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  1. beekay201

    Thread Thread closed?

    Why was this thread stickied and closed? Link: If it was because there are already many threads and websites that talk about that which was mentioned and stickied, why not just delete it? Otherwise, its a nice thread - much better than...
  2. beekay201

    Thread F2FS

    Hey, I've been looking at switching from ext4 to F2FS, even if temporarly (I think I might like to have it permanently though). I don't dev, at least nothing of notice, but I was rather eager to test it out, after reading performance reports, testing it out on a SD card for myself, etc.. and as...
  3. beekay201

    Thread omapconf
  4. beekay201

    Thread nvidia to release documentation on tegra maybe good news for linux (on tf201) Sent from my i9250
  5. beekay201

    Thread Wayland/Weston running on Android - first steps :) Floating WM anyone? ;)
  6. beekay201

    Thread miui us coming to tf201

    I'm not a user of miui, but i just thought this was good news for someone/prime tf201 custom rom scene, and i think i havent seen it posted so.. Sent from my i9250 using Forum Runner
  7. beekay201

    Thread Hi

    Hi guys new Prime user, TF201. No issues so far, still on HC. Will wait probably one more week before unlocking BL, if I can stop myself from doing it before! :D greetings, bk
  8. beekay201

    Thread [Q] Source compile

    Hey guys, after lunch i do make -j8 and in the next output, it shows target architecture as arm-v7-neon. Our cpu is an omap. Haven't tried flashing nothing yet, build error already on bugtracker, but can anyone share more insight? Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
  9. beekay201

    Thread Inferno on Android/AOSP

    Just became aware of this, thought it's pretty cool. not eye-candy for most, i agree. Also, projects like this just shows how flexible Android can be. First port is running on Nexus S and Nook Color, but devs of the project recommend Cyanogenmod as base. Maybe this could come in to sgs too :)...