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  1. Limeybastard

    Thread Samkey clarification android 11 TMO device?

    Just chiming in for clarification, Samkey no longer works to change csc from TMB to XAA on TMobile note 20 ultra devices right ?
  2. Limeybastard

    Thread IMS service wakelocks under Android system possible solution.

    I was having a lot of android system wake locks from IMS service even though mobile data was allegedly off - was solely using WiFi. There's a setting which I'd forgot about attached below called switch to mobile data when wifi is unstable. It would appear it was switching to mobile data but...
  3. Limeybastard

    Thread T Mobile diagnostics spyware.

    Has anyone figured out or come across a method of disabling the attached app? ADB method is futile com.tmobile.echolocate Only alternative that comes to mind is flashing the U1 firmware.
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    Thread My review of the Samsung official silicon case in brown.

    They call this the brown silicon case by Samsung in reality it’s pale pink. I guess I shouldn’t have trusted them when their rose gold was named mystic bronze for the Note 20U. 😂 This case is a good overall low profile case, it’s nice to the touch and feels good. But don’t expect any drop...
  5. Limeybastard

    Thread The bloat is insane.

    So I did a few adb uninstalls and such and then start setting up my device. I remembered that a few apps that I need are on the Samsung App store only for . So I log into the Samsung app store and it's basically wanting to "update " all the attached. Some of that ****e was removed via adb so...
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    Thread Show us your Matt back skin

    After owning the s21U for a day before returning it, I did like the Matt back finish, is there a skin that is similar for the N20U? I am aware that the s21U isn't a skin - before you try and "educate me".:p
  7. Limeybastard

    Thread Samsung USA warranty, is it worth anything?

    When browsing in and logging into " my products" on the Samsung USA website. It shows the devices that I have registered and owned together with its warranty status. If I click on "review warranty" it takes me to a page whereby it is requesting a photo of my receipt which cannot be the...
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    Thread Just chiming in to say hello. lol

    Wow, no IOS luv? solid OS mind. Life is complete with an iPhone and Droid device.
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    Thread XDA via browser in immersive mode.

    Just wondering when viewing XDA forums via Samsung browser in immersion mode the XDA logo in the top is still present. Is this something intentionally done by the web designer ?
  10. Limeybastard

    Thread Question Dual zone clock on lock and AOD gone?

    Did Android 11 at some point remove the ability to show dual zone clock on either the lock screen or AOD? I used to be able to get this before.
  11. Limeybastard

    Thread sub forums for a particular device layout looks different,

    I have attached two pics, The OP8T forum layout is what I am accustomed to, but the S21U forum layout is different, Is this something that I as a user can change? thanks.
  12. Limeybastard

    Thread Question Anyone come from a N20U?

    Just curious to know if anyone come from a Note 20U to this device? And your thoughts. I sold my Note 20U back in Feb and been using various devices since.
  13. Limeybastard

    Thread Question What happened to the Real life subforums ?

    What happened to the real life sub forums where there was a group of pre existing questions enquiring about build quality, call quality, battery life etc ?
  14. Limeybastard

    Thread Question Green tint ? Lolz

    Just wondering if the green tint issue synonymous on Samsung 2020 panels has continued its trend onto the S21U? Asking for a mate.
  15. Limeybastard

    Thread Smaller battery than the cheaper N100?

    Is it true that the 5G ( thirsty ) N10 has a massively smaller battery than the N100? If so, that’s a Shame.
  16. Limeybastard

    Thread Quick settings toggle shortcuts

    Can someone with an sm-n9860 or sm-n986b run the following adb shell command line: settings get secure sysui_qs_tiles I'm looking for the one that enables the 5G quick toggle so that I may add that to my sm-n986u1. Many thanks. I'll be using this guide halfway down...
  17. Limeybastard

    Thread TPU screen protector that goes edge to edge top.and bottom

    I've got a generic amazon plastic screen protector which I'm generally happy with. But is there anything that covers the top and bottom of the screen further?
  18. Limeybastard

    Thread My review of the official Samsung leather back cover.

