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  1. kevp75

    Thread [MOD] Kevs Tweaks v.2.8.1 AOSP & MIUI 11 ONLY - [UPDATED: 06-02-2020]

    DEVELOPMENT HAS STOPPED. I NO LONGER HAVE THIS DEVICE KevP75's set of tweaks and services to keep your device running buttery smooth and keep that battery pumpin. What's it work on. Should work fine on both AOSP and MIUI 11 based Roms. Issues Other than the above, I have found 0 issues...
  2. kevp75

    Thread Zram?

    On a device with 6G of RAM, is there really a need to have 2.5G Zram? With a 100 swappiness on top of that... Pros? Cons?
  3. kevp75

    Thread [Q] Stock and Custom ROMs

    Im a tad confused... are there just enough differences between stock and LOS/AOSP roms that it really warrants separate kernels? Stock seems pretty darn close to LOS to me...
  4. kevp75

    Thread [Q] Bootloader Unlocking and Fastboot

    I'm trying to get this bootloader unlocked and haveing one heck of a time getting my Windows 10 Pro machine to pull anything for fastboot devices. Nothing shows. I have the latest drivers installed, as well as the latest SDK. I have OEM Unlocking in Dev Options on the phone. Any ideas?
  5. kevp75

    Thread [Q] Init.rc Script Permissions Denied....

    Hey mates... maybe you can help... I am having one heck of a time getting this right.... Getting permission denied on a init.rc set of services that run shell scripts Code: on late-init write /dev/kmsg "KEVS LATE-INIT Tweaks Fired - Turned of ZRAM and Swap" start kev_swapoff on...
  6. kevp75

    Thread BKL-L04 System Updates

    Figured since I just got the latest 120 update, I might as well fire this up. Maybe some others can chime in with their mirrors for older versions? Either PM me with the links, or post them in a comment and I'll add them as they come in to...
  7. kevp75

    Thread OTA Link

    Anyone know how to catch the OTA link? I got a notice today, but dint want to let it update... i want it as a backup first... yes, im rooted, yes im twrp'd and ye Im on the L04
  8. kevp75

    Thread What are these apps?

    Anyone know what these are?
  9. kevp75

    Thread Smart Remote ?

    Anyone know where the APK is for the Smart Remote? I had it, debloated the add on google stuff, and now it's gone....
  10. kevp75

    Thread [MOD] - Kevs Tweaks v.1.5.6 - [UPDATED: 2018-10-24]

    IMPORTANT NOTICE What Does This Mod Do? It reconfigures Interactive governor - - More will come as more Kernel's get built :) - - And I figure out a better way to control the governor detection It Disables the RUN_IN_BACKGROUND flag for a ton of apps (see the list below) - - you can control...
  11. kevp75

    Thread [MOD] - Kev's Xperiance - v.4 - [UPDATED: 11/01/2017]

    I will get these out of the way right now, so please make sure you read: Quote: Please feel free to make suggestions, demands will get ignored, ETA's will get ignored (post them too many times, and I will report you) This has only been tested on the Galaxy S7 Edge for Xfinity. It should work...
  12. kevp75

    Thread [MOD] Performance, Memory, & Battery - kevp75 - [UPDATED: 03/05/2018]

    So... I've only had my s7 Edge for just over a week now, of course the first day I got it, I had to root it. While every one is tits-over-tea-kettle over the lag the EngBoot image has created, it still did not stop me... to me, root is more important, and I can deal with a bit of lag. For...
  13. kevp75

    Thread Possible Device Issue?

    I just ran into something a bit strange. I am on the tmo network, and with any custom stock rom I flash, whether it's my own or others, I get no network anymore. However, if I KDZ to stock 20r I do. Any ideas? Yes my device is fully bootloader and carrier unlocked, as well as has been rooted...
  14. kevp75

    Thread [ROM] Dominion v8 - Xperianced H811 20v - [UPDATED]- 06/06/2017

    Welcome to another installment in the DomPop Family of roms presented to you by Team DomPop I will get these out of the way right now, so please make sure you read: DO NOT KANG THIS ROM IF YOU DO MODIFY IT, AND WOULD LIKE IT INCLUDED, CONTACT ME YOU WILL BE REPORTED IF YOU ARE CAUGHT...
  15. kevp75

