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    Thread Does the AT&T S7 variant have Wi-Fi connection sharing? The Verizon variant doesn't have this. T-Mobile and Sprint do. What about the AT&T variant? Can anyone verify?
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    Thread Does the T-Mobile variant have Wi-Fi connection sharing? My Verizon variant doesn't have this. What about the T-Mobile variant?
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    Thread Does the AT&T variant have Wi-Fi connection sharing? My Verizon variant doesn't have this. What about the AT&T variant?
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    Thread Does the Sprint variant allow Wi-Fi connection sharing? My Verizon variant doesn't have this. What about the Sprint variant?
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    Thread [TIP] Enable Mobile Hotspot on Nexus 9 LTE with AT&T SIM, No Root Required

    As many of you know, putting an AT&T SIM into a Nexus 9 LTE causes the mobile hotspot setting to disappear, making it impossible to turn it on. This is hard coded into AOSP for the LTE variants of both the Nexus 7 (2013) and Nexus 9, and is almost certainly something that the carrier requested...
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    Thread [T817V] New OTA Update - T817VVRU2AOJ2

    Got a new update for the Verizon LTE variant. New version is T817VVRU2AOJ2, and is still Android 5.1.1 / LMY47X. Looks like it's mainly bugfixes, security updates, and a new radio.
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    Thread [SM-N920I] New Firmware and OTA: N920IDVU2AOJ4 (Singapore)

    There is a new OTA update rolling out for Singapore, all CSC codes (XSP, SIN, STH, and MM1). The update is 144.2 MB. SamMobile also has the full firmware package. PDA: N920IDVU2AOJ4 Baseband: N920IDVU2AOJ3 Build: LMY47X.N920IDVU2AOJ4 Android Version: 5.1.1 Changelog: 1. The stability of Call...
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    Thread [REF] Nexus 5X Stock OTA URLs

    This thread collects all known OTAs for the Nexus 5X (bullhead). This thread is not for help flashing OTAs, discussion of rooting, or any other topic not directly related to providing OTA URLs. Please take other conversations to the Q&A section. Thank you! Nexus 5X (bullhead LGH790/LGH791) -...
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    Thread [REF] Nexus 6P Stock OTA URLs

    This thread collects all known OTAs for the Nexus 6P. Current firmware: Android 6.0/MDB08L MMB29N from MDB08L - (Telstra Only)...
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    Thread [SM-P907A] AT&T Note Pro 12.2 Android 5.1.1 Update Is Here! Available as an OTA. It's huge...over 1 GB. New firmware version is P907AUCU1BOH3. Android 5.1.1. GO GET SOME!
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    Thread AT&T (Powermat) Quick Circle Case on Verizon G4?

    Hi - Has anyone with a Verizon G4 tried using an AT&T Quick Circle Case for Qi wireless charging? Even though the AT&T packaging clearly says it's for use with PMA charging, I've read people claiming that it works fine with Qi, but I just wasn't to make doubly sure before pulling the trigger...
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    Thread [VERIZON][VS986] Data Icon Appears While Wi-Fi Is On?

    Subject says it all. Even when connected to Wi-Fi, my LTE/3G/1X icon still shows. I've literally never had a phone that does this. Is this normal? Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Calling Anyone With a Nexus 6 Running STOCK LVY47H

    Have y'all received an Android 5.1.1 OTA yet? If not, could you please keep an eye out for the OTA notification, and when you get it, grab the URL to the ZIP file before you update? If you don't know how, I can help you out. I need it for my Stock OTA URL ref thread. Thanks!
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    Thread [T807AUCU1BOD4] Official Lollipop 5.0.2 OTA For AT&T Galaxy Tab S 10.5

    The OTA is huge, to the tune of 1.1 GB, but I finally got it downloaded and installed. There are lots of UI tweaks and performance seems really good. Plus, the radio bug introduced with the NK1 update is fixed, so the cellular radio shouldn't randomly shut off anymore. So far, I'm pretty happy...
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    Thread [REF] Nexus 7 (2013) Stock OTA URLs

    This thread compiles all known OTA updates for the Nexus 7 (2013), both Wi-Fi and LTE. Nexus 7 (flo ME571K) - razor Current firmware: Android 6.0, build MRA58V MRA58U from MRA58K -...
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    Thread [T707A][T807A] Problems WIth Radio Shutting Off?