    When I purchased my device from Samsung USA they gave me a $30 coupon which I used to off set this overpriced "back cover "which retails for $50 plus. My thoughts ? Feels good, little to no protection of the screen but that was expected. Camera lens area is raised so protected. Top and bottom...
  19. Limeybastard

    Thread One UI 3.0 for U1 unlocked is out now.

    OTA for final is available for android 11. Currently on beta 3 on unlocked by samsung device.
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    Thread My review of the Ghostek Covert case

    Purchased this case from Amazon USA. I find it to be completely uncomfortable for daily usage. The left and right sides are peaked like a pyramid so less surface area of contact with fingers. The USB cut out is aggressive and extremely sharp around it's corners. The stand appears to be metal on...
  21. Limeybastard

    Thread My review of the Otterbox Commuter case.

    Bought this today, and must say that it's utter garbage. 2 out of 10. I'll let the pics do the talking. Anyone who says this is a great case is either a fruit cake or B: paid to.
  22. Limeybastard

    Thread My review of the Gear4 Battersea case.

    Case is solid and feels really good, only issue is there is no camera lip raised area. Top and bottom edges are rigid and raised, sides as best it can be, meaning of course there not raised over the screen but much better than others . Gripping case, nice and tight - 7 out of 10. Then again I...
  23. Limeybastard

    Thread My review of the Samsung Kvadrat case.

    Feels really nice but doesn't have much or any drop protection.
  24. Limeybastard

    Thread Does your pull down menu look like this?

    Was wondering if mines different ( special) or not. Black gap at top and verbiage showing Lockscreen active.
  25. Limeybastard

    Thread Deep sleep apps ( manually disabled)still waking up .

    Normally when I put apps manually in deep sleep they don't do anything , run , wake up or use background data, send notifications , more so when their mobile data is restricted as well as their background activity. The highlighted even show as "manually disabled " within the apps menu. Yet they...
  26. Limeybastard

    Thread Can someone verify if this package is disabled by default?

    Not there on my SM-N986B: I only have these two know related lines: Line 108: com.sec.enterprise.knox.attestation Line 234: com.sec.enterprise.knox.cloudmdm.smdms
  27. Limeybastard

    Thread Direct share package and it's dependencies

    Does anyone know the package name for Direct share and it's dependencies? Mines no longer working.
  28. Limeybastard

    Thread Just installed one ui beta official method question

    Does anyone know why they made the status bar icons so bright? Any way to adjust or turn them off ? I remember something similar before , I hope they don't stay this bright , can't be good for screen burn.
  29. Limeybastard

    Thread Latest samsung browser update oh yes baby

    The latest Samsung browser update allows for full screen browsing without status bar, immersive .
  30. Limeybastard

    Thread can't change network mode.

    Not sure if it's something I've done unintentionally or since the update from yesterday sm-n9860 But I can no longer change the network mode on device for either sim card. I was dicking around in a few semi dangerous menus lately like the *#*#2766... and *#*#2263... and samsung band selector...
  31. Limeybastard

    Thread congratulations UK family.
  32. Limeybastard

    Thread Any USA users switched CSC from TGY to BRI?

    Was wondering if any USA carrier users switched from TGY to BRI and got CA after change. Cheers
  33. Limeybastard

    Thread can't boot into recovery mode

    Was wondering if anyone else is having this issue. When Holding volume up and power during the power on process the device vibrates and boots as normally then a momentary toast message appears stating the following: [PDP] Back-up : fail setup-wizard [ FINISH ] Cheers.
  34. Limeybastard

    Thread USA SM-N9860 users.

    I'm making this thread specifically for USA users of the SM-N9860 to discuss their experiences using this device with american carriers.
  35. Limeybastard

    Thread USA SM-N9860 users.