    Thread [MOD] Kevs H811 20p Mods - [11/22/2016]

    Hey folks Here's my mods for 2 stock based roms Drakonis & Genisys These have only been tested for these 2 Roms on the H811 on 20p. I do not know if it'll work on other stock based roms, but it may... if you are willing to try it on yours... by all means report back and I'll update here that...
  16. kevp75

    Thread [HOW TO] Battery Saving Tips for Us - [UPDATED] 11/15/2016

    Hey folks, been awhile since I started a thread so.... So, I got my G4 about a month and a half ago, and instantly noticed how horrible the stock battery performed in terms of life. I was lucky to get 17hrs with 2 hrs of S.O.T. on a full charge. So, of course i started looking into options to...
  17. kevp75

    Thread [ROM] Dominion S7 Edge v3 - N900T TW - [UPDATE: 7/6/2016 FINAL]

    Welcome to another installment in the DomPop Family of roms presented to you by Team DomPop I appreciate the 'family' I have gathered here in the Note 3 fourms, and while I will still be around, I have decided to switch to LG (probably either the V10 or G4/G5). As a result, I will not longer...
  18. kevp75

    Thread [Q] Executing Shell Script on Preference Change/Click

    I could really use a hand here, maybe with the right help, this can turn into a nice How To thread... Here's the situation... NOTE: I am on a Note 3 with Touchwiz Rom I'd like to add a customization to my Settings.apk (this part's not the problem), and have it fire off a bash script on...
  19. kevp75

    Thread [OFFICIAL] N900XXUEBOA6 N900T Lollipop Images

    Wanted to make sure this was out here for all my fellow devs. These are the official Odexed Images for the Lollipop OTA System:!C9xXzaBA!nqB8jaN7bbxk-43OCvRtrC0sZJ6eXEL7vjjlrj6f6ZU Kernel:!qkpFRaQL!5Uv1toJW4NjUgBNnlF4M3w-2xVIi-9uRaVTwe8AB0ZI Modem...
  20. kevp75

    Thread [TEAM DOMPOP] DomPop v.5.4.9 TW Lollipop 5.0 - RE-RELOADED - [UPDATED] 8/21/2015

    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY AND THANK YOU TO ALL MY FELLOW SERVICE MEN & WOMEN FOR ALLOWING US TO BE FREE :D Team DomPop is proud to present you with DomPop v.5 (pre-deflated)! Before we get started I want to put these out first and foremost I CANNOT AND WILL NOT SUPPORT ANY AND ALL KERNELS OTHER...
  21. kevp75

    Thread [ROM][PORT][N900T] PHOENIX ROM XXU1ANK7 V5.1 [Big Aroma/Unique/Fast/Stable]

    Kevp75 and I share with you tamirda's S5 Phoenix ROM for the Galaxy Note 3 N900T SCREENSHOTS ROM BUGS: None PORTING BUGS: PRIVATE MODE Possibly NFC No Action Memo during calls (SET IN TOOLBOX INSTEAD) 1. Make sure you are on a later N900T bootloader (4.4) and modem...
  22. kevp75

    Thread [MOD] Kev's Performance Tweaks v.2.0.8 ~~~ UPDATE: 11/23/2014 ~~~

    Not that it really needs it... but... :D Confirmed Roms: VisionX US N3 TweakedN3 3.9+ HyperDrive RLS5+ DirtyUnicorn LiquidSmooth CM11 Nightlies Make sure the rom you are on has the latest busybox installed. Flash in whatever recovery you have, and it'll do the rest. This should work any...
  23. kevp75

    Thread [Q] [Q/Opinions/Discussion] - Battery Life between CM/AOSP/AOKP and TW Roms

    I wanted to start this thread mostly because I haven't found anything like it, but also because I need to know myself :) Being the good flashaholic fiend that I am, as well as a monstrous fan of the Open Source, I run between AOSP/CM Roms, and Touchwiz roms for my Note 3. While I absolutely...
  24. kevp75

    Thread [MOD/FIX] Screen Orientation Fix TW Roms ONLY ~ 11/8/2014 ~ Fixed Updater Binary

