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  1. SuperSandro2000

    Thread [APP][4.4+]Emoticons Sticker Pack for WhatsApp

    Emoticons Sticker Pack for WhatsApp adds 150 of the newly released WhatsApp stickers. Contains currently the following sticker packs: Emojis 1, 2 & 3 Animals 1 & 2 Halloween Play Store Link: Credits...
  2. SuperSandro2000

    Thread [Port][8.0]Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Port with working AR3D and My Emoji [08.Nov.2018]

    Features: Galaxy S9 Camera UI working AR 3D Emoji on S8/S8+ ROMs! working My Emoji all Shooting modes are available and work Notes: Sadly I couldn't get My Emoji and Super Slow Mo working together. v.2.0 has My Emoji enabled and v2.1 has Super Slow Mo enabled instead. This Port has been...