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    Post Android 10 is rolling out (52.1.A.0.532)

    Same here, no HDR In youtube you can see how HDR activates and deactivates in a second when you resize the video screen
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    Post does video capturing support HDR??

    When recording in 1080/30 with automatic mode sometimes it shows a "backlight" icon or "Backlight portrait", then is using HDR to correct the backlight over the subject
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    Post Which max SD card speed is supported by XZP?

    Not sure, but I have one wich writes up to 90MB/s and reads up to 100MBs (Samsung EVO Plus U3 SDXC I 256GB) (tested in PC) and from SD to internal (reading) I've seen 80MB/s and from internal to SD (writing) most times is about 50MB/s but sometimes it gets higher, not sure if its a limitation or...
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    Post why cant we record HDR videos?

    Yeah, it takes HDR video but the "old basic" HDR which takes different exposure values, not the 10bit HDR wich takes wide colour gamut
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    Post why cant we record HDR videos?

    the phone actually takes HDR video, but there is two tipes of HDR Almost every phone can take hdr videos since it ws introduced by the first Xperia Z, even before HDR photos, since HDR photos needs to combine 2 or more pictures, and video is actually a combination of pictures, so HDR video was...
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    Post does video capturing support HDR??

    The video recording is HDR, but not 10bit HDR as the XZ2 There is 2 types of HDR: The "old" HDR, wich was made to record video in backlight conditions, being able to record with diferent exposition values avoiding white sky and dark subjects, the same as you know as HDR in photos, so the video...
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    Post What is the best white balance setting?

    Each screen have its own white balance, so no one can give you a perfect white balance for your phone, just adjust it until you like it
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    Thread Screenshots of a 4K video?

    Hi, I tried to take a screenshot from a 4K video to use it as a 4K wallpaper and in every 4K video the screenshots only shows a black screen There's any software limitation that limits taking 4K screenshots? Any solution?
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    Post Any easy way to fix Cinema Amoled colors?

    The screen is OK, with adaptative the white is good, with Photo is warm white Im using MX player, and stock and the screen chage into Cinema with all video apps I tried, including Youtube I'll try another video apps not so popular and look if the screen doesnt turn into Cinema Mode, but I'd...
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    Thread Any easy way to fix Cinema Amoled colors?

    Hi, in my opinion Cinema Amoled mode makes red/orange look weird Like intense red turns into somethink like grey/red and orange turns into yellow I was trying to watch The Martian and everithing looks yellow, like the red sand of mars is the prrcise tone of red that changes into yellow (so i...
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    Post New with the tablet, random shut downs

    Thank You, any way to repair without buying another battery? People say to fix the connection by closing the female pins but they are tooooo small so there is no way I could make it fit thight, by the way, If I buy an original samsung battery how I know it wont happen again to the new one...
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    Post New with the tablet, random shut downs

    thank you, I searched on google by using another keywords and I found nothing wich describes my problem, but thay seem to be the problem as I read. i really though it was be a software problem, if it is the battery connector how does it "autofix" when I plug in? And how does it always crash on...
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    Thread New with the tablet, random shut downs

    Hi, i have a Tab S 8.4 and I was using it and suddenly the tablet turns off, I tryed to tun on but nothing, it was totally dead, with 63% of de battery remaining and with no apps installed, just made a factory reset 1h ago, i tried every key combination to turn on but nothing, totally dead, when...
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    Post Tab Pro 8.4-how I fixed oversensitive screen

    Hi everyone, Finally i sent my tablet to repair and after 3 times in wich they only "update firmware" (they only do a factory reset, the firmware was the same) I ask to change the screen or i will keep sendin until they finally change it because as I told them it was not a software issue...
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    Post [Q] Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 screen sensitivity

    I compare it with some exposition units in stores and looks the same, maybe all were warm I have it since more than a month, brought online, so im going to send it to repair but I'll add a post-it in the screen explaining the issue, how I do to detect it, and the screen zone where its easier to...
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    Post [Q] Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 screen sensitivity

    I think its warm, but I cant compare so... What I wanna know is if they are going to change the screen to a cool version or they just are going to format the tablet and send it back since is a problem thats not easy to see... I dont want to wait 2-3 weeks to get it back just formated... Some...
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    Post [Q] Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 screen sensitivity

    Hi My SM-T320 screen has lot of problems sometimes it detects ghpst touches, sometimes it dont detects touches and I had to restart it, sometimes it detects one touch and keeps detecting like 10 touches after it without touching the screen... I want to know if the solution is calling to...
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    Post [ROM][JB][ALL-BL]stock 9.2.A.1.210 official deodex-root&cwm_v1●RELEASED●(11/04)