    For some reason or another (and I found this out on my S4 as well...) uninstalling some Samsung Apps either tweaks the auto-rotate or removes it. Here is a flash that will re-enable it for you. Only tested on my N900T, but it should work on any Note 3
  25. kevp75

    Thread [Q] Apk to Lib Relation

    Is there a way that I can find out which /system/lib files relate to /system/app or /system/priv-app apks? Anyone have any links? I've been all over google
  26. kevp75

    Thread [ROM] o7th S5 Edition De-Odexed v.1.5.2 - Galaxy S4 I337 ~ UPDATE 9/7/2014

    SAFESTRAP ONLY ~ and Only Tested on My Galaxy S4 I337 ~ This rom is no longer being developed. I have gotten rid of the device, and moved up to a Note 3. As such, since I have no AT&T S4 to test anything with, I probably won't be able to help much. I also give my permission for anyone to...
  27. kevp75

    Thread [Q] Semi-Bricked Device Fix

    So, prior to my stupidity, I made a system.img dump via dd However, after my stupidity (tried flashing some lib files....), I am now stuck with only stock recovery mode, or download mode. How can I flash back my system.img? I tried in download mode with heimdall... but it fails with...
  28. kevp75

    Thread [MOD] Tweak Scripts and Installer Help?

    I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong place, but I'm not real sure where it should go... I am pretty new to developing for android, so I wanted to make a flashable zip for my device (and others like mine) to make it a bit faster. I put together the attached, however, some of the mods...
  29. kevp75

    Thread [Q][Issue?] Towelroot & Safestrap Issue?

    I'm not even really sure if this is related to each other or not. I was OTA'd to NB1 back when I got my phone, so I updated to NC1, and rooted with Towelroot, installed SuperSU, installed SafeStrap 3.72 Now, I've had another i337 as well, and noticed it with that too, after having to ODIN to...
  30. kevp75

    Thread [MOD] Kev's Performance Tweaks v.2.0.3 ~~~ UPDATE: 10/23/2014 ~~~

    DEVELOPMENT HAS STOPPED FOR THIS AS I NO LINGER HAVE THIS DEVICE Not that it really needs it, the I337 on NC1 is a beast in terms of phones... Confirmed Roms: GoldenEye 34 - 37 PhoeniX 9+ CarHD 28+ CarHD 2.2 Deadly Venom(s) Maple Leaf Make sure the rom you are on has the latest busybox...
  31. kevp75

    Thread [Q] Swap Swap Parition

    How can I swap my current swap partition? I've already partitioned the my extSdCard card... sdc1 = exFAT sdc2 = linux-swap I'd really like to stay away from using swapper2... p.s. SD Card is a Class 10 I am running GoldenEye 34, and it does support init.d Just not real sure I've got the...
  32. kevp75

    Thread MF3 Downgrade

    Am i right in assuming that the only way I could get back to mf3 would me to have someone jtag my nc1? Rockin it from my Rockin Smartly Stock NC1 S4 (much thanks to: Venom0642 ted77usa rebel1699 iB4STiD ~ 20GB free cloud
  33. kevp75

    Thread Cleaning up battery suckers...

    Can I get rid of any of these ti help preserve my battery life more? These are all listed under the Android System process in Settings Battery. Rockin it from my Rockin Smartly Stock NC1 S4 (much thanks to: Venom0642 ted77usa rebel1699 iB4STiD ~ 20GB free cloud
  34. kevp75

    Thread [Issue] Weather conditions do not update...

    Location is set to current. Have tried, default, and yahoo providers. All other settings are default. The weather conditions in the attached 2 havent updated in about a week now... only the days names... and the locations has updated... nithing else.
  35. kevp75

    Thread [Q] Anyway possible to mount my ext4 SD Card?

    I have searched and searched and searched some more, and everything I've tried, including paid software does not work. How can I get my sdcard to mount as ext4 and be recognized by my device?!? It's rooted, and on NB1
  36. kevp75

    Thread [Q] Help with wind direction?