    Have any owners of the AT&T Tab S 8.4 or 10.5 noticed that after the NK2 update, the radio seems to just shut off randomly? I have both, and every two or so days I'll go to turn the tablet on and notice I have no service. The only way to fix it is to toggle airplane mode and sometimes that...
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    Thread N7 2013 LTE Showing Verizon Network As 311480?

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone had issues with the N7 2013 LTE showing the connected network as "311480" instead of "Verizon Wireless?" I'm running the bone stock Android 4.4.4/KTU84P ROM. The tablet used to show "Verizon Wireless" before, but I've had an AT&T SIM in it for the last 7 or 8 months. I...
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    Thread Calling All Nexus 9 LTE Owners

    Hi Everyone, If anyone has ordered a Nexus 9 LTE but not received it yet, I'm hoping you can help me out. When you get your tablet, a system update will be available out of the box. Please hold off on installing that update until you get a bit of information for me: 1. The bootloader version...
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    Thread [P907A] New Software Update P907AUCU1ANK2

    It looks like Samsung and AT&T have released the SM-P907A's first software update. It's still Android 4.4.2 but fixes a really major bug that caused the System UI process to go into an infinite crash loop when you would adjust the volume while connected to a Chromecast. As far as the BSOD goes...
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    Thread [REQ] Dump of /oem Partition From Non-AT&T Nexus 6

    Hi - Can someone with a Google Play- or Motorola-purchased Nexus 6 please dump their /oem partition using adb pull /oem? Thanks!
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    Thread [T707A / AT&T] New OTA Update T707AUCU1ANJ5

    Anyone get this yet? I just did. Anyone notice anything new? Sent from my Galaxy Tab S 8.4 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Disabling Brightness and Volume in the Notification Shade

    Hey guys - Are you guys able to go into your settings and disable the volume and brightness sliders in the notification shade? I can't on my Sprint Note 4, but it's also the first Samsung device I've ever bought from Sprint. I could do it on the umpteen other Samsung devices I've owned but they...
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    Thread [All CDMA Carriers] Before Buying a Nexus 6, Consider Where You Buy It

    Just wanted to post a public service here for y'all. If you're buying a Nexus 6 and plan to activate it on Verizon, Sprint, or US Cellular, you should either buy it from your carrier of choice or from Google Play. Unless Google pulled off a miracle (unlikely), all the CDMA carriers will only...
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    Thread Sprint Does Bloatware Right

    I really like how Sprint installs the vast majority of a device's bloatware after you set up the device. It means you can simply uninstall it and it's actually gone. It's not just disabled or frozen. I understand the business reasons behind bloatware and of course I'd prefer it not be there at...
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    Thread [REF] Nexus 6 Stock OTA URLs

    This thread compiles all known OTA updates for the Nexus 6. Nexus 6 (shamu XT1100 and XT1103) - shamu Current firmware: International Project Fi Oceania Verizon AT&T Sprint T-Mobile U.S. Cellular 6.0 / MRA58N 6.0 / MRA58X 6.0 / MRA58N 6.0 / MRA58R 5.1.1 / LMY48Y 6.0 / MRA58N 6.0 / MRA58X 6.0 /...
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    Thread [REF] Nexus 9 Stock OTA URLs

    This thread compiles all known OTA updates for the Nexus 9 WiFi-only and LTE variants. Nexus 9 WiFi (flounder 0P82100) - volantis Current firmware: Android 6.0, Build MRA58N MRA58N from MRA58K -...
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    Thread Calling Anyone With a Verizon or AT&T Tab S 10.5 (SM-T807V or SM-T807A)

    Does it have a Snapdragon or an Exynos? If you're not sure, you can check your /system/build.prop file. Open it up and look for the line that starts with ro.board.platform. Thanks in advance! I know Sprint has a Snapdragon, but I think that's there by necessity due to Spark and needing to do...
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    Thread Anyone Pre-order a Galaxy Tab S From AT&T?