    Hi, someone can help me? Since yesterday the phone always boot in recovery, pressing nothing, the only way to avoid it is powering off and plugging the charger, (and when it is in the charging animation pressing power) The volume key is okay, so thats not the problem, and any key combination...
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    Post Xperia V new firmware released (9.2.A.1.210)

    The only I get updating is a headache because I lose root and ist not possible to root this version, because if you try to root goingo to 4.1.2 the update skips 0.295 and jumps directly to 1.210 and says "PC needed" so is not OTA and PC unroot the phone... So try to update via OTA from 0.295...
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    Post [GUIDE][HOW-TO][T/TX/V]Root Guide On Android 4.3 For Locked Bootloaders

    Frak Sony I updated via OTA from .0.295 to 1.210 with Nordic and I was getting Instalation error, so I updated from PC Companion and I loose root, and almost all my configuration, apps and everything I used root for, so lets root again: Installing 4.1 trying not to wipe everything and error...
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    Post [PORT][T,TX,V] Xperia M Camera v2 | Latest Sony Optimizations | Bug free

    Perdona pero parece que sin recovery no se puede instalar, a ver si alguien lo prueba y te responde. Can someone test if the focusing noise still there? Thanks
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    Post [PORT][T,TX,V] Xperia M Camera v2 | Latest Sony Optimizations | Bug free

    Do you see any incompatibility with Z2 camera apps or bugs? Sorry I know that I should test before asking, but I dont have installed any recovery, so only works flashing with recovery or can I just move to System/app? Te refieres a si tiene el ruido de enfoque? Entonces sería mas bien...
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    Post KitKat for Xperia V "under investigation"

    The only I know is that in the Nexus 7 (2012) KitKat has a lot of bugs if you compare with 4.3, 4.3 on XV works very good, I wont complain if 4.4 never comes, im really happy with everything on this phone and the last I want is these bugs also in my phone... But if 4.4 finally arrives and...
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    Post Nexus 7 - Extreme lag + Exchange services error all the time

    [QUOTW=Di0g0]I tried to restore the tablet and that didn't worked (look at the first post). I will try the 2º option, thank you !! Okay, I was no sure that you also format "SD card" factory reset do not delete user data/sd card on some devices and Im not sure if in N7 you have to check the...
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    Post Nexus 7 - Extreme lag + Exchange services error all the time

    Before flashing anything try to restore the tablet, copy all your stuff to PC and format it by going to settings / backup and reset / factory data reset and checking to wipe all on internal memory/sdcard It will wipe all your data, apps and everything, so be sure that you dont forget anything...
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    Post [Q] Anyway to remove lockscreen's "Swipe to unlock"

    Okay, Will try tomorrow, maybe I misunderstood that part when I read about it Thanks
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    Post Nexus 7 - Extreme lag + Exchange services error all the time

    If you want to keep the official rom you can just try to reflash 4.4.2 wiping everything, just copy to PC the files you want to keep and after flashing copy again to tablet, i would recommend you to copy only important data, not everything, and specially not copy the folders with strange names...
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    Post Nexus 7 - Extreme lag + Exchange services error all the time

    I had the same problem, I solved it installing SlimKat, but probably you can solve it with any custom rom, I tried many times to restore 4.4.2 but always the same, only installing custom roms seem to solve it... I remember it, is like a nightmare to me, turn the tablet On and let it 5 minutes...
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    Thread [Q] Use XV as bluetooth audio transmitter?

    Yesterday I bought a SBH20, and I want to know if its possible to use the jack connection to send audio through the phone to the bluetooth headset... Basically this: Http:// Tried SoundAbout app...
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    Post [Q] Anyway to remove lockscreen's "Swipe to unlock"

    No since I read that System Apps should not be signed... I'm wrong? Gonna try that or the Xposed module, thanks
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    Post [Q] Anyway to remove lockscreen's "Swipe to unlock"

    Okay, XV rooted, i'm gonna try to decompile and remove it. Im not a dev so I dont really know how, just gonna try and see what happens :eek: Well, just not as easy as i think, decompiled, modified the swype to unlock text (in english and spanish) and recompiled, installed in System/app and the...
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    Post [BUG] Xperia V 4.3 Official Camera

    Yep, it seems to be the solution, anyway its annoying because if you are trying to take a fast video and NFC is On you are forced to lost time turning to homescreen and disabling NFC
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    Post [Q] Anyway to remove lockscreen's "Swipe to unlock"