    Can someone help me with my wind speed/direction... Wind: #WCWSPEED# -...
  37. kevp75

    Thread [MIRROR] Deadly Mirrors - 2014/05/19

    I wanted to create a place where all the files that have helped me get my device to where i wanted it to be in one place... as well as thank all those involved. I figured one of the best ways I could do this is to set another mirror for their tools and files in one place. Please don't ask me...
  38. kevp75

    Thread Home and Weather Widgets

    Wanted to share my 2 widgets. Both were made on s4 using smart launcher grid size 5x5 and Zooper Pro Screens. Home Weather Unzip to your Zooper Templates. Reconfigure to your size and change yur hot spots
  39. kevp75

    Thread [MOD] Screen Orientation Fix i337 MK2 & Up for SafeStrap Roms

    Thanks to ted77usa for suggesting this. Heres a flashable zip to fix the screen orientation issues some may have after flashing a MK2 & Up Rom in safestrap. Download from here: Boot into SafeStrap recovery and install it. Rockin it from my Blue Chrome Themed...
  40. kevp75

    Thread [Q] Random Bitmap display In Widget

    I have a widget with a few items in it. 1 is a bitmap. What I would like to do is know if I can randomly show a different one, based on a set timeframe (or even time of day) I have see the following in advanced parameters, however, it does not seem to change the bitmap... so I'm not sure what...
  41. kevp75

    Thread [Q] Zooper Clock Widget

    In the attached screenshot you can see, the the 'clock' widget is not updating to match the system time. Is there any way I can force it to do that, or at the very least force an update every minute?
  42. kevp75

    Thread [Q] Lock Widget

    Is there a way to lock a widget so it stays in the same place for all screens? For unstance I just built a top bar that I want on all 3 pages of my theme... but I do not wish it to scroll... Rockin it from my Blue Chrome Themed Deadly Venom SS 3.0.2 NC1 S4 (team: Venom0642 ted77usa rebel1699)...
  43. kevp75

    Thread Odd Issue On Theme Ezporting

    Please see these 2 images. 1st is pre export... 2nd is post Sent from my Stock Rooted NC1 S4 (team: Muniz_r Venom0642 ted77usa rebel1699) ~ 20GB free cloud
  44. kevp75

    Thread Themer - Kevs Theme

    This is a work in progress... as I am having an issue getting a couple this figured out... Once I do, Ill upload a zip for it. :) Meanwhile: Home: Page 2: Page 3: Page 4: Sent from my Stock Rooted NC1 S4 (team: Muniz_r Venom0642 ted77usa rebel1699) ~ 20GB free cloud
  45. kevp75

    Thread [Q] 2 Questions..

    #1 How can I force 1 widget ti be on top of another? Fir instance... screen: When I click on the weather it opens the config for the widget in the middle instead of firing up my weather app even tho the click event is set to do that. #2 Widgets are locked. But when I clcik the play button it...
  46. kevp75

    Thread [Q] Zoope Themer Widget - Current Playlist

    Is there a way I can create a zw themer widget that will show my current playlist? I just finished making a player and I'd like to show the current playlist under it... Sent from my Stock Rooted NC1 S4 (team: Muniz_r Venom0642 ted77usa rebel1699) ~ 20GB free cloud
  47. kevp75

    Thread [Q] Add in Calendar Item Date?

    Adding rich text to a widget. #C2SE# - #C2SHH:mm# #C2TITLE# How can I get the events date in here? Sent from my Stock Rooted NC1 S4 (team: Muniz_r Venom0642 ted77usa rebel1699) ~ 20GB free cloud
  48. kevp75

    Thread [Q] Exchange ActiveSync Device Administrator?

    Is there any way I can change the permissions that Exhange ActiveSync "needs" for my device? I don't see a need to have an email program having complete and all administrative access to my phone... :mad:
  49. kevp75

    Thread [Q] Screen Wrapping

    Is there a way I can set themer to wrap back to the 1st screen if I keep swiping from the last screen? Sent from my Stock Rooted NC1 S4 (team: Muniz_r Venom0642 ted77usa rebel1699) ~ 20GB free cloud
  50. kevp75

    Thread (Q)

    Is the S3 Ì535 ... now on MetroPCS supposed to be getting LTE? Mine doesnt and for some reason I cant set the apn to allow it... and there is a blacked out Verizon APN still... HELP? Here's some screens to show what I'm on, and what the APN settings are showing me.