must have a shortage because of all the phones they are selling and the tsunami messed them up too I think with production.
  43. TheSilverStig

    Post Samsung Galaxy S2 finally on its way to Sprint!

    I don't know personally if can be done to EVERY single sgs, but I personally have done it to my friends Epic. The customs roms really increase battery life and performance along with the voodoo fix. Of course there are the risks with rooting but the epic has a one click root that is very easy to...
  44. TheSilverStig

    Post Samsung Galaxy S2 finally on its way to Sprint!

    Yea at first when I was rooting my friends Vibrant I thought, pshhh it isn't that much better. Than I put a voodoo kernel on it an that made it look nice. That website is out of date but gives a basic idea of what they can fix incase you've never messed with a sgs.
  45. TheSilverStig

    Post Samsung Galaxy S2 finally on its way to Sprint!

    Good work by her! Still a nice phone now and can easily keep up with the newer gen phones. I think it's going to be my mom's new phone coming from a sayno M1 lul. I still think that because the sgs2 is going to be internationally similar (despite the cpu variations) aftermarket development will...
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    Post Samsung Galaxy S2 finally on its way to Sprint!

    Yea well cyanogen is already supporting the sgs2 or they have a couple and are developing cm for it I dunno I don't really keep up on it but it should be fully tweak able unlike the 3d(for now). I love my evo 4g but I think it's a good time to up my cores. Plus, HTC isn't earning any points by...
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    Post [THEME][Burst] PlurStarAlpha [v8][Synergy][Updated:7August2011]

    Is all good in the land of Java? I'm running rc2 with v5 flashed over it breaking things but I don't care because this theme is BEAUTIFUL. It is EXACTLY what I like in a theme. Literally picked my brain and made a theme keep up the fantastic work!
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    Post [theme] Synergy RC2 & RC1 Mutant Themes

    Woah woah woah you have the octopus rockin the winged wheel as your pic and you don't have a red wings one!?!? I've never thought of putting a red wings theme on my phone but looking at your previous work I would love to now lol