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  1. egyptshun

    Thread [Q]Something blocking FF Camera problem

    I woke up this morning, looked at my phone and saw something was wrong with the ff camera. If I try to take a selfie (I don't but sometimes it calls for it with friends) half the screen is blacked out because you can clearly see that this object is blocking it. I don't know what happened but can...
  2. egyptshun

    Thread [REQ] CAN someone port the bb10 lock screen to blackjelly?

    So I don't run Linux or know how to run Linux but if someone does and had knowledge how it port it over please do so!! Sent from my SGH-I747 using XDA Premium HD app
  3. egyptshun

    Thread [READ] How to get your GPS back! (No GPS showing/GPS giving general location)

    Okay well I have search over 4 days on how to fix my gps with no luck and assuming that the newest leaks ruined it. All is okay because I have collobrated all main GPS pointers on how to get it back since there is not one major one here we go. Before doing anything try a factory reset from...
  4. egyptshun

    Thread No GPS... HELP

    Okay, well I'm a flashaholic and my gps worked for awhile until 3 ROMs ago. Now I'm trying to flash BlackJelly but no dice on the GPS The icon doesnt even pop up when its enabled I have a Rogers I747M model. Things I've tried: in CWM factory reset, wipe dalvik cache, wipe cache. factory reset...
  5. egyptshun

    Thread [Q] Can someone upload samsung music player+smemo+splanner deodexed for team insomnia

    Can someone upload samsung music player+ smemo+splanner deodexed for team insomnia rom? please anyone.
  6. egyptshun

    Thread Missing Seclauncher2.apk plus its odex.

    cam someone upload them here please and thank you! :)
  7. egyptshun

    Thread Possible to dual boot CM9 or CM10 on Rogers Stock ROM?

    The title says it all. Is it? I really need a confirmation to continue theming on CM.
  8. egyptshun

    Thread What do you want to see in a theme?

    Personally I like blue and cyan, but I would like to let alot of ppl like my new theme coming out, so what colours do you like? :confused: Do you prefer a black or white status bar? Do you prefer white or stock grey icons up top? Do you like touchwiz? Do you like certain parts of Touchwiz? I...
  9. egyptshun

    Thread Scratched camera lense

    So I have a scratch right across the lense and I think its bringing in unwanted light like the light will streak in lines ruining the lines what can I do? I don't want to send my phone back because its rooted. Sent from my SGH-I747M using xda premium
  10. egyptshun

    Thread Matte Screen protectors mini ebay review

    I bought 20 matte screen protectors off of ebay, shipped from hong kong PROS: Matte (anti-glare) Smooth CONS: annoying noise when moving finger since screen curves it leave air spaces doesnt cover whole screen most screen protectors decrease screen quality. This one is no exception collects...
  11. egyptshun

    Thread goodbye X10 forums!

    Well I finally got my SGS3 (I747) earlier today I guess I have to say farewell. I've been here since it launched and was my first android, and all the dev's here are really what made me love android. So see you guys, and hope you enjoyed all the 1.6/2.1/2.2/2.3/4.0 themes even tho 90% of them...
  12. egyptshun

    Thread [CM9/CM10/AOKP] Xperia ICX Theme [v4.1 RELEASED!!] -June 14th, 2013-

    I am now on the PLAYSTORE!! :D Sorry that this took so long and it still has stuff left to do, I'm going as fast as I can. :$ I also like ICS (And JB), so I tried to keep an ICS (and JB) feel. THANKS YOU THOMASSAFCA AND UBER FOR THEIR HELP!!! I have now added support for Android 4.1+...
  13. egyptshun

    Thread [Help me figure it out] ICS CM9 rom black background bug

    I own an X10 running FXP's121 CM9 ROM The settings background doesn't appear, rather it is black. It's a bug not a png issue, I checked. What could it be? Is there any specific XML or something responsible for this?
  14. egyptshun

    Thread X-Remix CM7 THEME [V2X &2O] by Egyptshun.

    Its a WIP but I'll release what I have right now. Original apk provided by the awesome kevin2516! Modified by Egyptshun. You can only have ONE installed at a time. sorry about that will fix up eventually For CM7 Theme Chooser Installation: -> Place apk on the SdCard -> Take the APK and place...
  15. egyptshun

    Thread [APP] [NEW] Clone of Xperia X10 Home [1.6 look alike][V2.0!!!]

    SOLVED INSTALLATION ISSUES!!! UPDATED TO V2.0! Strolling though the market I came across a free launcher called Secret Launcher now it's not the best launcher but hey, I used its APK to clone our old 1.6 launcher which oddly enough I missed lol :P Remember, I did not create this app so expect...
  16. egyptshun

    Thread [Q] Since Qual... released the Adreno 200 libs what is its use and functions for us?