    I pre-ordered an 8.4 and it's due to ship September 23. I've been salivating over the Tab S ever since the WiFi models dropped a couple of months ago. Just a few more days and the wait is finally over!
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    Thread AT&T Tab 4 8.0 Owners

    Figured I'd stay a thread for those of us who have an AT&T Tab 4 SM-T337A variant. Anyone weeks have one? What are your thoughts? I'll probably post some in the coming days as I use it more.
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    Thread Replying to Texts While Paired to a Galaxy S5

    Has anyone with a Galaxy S5 (using the stock Messaging app) had a problem with responding to SMS text messages from their watch? For me, I'm given the option to reply, but as soon as I do, it just shows the green circle with the check mark and says replied. No voice typing prompt ever comes up...
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    Thread Music Controls on Lock Screen?

    Hey everyone, Has anyone found a way to get music apps like Google Play Music or Pandora to display music controls on the lock screen with the Note Pro 12.2? That's a fundamental built-in feature to KitKat, and all of Samsung's phones running KitKat have the feature, as do the Galaxy Tab...
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    Thread Sprint Users: How's The 4.4.4 Radio Working?

    All the guys over at S4GRU are saying that the new radio that came with the Android 4.4.4 update is holding onto LTE signals better than the .13 radio that came with 4.4.3, especially while driving and bouncing off towers left and right. I plan to go out later tonight and test it...
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    Thread Sprint Zone APK

    Hi Everyone, Could someone pull the Sprint Zone APK off of their GS5 and post it here? I'd love to be able to manage my account via an app rather than the mobile My Sprint website but, since the Nexus 5 doesn't have it preinstalled and it's not available to me on Google Play, this is the only...
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    Thread Sprint Users: Does anyone have the Sprint Zone app?

    Hey Everyone, Just activated my N5 on Sprint today. Has anyone sideloaded the Sprint Zone APK onto the phone? What about the Voicemail app? Neither seem to be available in the Play Store. Any help y'all could provide would be appreciated! Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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    Thread New NE6 OTA. Anyone Upgrade Yet?

    It looks like T-Mobile has resumed the GS5 software update, but now it's NE6 instead of NE5 (the version that was pulled). I was able to update via Kies. I'm not really noticing anything new as compared to the NCH firmware that the phone shipped with, so I guess it's just a bugfix release. I can...
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    Thread Calling All Sprint Nexus S Owners

    Hey everyone, Would someone with a Sprint Nexus S mind flashing their device back to stock and pulling the OTA URL for the new 4.1.2/JZO54K update? You can just look in logcat after your device receives the update and the URL will be in there. Just search logcat for ".zip". Once I have the URL...
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    Thread Default GS5 AT&T APN Settings

    Hi everyone. Can someone post the default, unmodified APN settings off of an AT&T GS5? Every time a new flagship launches, I want to make sure there haven't been any major APN changes. Thanks! Sent from my Z Ultra Google Play Edition using Tapatalk
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    Thread [FIXED] T-Mobile My Account App on WiFi

    Has anyone else encountered a problem using the T-Mobile My Account app while connected to Wi-Fi? If I go into the app and tap on "Account Info", this is the screen I get. Any thoughts? Sent from my Galaxy S5 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Thoughts on Download Booster Being Disabled?

