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  1. edmun

    Thread GT2Pro - clearing notification on the watch does not clear notification on the phone

    So. Finally decided to move away from a Casio hand watch and MiBand 4 to Huawei Watch GT2Pro. This wasn't an easy decision as I know Huawei's LiteOS isn't android GearOS but from all the list of pros and cons, I think it wasn't such a bad decision. Of course the Russian Internet trolls will...
  2. edmun

    Thread Huawei calendar opening Chinese maps amap

    Hi Guys. didn't notice this until today as I was selecting an event in calendar (Huawei Calendar) and clicked on Show on map. usually when I was using Google Calendar, if I would click link to the location of the event, Maps Google would open but on the Huawei App it opens a website
  3. edmun

    Thread P9 was under water for 5 seconds, since then - it does not charge

    Hi Guys Sad situation (as my P9 was always kept in a case and after almost a year still looks like new/mint condition) where I have dropped my phone to a bath, and phone went under the water for around 2-3 seconds (was still in protective case). It has received some water through jack...
  4. edmun

    Thread Did anyone ever randomly lost personal settings on P9?

    Hi Guys Never had a problem with my P9, never had a problem with software. I am currently on EVA-L09C432B378 software (official Android 7.0) and yesterday, due to the issues with network provider, I thought that phone is playing up (no internet despite 3G icon in notification area) so I have...
  5. edmun

    Thread Phone goes down when camera is in use (not camera flash)

    Hi Guys Recently I had a problem where my Nexus 5 used to die when using more demanding apps (for example: games). When I was starting a game, phone was going off and when I was restarting it, it was usually showing that my battery is quite low (battery level on 5-10%). I have ordered new...
  6. edmun

    Thread Nexus 5, Marshmallow 6.0 MRA58N - OTA notification

    Hi Guys After one of the custom 5.1 roms crashed and left me without the phone, I have decided that I will go live with Marshmallow. I have installed the original stock 6.0 MRA58K which after booting quickly went into MRA58N with OTA update. Once I have realised how many things I am missing in...
  7. edmun

    Thread [Q] "Three" / "3" UK One S (Ville, S4) - HBOOT 2.13 - Looking for answers

    [Q] "Three" / "3" UK One S (Ville, S4) - HBOOT 2.13 - Looking for answers Guys. Basically I am looking for many answers This is what I had coule of days ago and I was trying to find the correct RUU for my Htc One S (S4) / aka Ville. Today I have ended with: And just to clarify and make a...