    Qualcomm released them about a month ago I think, so from everything I've been reading shouldn't we have deep sleep (I'm only a simple themer not a dev obv, been with x10 since launch and read almost every forum in our dev section so not a newbie). I love our FXP team and I don't want this to...
  17. egyptshun

    Thread Free ICS Audiomanager skin by egyptshun

    Okay so I got sick of all the good skins of Widgets being a paid for only type deal so I'm going to make some my own, one of them is an ics theme audiomanager pro skin. Instructions: 1. Go to market and download a skin called ACS AUDIO MANAGER SKIN by Tiger13 2. Download the ZIP attached...
  18. egyptshun

    Thread Audio manager ics skin

    Okay, I took a FREE apk of a skin, and shoved this theme in, all I had to do was paste it in data/app/ with root explorer. Here you go (Download at bottom). Any problems PM me and I'll remove it asap. After pasted, go to audio manager and select the acs theme. Looks good, I like it, and im...
  19. egyptshun

    Thread [Q] How to remove modify peices phone.apk

    I'm trying to take the CM7 dialer look like the ICS dialer. ICS looks like it's a long way away from my X10 so I'm trying to embrace ICS as much as possible. I have the APK decompiled and I'm searching as much as I can but with no knowledge in java or c++ or any xml editing, and I'm sure you...
  20. egyptshun

    Thread *__FIXED__* (mods can close) Stuck at SE with no root or USB DEBUG, S1tool ruined me

    I only have flash mode, many files are down due to multiupload going down! Tried flashing something now its stuck without usb debugging or root or unlocked bootloader. please someone, im literally going to break down..... SEUS says im at the latest software, it wont fix anything... SOMEONE...
  21. egyptshun

    Thread [Q] -PLEASE HELP- Unlocked bootloader and signal problems.

    I have the latest CM7 with CWM running fine, I am on baseband .71 and I just fixed my Wi-Fi but my signal still remains at zero bars. I've been using my x10 since release date and am no stranger to this but never had this problem persist. Please help me, thank you! Oh I'm in Canada Ontario with...
  22. egyptshun

    Thread Can someone with port experience help (NEED DEVS HELP!)

    The Xperia X10 has been quite neglected over the years since its release. I, a user since its launch have seen quite a staggering large number of devs drop or move on from the x10 abandoning us users of the X10. I know we still have some awesome devs still working on the phone like Z, J, FXP...
  23. egyptshun

    Thread [Q] possibility of porting over theme chooser to WB's 2.3 ROM?

    is this possible to add to his rom, and if there is a slight possibility please dont write it off...... Thanks to all reply's :)
  24. egyptshun

    Thread Miui lock screen in 2.3? Possible?

    Is this possible, if so can anyone tell me how? I like it :) Sent from my X10i using XDA Premium App
  25. egyptshun

    Thread [Q] Theme in home screen? anyone have the Apk's?

    ok now when you press options in the home screen it has a themes option but then it says it doesnt have any apps that can do that, what apps can do that and what does it do? icons? whole framework-res mix-up? what exactly... EDIT: it plays with background of settings, mms, etc... but can anyone...
  26. egyptshun

    Thread [q] fashable 2.3.3 zip?

    Is it possible to have a zip bcuz im stuck in St.Lucia for a while so can someone put it in a flashable zip from 2.2? I'm on wolf breaks ROM.. Sent from my X10a using XDA Premium App
  27. egyptshun

    Thread [Q] Mediascape icons on 2.1.1.A.0.6 FW doesn't change!?

    The "Now playing" icon at the top won't change even when I change the .PNG, plus when I click on update albums or something the refresh symbol that still is has the blue square background.....where are these .PNG's located? Please help :)
  28. egyptshun

    Thread [Q] I want 1.6 launcher on 2.1, does someone have the apk?

    does anyone have the 1.6 launcher? Is it possible to put the 1.6 launcher on 2.1? I have the latest FW from Rogers.
  29. egyptshun

    Thread Please look at this thread

  30. egyptshun

    Thread [urgent] phone won't turn on, no flash mode, with custom kernel [urgent]

    Phone isn't responsive, I have 2 batteries, both wont work, it has a custom kernel running gingerbread, it wont go into flash mode, help help help please!! phone wont vibrate to turn on, screen wont show, I'm almost crying here, I will cry if it doesnt turn on by tonight :( help help help...
  31. egyptshun

    Thread Youtube fc on cm7 stock?

    Is there a fix for force closes with yutube on cm7??? I didnt do anythingg!! :( Sent from my X10 using XDA Premium App
  32. egyptshun

    Thread How to avoid WLOD for facebook?

    It works sometimes and sometimea it doesnt... im clueless on this one... any suggestions? On phone so searching isnt easy if your about to tell me to.... Sent from my X10 using XDA Premium App
  33. egyptshun

    Thread [Q] Is an otter box case for the x10 any good?

    well is the otter box case any good? I just bought on off Ebay and I'm starting to think it might become hefty and pocket consuming... and does it ever break, for the amount of money it is it should be! right?
  34. egyptshun

    Thread Market fc again...

