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  1. N!KE26

    Thread How to get lockscreen notifications?

    Hi, I'm not able to get the notifications to show up on lockscreen like on other lollipop phones. Is there some trick? Thanks!
  2. N!KE26

    Thread Help with Nexus+Tasker+Usb gps

    Hi, I have my nexus 7 in dash and I have to use a usb gps mouse to get a gps signal. I have now every time go in to a app and press connect to get the usb gps working. So my question is: Could somebody help me to do a run shell or some other Script that tasker would do always when the tablet is...
  3. N!KE26

    Thread Nexus indash (vw polo)

    Hi, I have installed nexus gen 1 in my Polo R6 and its working pretty well right now. When I put the key in the tablet starts and turns airplain mod off and wifi on. And when I take the key out and its not putted in again in 15secs the airplain mode goes on, wifi off and force shutdown spotify...