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  1. jlokos

    Thread I may have hard bricked my phone

    I tried to install a new theme on jasmine rom. I rebooted and phone said updating app, and remained on update app for over 5 minutes.So I rebooted and the phone remained in the jasmine boot screen. I knew I had a problem so i rebooted into recovery, did a complete wipe and installed my backup...
  2. jlokos

    Thread Bluetooth and voice dialing

    I'm used to a good combination of bluetooth and voice dialing.. Maybe I don't have the hang of it with my new S3; but frankly it stinks. It takes forever for S Voice to recognize the command and then the contact might have a work and mobile #. Forget it. Isn't it supposed to respond to the...
  3. jlokos

    Thread Leather case for 10.1 Verizon LTE

    I've reviewed the various posts, and the only leather case that seems to fit the LTE model is the Samsung case. Can anyone recommend any other cases? Thanks