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  1. dundun1701

    Thread Different sound quality by the way you root your fone

    I find out that if you use the normal root step (2-3 steps), the sound quality, especially music quality when listening by ear phone is worse than the new root method. I tested with my senheiser CX500 and feel the bass is much deeper in the fone which root by 1 step rooting.
  2. dundun1701

    Thread UK/France had 026 FW

    I'm using an UK X10i, today im update my phone and have the newest FW 026 :)
  3. dundun1701

    Thread Is it possible to have a clean installing X10?

    I rooted my X10 several time but i realize that the FW after rooted is not a clean one. So is it anyway which we can have a clean one, in other hand, it is mean that how can we remove the old file on the fone? For example, with my X1, i can use Task17 to remove the old file.