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  1. jabu

    Post flashing twrp into recovery

    He's not. It took me a while to see it too.
  2. jabu

    Post Tecknight's Aristo 2 Tutorials

    Your work on the cv1 is vast and appreciated. Wanted to clear some things up. Your old method that links here references the USCellular K8+ as a compatible cv1. Is this still the case with this final method? My own research suggested the K8+ is the same cv1. I question this because I flashed a...
  3. jabu

    Post [guide] [root] [oreo&pie] [jeter/aljeter] [twrp, decrypt, magisk] [stock firmware]

    Seriously, this can't be emphasized enough. A simple typo in a flashing script can hard brick any device.
  4. jabu

    Post [Recovery][cv1] TWRP For LM-X210 Devices

    I assume you are referring to the U.s. Cellular X210ULM, that's the irritant I've been battling. Mine came with 20c. Flashing to 10c gave me fastboot, but i got the skewed screen with no touch reaponse. Turns out the trick to downgrade LM-X210ULM20c is X210ULM11k_00_UCL_US_OP_1029.kdz Worked...
  5. jabu

    Post Tecknight's Aristo 2 Tutorials

    Omg THANK YOU for this! I've spent an ungodly amount of time trying to research this very thing.
  6. jabu

    Post BLOD bootloop of death

    I have had 4 Nexus 5x, all BLOD. The last one finally went last week. My wife has 6p, no BLOD yet but battery is no good after a year. I have a pixel that bootloops. I have tried many firmware, once it took pie and once it took nougat. Both instances after an hour it went corrupt and BLOD. So I...
  7. jabu

    Post [APP][5.0+][BETA] Island - app freezing, privacy protection, parallel accounts

    2.9.2 and 2.9.3 install and work properly on 8.1.0 October 2018 security update and 6.0.1 Thanks for the fast fix!
  8. jabu

    Post [APP][5.0+][BETA] Island - app freezing, privacy protection, parallel accounts

    First off, thank you. This app is incredible. I am running it on Android 6.0.1 Huawei rooted with magisk. It works well and setup was easy. The only issue I have had was with that monster catching game. If the game runs for hours, when opening Island to force stop it, the Island isn't there. The...
  9. jabu

    Post Replace KingoRoot with SuperSU manually without Terminal (2019)

    I had the binary occupied error as well. I went to settings and selected reinstall to clean it up. Then reinstalled SuperSu from Play store and it worked. So my method on Android 5.0 was: 1. Root with Kingoroot apk 2. Install SuperSu from Play store 3. Uninstall Kingoroot 4. In SuperSu...
  10. jabu

    Post Need a factory image for Huawei Ascend 5W Model H1623

    Pretty sure stock image is here on Huawei's site. Edit: link is dead now :/ I have a working TWRP backup, 1.5gb overall. I can try to upload boot and recovery if needed.
  11. jabu

    Post Pokemon Go Joystick!! (No allow mock, No root, No softbans, Nougat 7.x.x) 07/24/17

    This to me says it's not looking for the app, but looking at location patterns. Probably best to avoid continent hopping for a while.
  12. jabu

    Post Pokemon Go Joystick!! (No allow mock, No root, No softbans, Nougat 7.x.x) 07/24/17

    I gave up on running as system app. I flashed back to February security update. I also don't have access to the new poke update yet, so my screen might be coming.
  13. jabu

    Post Root tool DirtyCow Apk && adb

    I think this method works 6 and down, so long as security patch isn't past November 2016.
  14. jabu

    Post Pokemon Go Joystick!! (No allow mock, No root, No softbans, Nougat 7.x.x) 07/24/17

    Did you try running the game without the joystick running? I am able to play with a different joystick and get no such screen today.
  15. jabu

    Post Looking for SM-S120VL firmware (Galaxy Luna)

    S120VLUDU2APJ2 is the only working stock firmware for SM-S120VL I could find. It will flash. I too am looking for S120VLUDU1APFA.
  16. jabu

    Post SafetyNet CTS profile match false

    It's far more likely that because the community recently verified that unlocked bootloaders were the final trigger, John patched MagiskBoot.
  17. jabu

    Post [HowTo] making a System Dump of Stock Firmware for 'Dummies'

