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  1. Droidriven

    Thread Mqtt_Connection ?

    MQTT is a necessary service that runs in the background. It is involved with connecting your apps to your mobile network and maintaining the connection while switching between apps. I don't know what the audio files you found are, what they are/were used for or why they are there. You...
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    Thread Can I run a screensaver for more than 30 minutes without plugging in the phone?

    Modern android devices have software and hardware built in to manage the charging cycle so that it doesn't damage the battery. Damaging the battery due to prolonged charging is no longer supposed to be a problem for modern android devices, provided that you are using a charger that has the...
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    Thread Brick or hope?

    Try flashing the stock firmware via Odin. You have to be certain that you flash the exact same firmware build number that you already had on the device before you tried to modify it or at least a firmware that has the same binary version as the firmware that was already on the device. The...
  4. Droidriven

    Thread Extra hardware for OTG support on devices without OTG hardware support

    Over the years here I've seen many members asking about enabling OTG support on their devices. I've done it many times myself on my device's. But this only works for devices that have the hardware built in to support OTG. Recent questions by a member have gotten me to wondering and looking...
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    Thread [GUIDE]How to flash CM/CM based 4.4.4 to 6.0+ ROMs on SCH-S968C and setup SIM/APN

    INTRO: The mission of this thread is to make some potentially important information available to all users that have the SCH-S968C(All Tracfone carrier models) that has been gathered over the last year and a half for flashing CM/CM based ROMs on the SCH-S968C . Though this information is...
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    Thread I9100 lollipop on Sprint S2 epic 4G touch

    I have been looking for a lollipop ROM to use on my old Sprint S2 E4GT SPH-D710 that isn't an activated device anymore, I can only find 4.4.4 and under for the D710 and I would rather have LP. I flashed an i9100 C-ROM 4.4.4 on it once and I remember it flashing fine and receiving signal but some...
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    Thread Working method for E4GT to straight talk.

    Will the walmart CDMA activation kit work on the Sprint E4GT? I checked the website with the MEID and it says its compatible but I want to be certain and get some verification first. Or is there a way to flash it to straight talk that doesn't involve cloning? I would appreciate any information...
  8. Droidriven

    Thread [Q] kindle fire HD ROM/kernel that supports loop devices

    I'm trying to use the complete Linux installer and it requires a kernel that supports loop devices. What ROMs/kernel are available for the KFHD7 that have support for loop devices and where do I find it?
  9. Droidriven

    Thread Linux Deploy on KFHD 7 1st gen

    I was thinking of doing this on my kindle, does anyone have experience with this? I don't need help installing it or setting it up, I basically want to know how reliable it is and what ROM and/or kernel would be...
  10. Droidriven

    Thread [Q] Google Now working link?

    I read recent posts about installing google now on any android device, I have a galaxy centura running ARC 1.3 from Androidarea51 and im trying to find working links so I can download and install. Thanks in advance to anyone that can point me in the right direction.
  11. Droidriven

    Thread [Q] (Q) how to flash without included recovery?

    How do I flash a ROM without the recovery included in the zip? How do i remove the recovery from the zip file before flashing? I'm trying to flash a ROM that has twrp recovery, it won't let me restore my backups from CWM, if i remove twrp from the zip do i need to insert cwm or just flash the...
  12. Droidriven

    Thread [Q] where are the pie controls in vanir 4.4.4?

    I have an epic 4g touch and I installed vanir 4.4.4, the post lists pie controls as one of its features but i can't find it anywhere? What am i missing?
  13. Droidriven

    Thread [Q] Optimum developer and performance control settings for emulators on CM11?

    I'm using ppsspp gold v0.9.7.2 on my kindle fire HD 7, I'm running CM11 with 1.7Ghz tweak, I'm wondering what settings in performance control and developer options would give me the fastest and smoothest emulation speed, if anyone also knows the most reliable settings to use within ppsspp...
  14. Droidriven

    Thread [Q] problems with pa tate 4.0

    I flashed pa Tate 4.0 and pa gapps 4.4 on my kfhd 7, did wipe, reboot to system but doesn't get past the eyeball logo, I'm not doing anything different than when I flash any other ROM. Any ideas or suggestions welcome.
  15. Droidriven

    Thread [Q] trouble with CWM

    I'm flashing CWM on a SGS sch-i500 through odin , it flashes fine and I get a pass, unplug from PC insert battery, boot to CWM, nandroid backup, but when I reboot then power off, the next time it boots to stock recovery, what am I missing, I don't have any trouble on any of my other devices...
  16. Droidriven

    Thread [Q] working method to remove yellow triangle on epic 4g touch

    I'm looking for a working method to remove yellow triangle, triangle away doesn't work and I can't find a working link to the EG30 pulled tar. Anybody got any ideas let me know, thanks
  17. Droidriven

    Thread [Q] 2nd bootloader again? Safe to flash?

    I've already rooted, installed fire flash, flashed 2nd boot loader and twrp, flashed cm11. My question is do I have to do the 2nd boot loader thing through fire flash again if I want to flash a new ROM or can I just go straight to recovery and wipe and flash?
  18. Droidriven

    Thread [Ask Any Question][Newbie Friendly]

    Hello guys..:) I would like you to go through XDA new users guide and you must read the FORUM RULES before posting here or anywhere else on xda. The rate at which the new users are joining xda on daily basis is very high. A lot of users join because they have got some problems with their...