    Mods please delete duplicate was created via XDA app.
  36. Limeybastard

    Thread Those that bought the SM-N9860

    Quick question what did the box look like , did it have a clear shrink wrap on the outer box or not , also was there is a typical Samsung single or dual security tape on the cardboard box or not ? A lot of so called brand new items from the far east are made to look like brand new hence...
  37. Limeybastard

    Thread Custom restrictions ?

    Can someone tell me exactly how the setting custom restrictions does? Because it doesn't seem to do what it says on the lid.
  38. Limeybastard

    Thread Gboard clickity keyboard noise WTF.

    Any care to tell me why Google keyboard sounds so how can I put it politely, different on the OnePlus 8 pro?
  39. Limeybastard

    Thread ok WTF did I break App permission manager not loading

    App permission manager is stuck on loading and won't load. Any ideas ?
  40. Limeybastard

    Thread Status bar icon modifications?

    Was wondering if anyone has tweaked their status bar icons on here and if so what method was used , substratum? I’m looking at being able to make them a little smaller and less brighter. Cheers.
  41. Limeybastard

    Thread GSAM app usage zero

    Its an odd one was working for a few days then now GSAM ceases to show application battery usage . I tried placing GSAM app exempt for battery optimization and also even tried putting it inside the never sleeping app list under battery usage menu. Anything I missed ? Cheers
  42. Limeybastard

    Thread Looking for Dual sim version don’t care about speed much or 5G

    Hi, I'm not sure which model to go for to be honest. I'm aware the Hong Kong snapdragon sm-n9860 is better than the sm-n986b or sm-n985F. I'm not a gamer but battery life matters to me. I also need a model with most USA bands for TMobile and to have Volte working. I'm aware band 71 and 66 is...
  43. Limeybastard

    Thread Stain discoloration under glass near earpiece anyone ?

    I noticed a brown looking stain discoloration near the earpiece that is under the glass panel. It was only noticeable for me when I was prepping it for screen protector otherwise under normal light conditions it’s not really visible. Just thought I’d throw it out there.
  44. Limeybastard

    Thread Not using Google services questions.

    I was wondering if anyone has embraced not being reliant non Google services? I would like to start using an Android device without any Google services on it. I'm assuming google photos will be out of the question, as will maps. So what substitute would you recommend for these two apps as well...
  45. Limeybastard

    Thread Wish I'd bought the Chinese version..

    More spyware inbound, courtesy Google's contact tracing update. Sent from my EVR-L29 using Tapatalk
  46. Limeybastard

    Thread Default phone app contacts?

    Can someone look at their default apps setting and tell me what they have for "phone" please? Mine shows up as contacts for some reason Emui 10. Sent from my EVR-L29 using Tapatalk
  47. Limeybastard

    Thread Huawei music not showing mp3?

    I download an mp3 , I open it using Huawei music player, but when opening Huawei music player the mp3 file isn't showing . Basically downloaded mp3 files aren't showing within Huawei music app. Sent from my EVR-L29 using Tapatalk
  48. Limeybastard

    Thread Emui is Crap

    Battery life has taken a hit with this update. You know how I know? It's because I have Accubattery history of my usage as well as GSAM screen shots to compare it with. SOT seems to be similar but standy times are now greatly reduced. It was like this on beta also. Sent from my EVR-L29...
  49. Limeybastard

    Thread Network signal weaker now on EMUI 10.

    So this occured when I was on beta also. Running on c432 . GSAM showed my signal consistently below 65 where as on EMUI 9.1 it showed above 80 all the time. The inbuilt battery usage also shows blank spaces and lots of yellow for network signal, it didn't before on EMUI 9.1 This is...
  50. Limeybastard

    Thread App launch records Emui 10?

    Noticed when looking at my App Launch records that apps have been launched by "Bluetooth", don't have Bluetooth enabled and never had this on EMUI 9.1 , anyone have any insight on this? Cheers Sent from my EVR-L29 using Tapatalk