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    Thread Japan Version 602SO (Softbank)

    I just got this phone through my carrier, SoftBank. Does anyone know if it is possible to flash overseas FTF files to the Japan version? I don't care about losing things like FeLiCa and OneSeg, would just prefer an overseas firmware with less SoftBank bloat.
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    Thread [Q] Out of Memory

    Stock, unrooted, still locked, as it came from the factory One S: Do you ever find that when you close an app and go back to the launcher (Rosie), Rosie has been purged from memory and needs to reload? Takes about 10 seconds with the "loading" animation before you can do anything. Pretty poor...
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    Thread No ICS for Nexus One So Google has announced that the Nexus One will not be getting ICS as it is simply not powerful enough. As the Nexus One is basically the same as our Desire, there goes any hope of an official...