    Im out of the country and dont have the means to search properly for the fix, but everytime i open up market it fc's im on a 2.1 se rom, can someone send me their vending.apk if they know it works on the se rom? Is flashing through recovery bad with market? Sent from a pyramid in Canadada ;)
  35. egyptshun

    Thread Adding background to application problem, need DEV help asap!

    please click here because I dont want to type it all out again....
  36. egyptshun

    Thread Adding background to application problem, need DEV help asap!

    This is my FIRST time trying something like this so bear with me... So I'm really trying to make my froyo rom look like my old SE 2.1 rom... I've been trying to add a background to the ORIGINAL SE calculator.apk (ORIGINAL Calculator.apk is below). I used apktool to decomplie it and build it with...
  37. egyptshun

    Thread Compiling apk problem (apktool + SE apps)

    OK so I've made it this far with akila87's help but now I'm stuck building my decompiled apk. I'm trying to bring back the old 2.1 SE calculator but i don't know if I coded my xml files if they are good because they are not being recompiled or built again. heres the problem... Microsoft Windows...
  38. egyptshun

    Thread (Arc app) Mms.apk install to CM 6.1.3

    Is it possible to install the mms.apk Also is it possible to install the music player and its widget? Sent from a pyramid in Canadada ;)
  39. egyptshun

    Thread Battery problem- related to xrecovery data restore

    Ok so like some I jumped from the free beta to the CM rom, but I noticed when restoring data from the free beta my battery didn't last more than 4 hours, n yes anything to improve the battery I was doing, even when it was sleeping, I re-installed the rom and put EVERYTHING BACK through titanium...
  40. egyptshun

    Thread Devs please help X10 boot loader cracking

    There is a huge sticky in the XPERIA X10 Android Development for cracking the boot loader, so far it hasn't been cracked so I have to ask if ant expert dev can look upon it and see if they can help us. With the new XPERIA Arc coming out our phone will be abondened so please help if you can :)...
  41. egyptshun

    Thread [Q] Please Help! Sd Card files are missing!

    My video floder with 5 gb of vids are gone! It still shows that the space is still takin up in my sd card, I searched XDA but found others had the problem because their phone. I cant see it on my computer either, even when looking at hidden files :( Did I just lose my inception video? :( please...
  42. egyptshun

    Thread no sound?

    i have no clue why but i have no sound???? Sent from my X10a using XDA App
  43. egyptshun

    Thread [APP] Wave live wallpaper

    I've been searching for a wallpaper like this and in sure many others have too, its called wave live wallpaper, there's a lite and a pro, its on market so there's no point on uploading it. Sent from my X10a using XDA App
  44. egyptshun

    Thread [Theme] X10 Res Mods 1.4 + Pitch Black + Custom Mediascape

    I edited a few things from the Res Mod and the Pitch Black Theme plus i did a lil' with mediascape, I used mostly The Res Mod Res Mod: Pitch Black: Its mostly from the Res Mod, thanks...
  45. egyptshun

    Thread Edited white bar

    So I just remade the white bar theme a lil... Recommended to use chewitts installer.... Cant post up a screenshot cuz im having vending problems because of stupid lcd changer...
  46. egyptshun

    Thread X10i has more fps than X10a?

    Ok so I wanted to see of I can increase my fps on my phone, and I kept testing (no luck at all)... Then I found this and it made me wonder why.... Im X10a and I get 30.303030..... What do X10i get? sent from canadadadada in a igloo
  47. egyptshun

    Thread Real or fake housing

    I have just received a housing for my x10... But I came tell if its real or fake :S it has the black "chrome" instead of the one my phone came with... But how can I tell if it real or fake?? sent from canadadadada in a igloo
  48. egyptshun

    Thread Nexus boot

    Ok so this is bothering me, when I boot I have the nexus boot (dunno how) after the Sony Ericsson screen but when I found my boot and extracted it, it was the default Sony boot, whats causing this nexus boot? sent from canadadadada in a igloo
  49. egyptshun

    Thread Unofficial SE Wallpapers -I Need Your Requests!-

    PLEASE VOTE TO FRONT TO KEEP ALIVE! Im making wallpapers for you guys, please send colour requests, here is some examples: some can not survive 100% brightness im sorry but thats only a few of them, and they all still look good... Please download what's attched not inserted above I also...
  50. egyptshun

    Thread 2.1x

    A while ago I heard from an inside source about 2.1x but now I know I kinda surfaced on the web a little....this is most likely the next update... But I dint remember for the life of me, if 2.1x was just for the mini or x8 to compromise for no further updates... Does anyone know or remember if...