    I know, but I like the Sony Lockscreen Thanks, I going to root it soon, but I'll wait to get a 4.3 "definitive" firmware or an easy rooting method that don't need to reflash the firmware, just bored of formating so many times and if I have to do it I would prefer it to be the last one (Sorry...
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    Thread [Q] Anyway to remove lockscreen's "Swipe to unlock"

    Hi, on 4.1 the swipe to unlock text only was shown a few times after turning on the device, now in 4.3 is permanent, there is anyway to remove it? Without root on Xperia V, if only can be removed with root tell me anyway, thanks :good:
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    Post Xperia T/Tx/V official android 4.3 First Impression

    I see, then you use to have it uncalibrated and now it calibrates itself and you are enjoying better battery times Thats why, in my opinion, the only realiable is screen on time, because "normal use" is different for everyone. With normal use I get around 20h but actually I dont use the phone...
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    Post Xperia T/Tx/V official android 4.3 First Impression

    Pics or it didn't happen! haha, now seriously, are you talking about 8h of "screen on" or 8h "using it normally"? Can you post screenshots of the screen use time? In "normal use" it last me ~20h with ~4h of screen on, and using about 40~60% of the battery in screen The max I get is 5h 20min...
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    Post [LT25i] [FTF] [4.3] 9.2.A.0.295 Unbranded - Nordic

    I tough I was dreaming Thank you ;)
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    Post EXR.near perfect 4.1.2 Z1 camera(S SL lon Acro)

    Yep, someone told me that already, but thank you anyway ;)
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    Post [FTF][Xperia V LT25 i][9.2.A.0.295 generic SE]

    Okay then, thank you so much, i was looking for unbranded one, and sorry, I just didnt understand it before ^^"
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    Post [FTF][Xperia V LT25 i][9.2.A.0.295 generic SE]

    That is what i was thinking, but why he call it generic? At least if it was ST for SingTel instead SE... Thanks anyway
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    Post [List][FTF] STOCK FIRMWARES for Xperia T,TL,V,TX

    Take a look Im not sure, but i understand that with generic he means unbranded, dunno what "SE" means, sorry if it isnt what you are looking for. Maybe someone can explain me the difference
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    Post [FTF][Xperia V LT25 i][9.2.A.0.295 generic SE]

    Excuse me, does it is the "world generic"? Thanks
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    Post [FTF] XPERIA V (LT25) 9.2.A.0.295 Direct link

    Edit: Just seen that in filename appears the country's version so i get the answer Thanks
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    Post Sony has released Timeshift .apk on Google Play

    What a shame... Thank you, i'll wait for the official update to start trying the Z1 camera mods, hopefully they wont have any bugs if devs can use 4.3 to improve compatibility. Anyway im looking for the apk file, maybe with some luck... All we know that gplay uncompatibility is not always...
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    Thread Sony has released Timeshift .apk on Google Play

    Hi, I read about this on Xataka: It seems to be only for Xperia with 4.2+, and by the moment its confirmed for Z's family at least, someone with the 4.3 leaked can confirm if its available for T and V...
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    Post EXR.near perfect 4.1.2 Z1 camera(S SL lon Acro)

    There is any way to make it work in the stock firmware (.96) once you get the "camera common has stopped" error? Tried to force close any related to camera, wipe data, cache and dalvik. Or directly it wont work on stock? If it is for an specific rom sorry, i dont read that on the post (maybe i...
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    Post Andoid 4.3 Discussion

    Is not an issue, i read that in 4.3 all apps in background have a persistent notification, in my opinion that is the only reason im thinking to stay in 4.1.2. If i uncheck the "show notifications" box of any app will it work properly? I read somewhere that may cause problems... Enviado...
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    Post [GUIDE][FIX] Nvidia PRISM/smartdimmer - fix screen washout after watching videos

    I tried to turn on/off when whatching videos and I didn't see differences, so if it saves battery why turn it off? Enviado desde mi Nexus 7 usando Tapatalk 2
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    Post [GUIDE][FIX] Nvidia PRISM/smartdimmer - fix screen washout after watching videos

    Hi, i have seen a lot of complains about the washed screen after videos, but in my opinion its not important. On my N7 the washed sensation only appears sometimes, and disappears after a few seconds if I stay without moving the screen, I use MX and I use to increase the brightness but when I...
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    Post [GAMES] Nexus 7 Gaming Thread

    Someone knows what happen about Gameloft's promise to optimize for Nexus 7? I try NOVA 3 today, the version 1.0.4 (it says bug fixes and more devices compatibile) but still lagging a lot on N7... Do they really optimize any game for N7 or just make it compatible? I heared that Amazing...