    Today I posted this on G+: I'd be willing to place down a wager that the +Verizon Wireless and +AT&T variants of the Galaxy S5 will have the download booster feature disabled. I can't imagine those companies taking very kindly to...
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    Thread [REF][GPE] HTC One M8 Google Play Edition Stock OTA URLs

    THIS THREAD IS FOR GPE OWNERS TO DISCUSS OTA UPDATES. IT IS NOT FOR DISCUSSION OF HOW TO CONVERT A REGULAR M8 TO A GPE, NOR IS IT FOR DISCUSSION ON HOW TO FLASH ROMS. Hi Everyone, As I do with all Nexus and GPE devices, I intend to maintain a thread here with links to all the stock OTA updates...
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    Thread [RANT][NEXUS & GPE] Flashable Root Scripts Should Root And Stop There!

    The title pretty much says it all. It annoys the crap out of me how so many simplified root scripts can't just root the device and stop there. The system partition is not the appropriate place for anything but the absolute necessities. For people who make root scripts, I'd like to take this...
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    Thread [REQUEST] Need some files from a phone with stock MJ5.

    Hi everyone, If any of you have a completely bone stock MJ5 installation that has never been rooted, etc., could you please pull two files for me and upload them somewhere? I need the following files: /system/bin/ /system/bin/ If anyone could provide these...
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    Thread Flashing T-Mobile Firmware to AT&T N900A Variant

    Hi Everyone - AT&T finally gave me the unlock code for my Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A phone. I'd like the move it to T-Mobile, but have some questions before I do: 1. Is there any way to flash the T-Mobile/N900T firmware to an AT&T N900A variant? I'm talking the official factory firmware...CSC...
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    Thread [GPE][DUMP] Google Play Edition System Dump - XT1032 Android 4.4.2, Build KOT49H.M004

    THIS IS NOT A ROM! IT IS NOT FLASHABLE. THIS IS INTENDED TO HELP THE COMMUNITY CREATE GPE-BASED ROMS FOR NORMAL RETAIL VARIANTS. DO NOT ASK HOW TO FLASH THIS. YOU CAN'T. Hi all - Here is the system dump for the XT1032 Google Play Edition. This is the Google Play Edition ROM, completely...
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    Thread CWM and TWRP on Google Play Edition Moto G

    Hi everyone, So it would appear that the current builds of CWM and TWRP for the retail XT1032 Moto G won't boot on the Google Play Edition, at least not while booting from memory. I've tried using fastboot boot recovery.img and it simply reboots and boots into the stock ROM normally. Since...
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    Thread [REF] [GPE] Moto G Google Play Edition Stock OTA URLs

    This thread is for owners of the Google Play Edition Moto G to discuss OTA updates. It is NOT for discussion of how to convert a normal retail variant to a Google Play Edition, discussions on how to get the GPE ROM onto other variants, or discussions on GPE-based custom ROMs for other variants...
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    Thread New Note 3 Owner

    So I got a Note 3 on New Year's Day. After living with it for a few days, I really do love this thing. I'm not sure that is going to replace my Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition as a daily driver, but I still can't get over all the features this thing has, never mind the outstanding hardware. I also...
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    Thread [REF][GPE] Z Ultra Google Play Edition Stock OTA URLs

    Hi Everyone, As I do with many Nexus devices and all the other GPE devices, I intend to maintain a thread here with links to all the stock OTA updates for the Google Play Edition Z Ultra. Each time there is an OTA update, its direct link on Google's servers will be posted here for reference and...
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    Thread [REF][GPE] G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition Stock OTA URLs

    This thread is for owners of the Google Play Edition LG-V510 to discuss OTA updates. It is not for discussing conversions of other variants to GPE, nor is it for discussion of how to flash custom ROMs based on the GPE ROM to other variants. There are countless other threads on these topics...
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    Thread Nakasi/Nakasig Factory Images Silently Updated

    Hey Everyone, The factory images for KRT16O for both the WiFi-only (nakasi) and 3G (nakasig) variants have been silently updated. I've run compares on the system image files between the old and newly updated factory images and they're definitely different. If you already downloaded and flashed...