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  1. adityak74

    Thread [ROM][JB][STOCK]Stock De-Odexed ROM V1 for Canvas Doodle A111

    [CENTER]First De-odexed ROM for Canvas Doodle A111. Give a thumbs up if you like my work Screenshots:
  2. adityak74

    Thread [APK]Camera Shutter On/Off App for Doodle A111

    Since,the stock ROM on Micromax A111 Canvas Doodle doesn't include a camera shutter sound ON/OFF capability in the Camera App so here is my app for Canvas A111 Users one click camera shutter and camera focus sounds to switch off/on. NOTE:Needs Root Access File uploaded in attachments and also...
  3. adityak74

    Thread [4.1.2][ROOT][CANVAS A111]Camera Shutter On/Off App

    Since,the stock ROM on Micromax A111 Canvas Doodle doesnt include a camera shutter sound ON/OFF capability in the camera app so here is my app for Canvas A111 Users one click camera shutter and camera focus sounds to switch off/on. File uploaded in attachments and also avaiable in the mirror...
  4. adityak74

    Thread [NEED]FXP KERNEL FOR CM7 and CM9

    Please can anyone upload or give me perfect download link of FXP kernel for cm7 and cm9 because it is not included in the zip file which i downloaded from freexperia project website.Plz anyone have any link or upload the kernel pz plz .... thanx in advance
  5. adityak74

    Thread Forum needed for Micromax A111

    I am a average developer and starting to mod for Micromax a111. But the drivers and others things are not working and also for custom ROM s So it will also be easy to port I think the ROMs of Micromax A110. So plz.I am requesting devs to show some interest so that we can exploit canvas doodle...
  6. adityak74

    Thread [ROM]TEAM NoA Xperia X10 ROM v1.0

    TEAM NoA ROM v1.0 Screenshots Downloads: Click Here to Download ROM and Kernel Installation: Features: Bugs: Credits -
  7. adityak74

    Thread [Q]How to root Videocon VT75C and are there any custom ROM's

    Are there any rooting methods available for videocon vt75c. And also the custom rom's are there any? Please post reply's if anyone have tried any methods and they have successfully rooted and also installed busybox,.... Thanks in advance.......
  8. adityak74

    Thread [Q] Android Kitchen Doubt

    Hey i build a ROM and want to flash can i flash it through CWM.My device is Xperia X10. Is there any way to emulate the ROM build so that i can test it before testing on my device. If i build a ROM using google source android which we get when we download android sdk in platforms then which...
  9. adityak74

    Thread [Q] Flashtool doesn't recognize device

    I have installed Kernel20 and ROM v9.3 of CMX 10(website after installing the kernel the flashtool is saying that drivers need to be installed for the connected device and i have installed drivers for my X10 from Drivers folder in the flashtool but still the...
  10. adityak74

    Thread [Q] unlocked_loader.sin not found error flashtool

    Flashtool gives error that unlocked_loader.sin not found when flashing kernels and can anyone give me correct unlocked_loader.sin file for xperia x10.And is the file that is on repositories of Androxyde github correct file link to the repository ...
  11. adityak74

    Thread [Q]Unable to flash any of the kernels

    when i try to flash a kernel it gives me this error please help my current phone config according to flashtool is please help me how to do i want to switch to Mummy JoyOS 1.2.2 GB 2.3.7 ROM can i flash that ROM it with current kernel link to that ROM...
  12. adityak74

    Thread [Q]what is the use of flashing

    I have cm10 v8.1 by scritch running on my phone but what is use of flashing adreno-jb file? Sent from my Xperia X10 using xda premium
  13. adityak74

    Thread [Q] How to flash different kernel using flashtool

    I have xperia x10 and i am running cyanogen mod 10 from CMX10 and want to change my ROM to Mummydroid gamers rom.My kernel is CMx10 v1.6 . To switch ROM the kernel for mummydroid need to be installed.Previously when i connect my phone using flashtool drag and drop of ftf file was able to do the...