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  1. jojoost

    Thread Device Art Generator

    Hey all, While I was just browsing through the Nexus 4 forum (as I hope to get one one day :)) I found this It gives you the possibility to put you screenshot in a frame (of the Nexus S of course)!! Try it out for yourself!! BTW, it looks like this:
  2. jojoost

    Thread [Q] 4.2 Clock app font

    Could anyone tell me the font of the new clock app in jellybean 4.2? I mean this clock (see attachment)
  3. jojoost

    Thread Advise me GB ROM!!

    As I rooted my Nexus S when cm9 came out, I never used any GB roms or kernels, please advise me somw, because I just want to try! I'm looking for a great battery life, but of course great smoothness as well! Thanks in advance Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk 2
  4. jojoost

    Thread Xperia S battery live thread

    Hey everyone, I maybe have to buy a new phone, because my Nexus S died, and I didn't get a reaction from Samsung yet. I'm about sure that my next phone will be a Xperia S, but I'm not sure about battery life, so please post your battery life screenshots here! Please also give information...
  5. jojoost

    Thread [Q] I9023 not booting

    So I just flashed Marmite 4.5 (with a zip that had worked several times already) on a Miui.US rom, but i forgot to set permissions, so while my phone was on the google screen, I pulled my battery, because I thought that would be the fastest way.. Now my Nexus S doesn't do a f*** anymore.... Me...
  6. jojoost

    Thread My Nexus S thinks he's a Galaxy Nexus?!?!

    This afternoon, my phone started to act really strange, it started to show options that are usually only present on the Gnex browser.. but when I wanted to install an app made by my friend, the phone told me my memory was full and directed me to the 'manage apps' settings, where I noticed that...
  7. jojoost

    Thread Press without touching the screen???

    I sometimes have those momenta that my Nexus S selects something while I'm not even touching the screen.. I'm on the i9023, but I would like to know if I'm the only one, because it think its a bit strange.
  8. jojoost

    Thread Upload Touch Recovery?

    Could someone please mirror Clockworkmod touch recovery for me? For the nexus s, not for the 4g. Somehow my PC and phone aren't able to download it.. Thanks in advance! Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk 2
  9. jojoost

    Thread Wallet on i9023

    I'm living in the Netherlands and I would like to use Google wallet, but its not there, I know there's a thread already, but that apk doesn't work.. it has been working once, but I don't know which rom, don't know how I did it.. Could someone please upload an apk for me that does work?
  10. jojoost

    Thread [REF] Jelly Bean bug thread

    UDecided to create a thread to list all the Jelly Bean bugs. Please PM me if you found one. I WON'T be reading this thread 24/7 to see if there's a new bug. If you can, please add a screenshot! I will try to update the OP'S as much as possible! Of course, Press thanks if this helped! :D APP...
  11. jojoost

    Thread [Q] How to get JB update?

    I would like to get the update OTA, but what do I have to do for that if it is being released? Do I have to unroot? Return to stock rom? Return to stock kernel? Please tell me all I need to know!
  12. jojoost

    Thread MI-ONE a pretty good phone?

    Was just looking at the MI-ONE phone, which is made by Xiaomi, which also develops MIUI. I have to say its a pretty good phone if you have a look at the specs, isn't it? Powered by a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S3 (MSM8260) processor Runs on Android v2.3.5 Gingerbread platform in the shape...
  13. jojoost

    Thread [Q] Nexus S no swagger?

    I saw a long time ago that there was a swagger button implanted in AOKP on other devices.. but why is there no swagger button on our Nexus S, and what does it do really? Greetzz, Jojoost
  14. jojoost

    Thread [ICONS][MIUI] Genesis

    INTRO This is an icon pack which I found on I wanted to share it with you, because I really like it! I would like to update it, but I don't have any photoshop experience, and I don't have a .psd file... If anyone is able to create a .psd file, please PM me, so I can put it in the...
  15. jojoost

    Thread Can't mount /system

    When I just wanted to make a nandroid backup using cwm i thought, cmw said: Error, can't mount /System. Anyone an idea what to do? ---===:::Greetzz, jojoost:::===--- Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  16. jojoost

    Thread [GUIDE] Use MIUI icons in normal ICS.

    Hey all, Just found it out myself, so I thought let's share it with the people who don't know it yet!! WHAT YOU NEED: 1. A file explorer. 2. A launcher on which you can change icons like Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher (both in Play Store/App Market). 3. A MIUI theme with a lot of icons (like...
  17. jojoost

    Thread DOPE in statusbar

    Hey all, I would like to know how to get DOPE in the statusbar like in the picture or maybe an other word? Would really like to know it! Thanks in advance!! If its just an miui theme, and you know which one, please tell me! Greetzz, Jojoost
  18. jojoost

    Thread Antutu benchmark results!!

    Hey all, Like the title says, so I will start! Rom: Nuhetri reloaded v2.3.0 Kernel: Air kernel 3.2 @1400Hz Greetzz, Jojoost. Sent from my Nexus S using XDA App
  19. jojoost

    Thread [Q] Install skins NexusSense??

    Hey all, I wnated to install extra skins for Nexus Sense, but when I installed the .apk, they didn't appear between the other skins? Does anyone know how to install new skins? Greetzz, Jojoost.
  20. jojoost

    Thread Controle CWM using softkeys

    Jus found out its possible! Home -> up Search -> select Menu -> down Back -> back Greetzz, Jojoost. Sent from my Nexus S using XDA App
  21. jojoost

    Thread Can't find voodoo color??

    Hey all, I can't find voodoo color in the voodoo control plus app... anyone an idea how that is possible... I have Air Kernel flashed, which should have voodoo sound and color... only sound is showing up.... please help me, because I'm really curious what it will look like!! Is it possible that...
  22. jojoost

    Thread Swype installer

    Hey all, here's Swype installer for the Nexus S, you will need an account, but nothing more! I think it's pretty easy to install it! DOWNLOAD Greetzz, Jojoost. Sent from my Nexus S running on Bugless Beast by Pete Alfonso!
  23. jojoost

    Thread Stable undervolt values?

    Hey all, I would like to undervolt my Nexus S i9023! Could someone please give me some good values? I'm running Air Kernel @ 200/1200Hz!! SmartassV2/cfq. I don't know if you need this info, but it if you need it, there you go! Thanks in advance! Greetzz, Jojoost. Sent from my Nexus S...
  24. jojoost

    Thread [Q] Make own theme

    Hey all, I would like to know how to male my own theme, changing the colors of the apps and that kind of stuff. Not the real deep software part, but just the changing of colors in an app? Just like Amoled Blue from etoy does. Would really appreciate it if someone could tell me!! Greetzz...
  25. jojoost

    Thread Which MIUI?

    Hey all, I want to try a MIUI ROM, but I don't know which MIUI ROM. I know there are several versions on the nexus s forum, but I would like to get some advise! Greetzz, Jojoost Sent from my Nexus S running AOKP Milestone 3 + AOKP Amoled blue theme by Etoy + Matrix Kernel v15.5
  26. jojoost

    Thread [APP] Siri for android --> iris

    Hey all, I just found a great app, called iris. Its still in an aplpha stage, but i think it works great. Its just like Siri for the iPhone 4s, but than for android! I posted a screenshot below! You can download it in the App Market for free...
  27. jojoost

    Thread gHz show-off

    Hey all, Just wanted to show you how great the Nexus S is!! "" (just copy everything between " " to your toolbar) its running at a stunning 1.6gHz!!! It became a bit too overclocked sometimes, so I stepped back to 1.3gHz... not bad either, but still...