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  1. nachordez

    Thread Changing virtual Keyboard on Android

    Hi! Perhaps I'm being stupid and there is a way I cannot find but it's there. But I'm unable to discover how can I set different keyboards for the halo and the virtual one. I would not like the same actions on both. For example, when in Halo, no autocorrection - specially on another language...
  2. nachordez

    Thread Android: are there limitations on available apps?

    So that's an Intel processor inside, I wonder if there are limitations on available apps from the store, or if I will be able to continue using all my preferred apps from my previous Tab. That would be a reason to buy it or not! This
  3. nachordez

    Thread Bumping?

    Hi everyone. I'm a bit confusing after reading a lot of threads in LG G3 about bumping... I've tried to make my mind, but can't understand properly how that works, coming to a LG G3 from a Nexus 4 (who has suddenly died after a fall), and a couple of Samsung tablets, where I had just to install...
  4. nachordez

    Thread [Q] Fast Dormancy mistakenly removed

    Hi! I've mistakenly removed FastDormancy.apk from my /system/app folder when I was removing the Facebook apps from my LT15i (.42 stock ROM). First, what's that app about? Is that important? Second: please, someone could give me the .apk (for the .42 version, if that matters), so that I can...