    This. I've slipped and nuked a drive before. And this is why a one button click can become dangerous. Use as directed.
  18. jabu

    Post 7.1.2 OTA shows up on Android O

    Go to the beta site and enroll your device. OTA will go away in a couple of hours after that.
  19. jabu

    Post The Android O system UI (Discussion and Screenshots)

    It feels more like Android 7.5 than 8.0. I have it on my Nexus 5x.
  20. jabu

    Post Pokemon Go Joystick!! (No allow mock, No root, No softbans, Nougat 7.x.x) 07/24/17

    I have tried every way suggested, but I can't access the switches for Enable System Mode and Disable Location Service. They are greyed out. I've tried moving the apk via root ES manager, tried a couple different apps for making user apps system, tried moving apk via root terminal, and I have...
  21. jabu

    Post Facebook is too retarded to bear anymore

    I closed my Facebook AND Myspace accounts a long time ago. I thought about Google+, but they want me to link my Picassa acct to it. No way am I making my private pics public.
  22. jabu

    Post The stupidity of our government and the new rules regarding unlocking our devices

    I signed it today and forwarded the link.
  23. jabu

    Post [Win32 Tool]GUI Root with Check and Recovery!

    I don't understand why you would post this request while mirroring this post in other forums yourself.
  24. jabu

    Post [Q] Zeroing out my ESN and MEID values in QXDM

    Does Evo Shift have AKEY? I've used CDMA Workshop, DFS, and UniCDMA. I get a failed read every time. Just on the AKEY. ---------- Post added at 08:10 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:06 AM ---------- I read the same guide you did. For clarification for others, do NOT put your flipped...
  25. jabu

    Thread Samsung M320 has a BLANK SPC!

    I know I know, Its a ghey phone. Interesting problem with it though... So I have a Samsung M320. I fired up DFS CDMA Tool to look at some settings. I clicked Read NAM, then accidentally clicked Write. It didn't seem like an issue at first, seeing as it should be writing what it just read...
  26. jabu

    Post [Q] how do you scan meid locations with cdma workshop 2.7 thats all i want to know ?

    I used this method on an Evo Shift and it worked great. The only instructions I could find that were complete. Thanks.
  27. jabu

    Post I fixed the rainbow rectangle digitizer issue with duct tape!

    Be careful doing this. It fixed my spot, but now the LCD only displays 2 white lines.
  28. jabu

    Post WM6.5-rom for Axim x51v?

    The ROM from htcgeeks is great. Uses a ton of RAM though, fyi.
  29. jabu

    Post SNES Emulation Speed

    Thank you so much, this works wicked awesome! :D
  30. jabu

    Post HELP - I screwed my Axim X50

    X51 is QVGA, X51v is VGA. They have different CPU and GPU.
  31. jabu

    Post manilla 2d??

    Then what build should we be using? I have tried M2D on 19213, 19588, 19716, 20273, and 20748. It doesn't work on ANY of them.
  32. jabu

    Post manilla 2d??

    Did it yesterday, doesn't work. I also tried installing each of the 11 updates and 4 of the betas, none of them work on Apache w/ WM6.1
  33. jabu

    Post Unlocking Sprint Apache?!

    You CAN NOT use a CDMA phone on a GSM network. They are completely different signals. You can unlock a Sprint phone and force it onto Verizon. You can't force a Verizon phone onto Sprint, unless you know someone inside that doesn't mind losing their job. Again, CDMA phones ONLY work on CDMA...
  34. jabu

    Post Help a Noob
  35. jabu

    Post Apache Radio Rom 1.43 for better signal

    Thanks, I've been looking all over for this!
  36. jabu

    Post [NEW RELEASE] ◄ HyperCore Kitchen ► MULTIDEVICE !!!

    Will this work for HTC Apache as well?
  37. jabu

    Post US T-Mobile with WM6: Missed calls / no voicemail notification

    I flashed my boss' phone to WM6.1 a few days ago and he is having the same problem with missed calls and missed text alerts. I just upgraded the radio to 2.19.11 and will see where this goes...
  38. jabu

    Post [READ FIRST] The Definitive Guide to Unlocking & Rom Upgrading G3 Wizards

    Thanks to this guide, I got it right the first time! I am used to an Apache, so this made the flashing transition MUCH easier! Thanks!