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  1. KimUyLong

    Thread My Mi Note 10 pro cant install Any Rom base on Android 11

    Please help.! My Mi note 10 pro cant flash any version of base on Android 11. I unlocked my Bootloader yesterday. After flash Twrp (LR, Fox, 3.4, 3.5)/Wipe/ flash Eu (Weekly/stable base on Android 11)/ format data and reboot. My phone will bootloop in Powered by Android screen...
  2. KimUyLong

    Thread Question about the chipset. 730 or 730G.???

    Please help me confirm. Galaxy M51 has only 1 version using 730 chip or there are 2 versions using 730 and 730G chips to distribute to each separate region.?
  3. KimUyLong

    Thread Please.! Give me some info about Bricking Devices

    Because of Corona. So... Redmi note 8/8 pro is my only choice for now. I think 8pro is much better, but the chip and custome Rom is not a little problem. And "easy got brick" is very confused me. So...Please help. I aiming to flash twrp and Rom with Android 9 and root (Dont like, and...
  4. KimUyLong

    Thread [Q].Stuck at boot logo. Plz help!

    So, i just install the insCoin 2.5.0 for my friend's Butterfly: Unlocked S-off Cid -1111111 Hboot -1.5.7. 00000 Radio-3A.21.306.10 OpenDSP-v5.120.274.1207OS- eMMC-boot 2048MB _ After a month using daily. One a day, his phone auto get a force restart and stuck at the boot HTC logo (stay at HTC...
  5. KimUyLong

    Thread [Q].About the MHL Cable.

    First. I'm using HTC One Max. Sry for wrong thread but i think Max and One have same Hw and Max 4rum is too little people for ask. _ I buy an MHL to HDMI adapter from eBay to using with my new Tv. When connect, nofi bar showing my phone is connect via MHL, it so laggy when playing game and over...
  6. KimUyLong

    Thread Help my bootloop Sensation. ..

    My sensation XL HBoot 1.28.0006 Software number 2.33.720.2 My phone stuck at HTC logo but I can still access the bootloader and go to fastboot. What can i do !? Mount Usb in recovery don't work because ics. Latest ruu I found in forum is 2.31, but my soft number is 2.33 Can i flash the 2.31...